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Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT 4WD I 50 HP Tractor I Khetigaadi, Tractor, Agriculture
Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart I 58 HP Tractor I Full Review, Features, Price I KhetiGaadi
Kubota MU 5502 4WD I 50 HP Tractor, Full Review, Features, Price
John Deere 5405 Gear Pro 4WD CRDI Pump के साथ I Full Review, Features, Price I KhetiGaadi

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Indian Tractor Industry - Real Booster For Farm Mechanisaiton

Over the years, the Indian Tractor industry has evolved from steam engines to electric tractors or now we can call them as green tractors. The Indian Tractor industry is the major contributor in agriculture output and has witnessed various types of tractors used for a variety of farm applications. With modern technology available farmers have started using specific Tractors as per their need ranging from 2 wheel drive Tractors, 4 wheel drive Tractors, Compact Tractors, Mini Tractors, Orchard Tractors, Utility Tractors, Row Crop Tractors, Garden Tractors amongst others.

With the help of this modern tractors and implements (Tractor Attached and Tractor Mounted) like Plough, Rotavator, Seed Drills, Cultivators, Brush Cutters, Harvesters, Sprayers and many more farmers can now increase their produce by saving time and energy. There are many reputed companies manufacturing Tractors in India such as Massey Fergusson, TAFE, Eicher, John Deere, New Holland, Mahindra, Escorts, Kubota, VST, Force, Swaraj, Sonalika, ACE, Indofarm, Preet, Captain amongst others.

KhetiGaadi - A New Age Of Farm Mechanisation And Crop Nutrition

About - KHETIGAADI IS KNOWLEDGE BASED ADVISORY PLATFORM for Farming community to deploy right Mechanization technology. It is an eCommerce platform enabling the Farming community to Buy, Sell,Rent & Hire Tractors & Farm Mechanization equipment online with Finance & Insurance support. KhetiGaadi is focused on online sale of Agriculture Tools & Equipment, Farm Mechanisation Implements and plant nutrition products. The core objectives of KhetiGaadi is to EDUCATE Farmers with right knowledge of Mechanization, Encouraging Farmers to deploy right farm mechanisation technology and right Plant nutrition and EMPOWER Farmers with additional income & decision making.

KhetiGaadi is Bridging the gap between the Farming ecosystem of Tractor & Implement Manufacturers, Farmers, Buyers, Sellers, Brokers, Contractors, Lessor, Lessee at one destination with easy, convenient and multiple products availability for mutual benefits.

Knowledge & Advisory:

Khetigaadi is one of best platform to buy or sell the new or used tractors and other farm implements also.On this platform you can find all the popular brands such as Mahindra, Swaraj, Eicher, Sonalika, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Powertrac, Farmtrac, Kubota etc., tractors on a single online platform. Along with this, farmers get each agricultural product at a suitable and affordable price.

We here, provide the advice through the blogs and updated news in easy language for the farmers. We posted the all brands or new/old tractor model content in marathi, english and hindi language.

We are connected with well established 25+ brands. Each tractor, as per your precedence or choice,is provided in the market. The tractor brands won farmers hearts by giving them quality products at economical prices. All we separated according to categories at Khetigaadi for your convenience.

New Tractors & Implements:

We all know that tractors are nothing without their attachment, they are incomplete without them whether they are tractor implement like rotavator, cultivator or trolley. Without the implements the tractor will be nothing more than just a transport vehicle. Implements are the heart of the tractor. All field operations are incomplete without implements. Khetigaadi here provides you with all the implements with their specifications and also provides complete information related to your farm necessities. Implementing not only made agriculture hassle-free but also made it a more productive , time and energy saving job. Currently there are many affordable and high quality implements producing brands in India. is the best platform where a large number of brand new tractors and implements are available.

Used Tractors & Implements:

Now you can buy used tractors and implements online without any effort and also sell it. To buy or sell used tractors you should have to just go on the khetigaadi online platform, and fill the form. After that, our khetigaadi team will help you to sell your used tractor and implements.

You can sell your used tractors at a fair market price. If you want to sell your used tractor and implements then upload it at Khetigaadi platform. Buy a tractor online on Here you can find a used tractor online price, used tractors for sale and can find a tractor online with implements.

Rental Tractors & Implement:

Khetigaadi provides many tractors on rent which can be hired and farmers can complete their farming operations like sowing, tillage, leveling and so many. Lots of farmers hire tractors in India to complete their farming operations.

On the khetigaadi online platform a large number of tractors are listed on the rent, farmers can hire tractors from here. Farmers can also rent a tractor as per the requirement from a given list of used tractors of many brands like Mahindra, Swaraj, John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, etc. Khetigaadi provides a feature of hiring a tractor nearby farmers requirements and saving their time, money and energy.

Plant Nutrition & Crops

Soil is a major source of nutrients which is required or needed for the growth of plants or crops. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are the three main nutrients which are the primary nutrition of the plant. These three are also known as NPK when they are together.

Other important for the growth of plant nutrients required, soil is the major source of nutrients. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are three main nutrients they make up the trio together known as NPK. Other important nutrients required for the growth of crops or plants are calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

On khetigaadi platform in an affordable price range sar products are available check it on the website or downloading the khetigaadi aap. Agri inputs are also available on the khetigaadi platform in a suitable price range which are required to increase productivity of crops.

Agriculture is the most important sector increasing the economy of our country and also providing the livelihoods to millions of rural folk. Khetigaadi helps the farmers by way of short term credit for financing crop production, by helping with purchase of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc.

On the khetigaadi online platform, you will get the correct information about the agriculture products such as crop, crop nutrients, crop production & various types of crops. With just a click people can connect with us and secure perfect farming for the future by adopting the advice or getting the knowledge.

Also focused on related knowledge about various types of devices that are useful to the farmers at all extents. It provides proper knowledge of all the fertilizers, crop nutrients, agriculture inputs which help to increase the productivity of crops, how to use it, how to apply it on plants, and the measurement of the content also provided on it.

Totally Free For Farmers

Khetigaadi provided totally free updated knowledge related to agriculture like modern machinery, tractors, implements, newly invented fertilizers, pesticides etc., With the help of news and blogs we provided the information about the different government schemes and also subsidies. Khetigaadi has a Blog segment on Agriculture and Tractor news segments to update your knowledge about agriculture. These segments cover agriculture related articles, blogs on the tractor price list, agriculture informational blogs, articles, Hindi news, English news.

Also, find a certified dealer, dealership enquiry, videos, offers, on road price, reviews, and many more. Other than this, they provided separate segments for loans, Farm tools, offers, broker dealers, etc.

Khetigaadi has a youtube channel where we provide tractor and other agricultural implements reviews, agriculture headlines, and others. Additionally, we also provide crop information and how to enhance the productivity of crops. We daily upload the agricultural updates through the social media sites of our khetigaadi such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., by adding daily posts, stories, short videos, reels, and blogs etc. We are always there for farmers on social media,to provide information, give advice and to solve the problems of farmers.


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