VST Shakti Tractor Models in india

16.9 K
VST Shakti VT180D JAI 2W
VST Shakti VT180D JAI 2W
2.95 - 3 Lakh 2WD
  • 18 HP
  • (54.9 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
13.5 K
VST Shakti MT 224 1D AJAI 4WB
VST Shakti MT 224 1D AJAI 4WB
3.56 - 3.95 Lakh 4WD
  • 22 HP
  • 980 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
13.6 K
3.75 - 4.1 Lakh 2WD
  • 22 HP
  • 980 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
13.5 K
16.2 K
VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT 4W
VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT 4W
4.22 - 4.6 Lakh 4WD
  • 27 HP
  • 1306 CC
  • 4 Cylinder

About VST Shakti Tractors

VST Shakti tractors manufacturers tractors range from 17 HP to 50 HP. VST tractors are available in both 2WD and 4WD tractor options. VST Shakti small tractors are widely famous in Asia for their chunky looks and very good responsive engines at an inexpensive price tag. Vst Shakti tractor price starts at rs.2.90 Lakh*. The most costly Vst Shakti tractor is Vst Shakti Viraaj XP 9054 DI priced at Rs. 6.70 Lakh* in 50 HP. The most Indian popular Vst Shakti Tractor models are VT180D JAI and MT 270 Viraat.

VST Shakti Tractors is the Indian manufacturing company established in Banglore in 1967 by Shri. V. T. Krishnamoorthy in association with the Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery of Japan. VST built tractor engines and power tillers under the VST Shakti brand name. Tractor production began in 1984 in cooperation with Mitsubishi. 

VST tractors look good and famous in India for mini tractors also. These tractors are available in both 2 WD and 4WD wheel drives. VST is great in performance which provides great users experience to the farmers.

VST Shakti Tractor History

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. Chairman Mr. V.K Surendra informed that VST Tillers Tractors has always strived to get the best technology for the Indian farmers while VST Tillers Tractors remains a leader in the compact tractor segment and the power tiller segment; this MOU would enable VST Tillers Tractors to bring better technology in the higher horsepower segment for the benefit of Indian farmers.

VST Tractor Tillers Company is one of the well-established automobile manufacturing companies of India which was established in 1911 and is today producing fine machines, especially tractors. With the aim to "Create sustainable crop solutions to improve farm productivity" VST holds the basic structure of Indian Agriculture. VST Shakti Tractor since the beginning has brought simplified technology for better tractor specifications, features and in order to support the Indian farmers, they have kept their tractor prices very affordable. VST Shakti Tractor aims to deploy PACE in the Agricultural sector (PACE: Pursuit of Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration & Teamwork, Ethics & Integrity). With these aims, VST motors continue to serve the country's fields and the farmers.

Why Choose VST Shakti Tractor

  • VST built tractor engines and power tillers under the VST Shakti brand name. They have produced tractors under various names including Euro-Trac, Eurotrac, Eurotrac-VST, Mitsubishi-shakti, Shakti, VST, VST Euro Mitsubishi, VST Mitsubishi shakti, and VST-Shakti.
  • VST tractor has a lifting capacity between 800 Kg to 1800 Kg.
  • Viraat 4W series tractors are used for various applications which include haulage, MT series tractors are versatile, and lastly Viraaj series are fuel-efficient and Multipurpose tractors.
  • VST Tractor price range is between 3,00,000 to 7,00,000.
  • VST Tractor makes 17HP to 50HP Tractors.
  • It manufactures high technology products.
  • Easy availability of parts: It ensures maximum uptime due to this easy availability of Tractor parts.
  • All the products are the best in quality.

VST Shakti Tractor in India

  • VST MT 224 - This is a 22 HP tractor. It consists of 6 Forward Gear, 2 Reverse Gear. It is available with Internal Expanding Shoe Type Brakes. It consists of a 500kg Lifting Capacity. This tractor comes in a budget of Rs. 3.20 Lac.
  • VST Shakti Viraaj XP 9054 DI is a 50 HP tractor with 3 cylinders, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, dual-clutch which provides smooth and easy functioning. The price of this tractor starts from 7.62 Lac.
  • VST Shakti 225 - Ajai Power Plus -- This is a 25 HP tractor with 3000 engine rated RPM. It has 3 cylinders and oil-immersed brakes. This tractor has 980 displacements in CC. It has a constant mesh transmission system with 24 liters of fuel tank capacity. The price of this tractor starts from 3.71 Lac.
  • VST Shakti Viraj XP 9054 DI- This tractor is built with innovative solutions. It consists of 50 HP engines, 3 cylinders, oil-immersed brakes, power steering function, 2310 Kg of total weight, and can load 1800 Kg lifting capacity. The price of this tractor starts from 7.62 Lac.
  • VST Shakti Viraaj XS 9042 DI is a 39 HP engine tractor whose engine rated RPM is 2200. It comes in 2WD and suitable for more than 30 applications inducing the demanding applications of TMCH, Loader, and Dozer, etc. The VST Shakti VIRAAJ XS 9042 DI is also available with a Sliding Mesh gearbox which makes it very easy to perform agricultural operations and commercial applications. 

VST Shakti Tractor Price in India

VST Tractor ModelVST Tractor HPVST No of CylinderVST Tractor Price
VST Shakti MT 171 DI SAMRAAT17 HP1 Cylinder2.75-2.9 Lac
VST Shakti MT 180D HS/JAI - 4W18 HP3 Cylinder3.05-3.10 Lac
VST Shakti MT180D JAI 2W18 HP3 Cylinder3.10-3.15 Lac
VST Shakti VT180D JAI 2W18 HP3 Cylinder2.95-3.00 Lac
VST Shakti MT 224 1D AJAI 4WB22 HP3 Cylinder3.56-3.95 Lac
VST Shakti MT 225 - AJAI POWER PLUS22 HP3 Cylinder3.75-4.1 lac
VST Shakti MITSUBISH VT 224 1D22 HP3 Cylinder3.80-3.85 lac
VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT 4W27 HP4 Cylinder4.22-4.6 Lac
VST Shakti MT 270 - VIRAAT 2W - AGRIMASTER27 HP4 Cylinder4.21-4.82 Lac
VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT 4W PLUS27 HP3 Cylinder4.45-4.70 Lac
VST Shakti Viraaj XS 9042 DI39 HP3 Cylinder6.50-6.52 Lac
VST Shakti Viraaj XT 9045 DI45 HP3 Cylinder6.30-6.32 Lac
VST Shakti 5025 R BRANSON45 HP3 Cylinder8.63-8.64 Lac
VST Shakti Viraaj XP 9054 DI50 HP3 Cylinder6.57-6.59 Lac

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VST Tractor FAQ

Question: What is the Vst tractor price range?

Answer: Vst tractor price range from Rs. 2.90 lakh* to Rs 6.70 lakh* in India

Question: What is the Vst Shakti Tractor HP range?

Answer: Vst Shakti Tractor HP ranges from 16.5 hp to 50 hp.

Question: What is the popular Vst shakti mini tractor price?

Answer: The popular Vst mini tractor price is Rs. 3.42 lakh*.

Question: Does Vst Shakti produce a 50 hp tractor?

Answer: Yes, Vst Shakti produces a 50 hp tractor.

Question: Are Vst Shakti Tractors models price fair for the farmers?

Answer: Yes, Vst Shakti Tractors' models price is fair for the farmers.

Question: VST Shakti tractor price in India?

Answer: VST Shakti Tractor Price starts from Rs. 2.88 Lakh. 

Question: VST Shakti power tiller new model in India?

Answer: VST Shakti 130 DI - Power Tiller.

Question: Shakti tractor popular models in India?

Answer: Shakti tractor popular models: Vst Shakti 225 - AJAI POWER PLUS, Vst Shakti 5025 R Branson, Vst Shakti MT 270 - VIRAT 4WD, etc.

Question: VST tractor price in Maharashtra?

Answer: VST tractor price: Rs. 3.75 lakh - 4.10 lakh.

Question: VST mini tractor specifications?

Answer: Vst mini tractor (224) comes with a superb 980 cc engine capacity and 3000 engine rated RPM with 3 cylinders.

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