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Mould Board Plough in india

About Mould Board Plough

The Mould Board Plough Implement is a tractor operator used for primary tillage operations. It functions to cut the trash and is immersed completely. It helps in the functioning of the crop i.e. green manure from decaying under the soil. The mouldboard plough is also used for mixing and turning materials in the soil when manuring or composting is spread in the field. This implement comes with a share, share point, landslide, frog, shank, frame and hitch system. The bar-type share point is made from carbon steel and low alloy steel. The working of the plough is controlled by a hydraulic system and three-point linkage system helps in the working of the plough. The cost of the machine starts at 30 thousand. It varies from different specifications.

Mould Board Plough Types

Tafe Mould board Plough 230 Ms

Tafe tractor implements are growing a network worldwide. It offers and implements a variety of agricultural applications like preparation of land, planting, harvesting, post-harvest handling, around the farm operations and storage, the TAFE perhaps focuses on the most sophisticated and comprehensive mixture of implements that serve almost every farm mechanization. 

The primary tillage implement is used for hard soil. It is available in two and three furrows. It is well suited for tough cutting of crops and adequate to cope up in sleazy conditions also. It allows for more clearance and easy repositioning units. The plough is made of steel. Soil breaking and soil inversion is the primary function of plough mould implement. 

Sonalika Mould Board Plough 

Sonalika Mould Board Plough is implemented by the Sonalika company with highly mainstream features concentrating on rising and mixing of soil. It is also used in barren land conditions. It is also suitable in rocky and rooted areas. The robust cut tines are useful to work in all types of soils. It enhances productivity and is more economical for making ploughing. It consists of special steel blades with a bar point to acknowledge the hardest ploughing.

Deccan Farm Mould Board Plough Hydraulic

The Deccan Farm Equipment is a well-reputed group of a farm manufacturing implement specialized for the mini-tiller, rotary tiller, agricultural plough, Hydraulic reversible plough, trash cutting machine. It is good in the production facility and equipped with machine tools like VMC, HMC, etc. It is well versed in quality equipment and matches customer expectations. The reversible Mould Board Plough is useful in farm working application. This equipment is used for the irrigation facility. The primary function of this implement is to turn over the upper layer of the soil. It tilts soil easily. 

Deccan Farm Mould Board Plough PM-2 40 

Mould Board manufactures understand the customer's requirement and manufacture high-quality useful mould ploughs. The best quality raw materials, advanced technology, perfect designs and measurements are the specific features included in Mould Board Plough PM-2 40. This plough is used for orchard, vineyards, land etc. It is suitable for hydraulics, accurate maintenance, useful in toughest soil.

Deccan Farm Mould Board Plough PM-2 55

Deccan Farm Mould Board Plough PM-2 55 is a reversible plough of 395 Kg used for soil, land and planting.

Sai Mould Board Plough Chetak Special

The Sai Mould Board Plough Chetak Special is well known for toughest ploughing and outstanding penetration performance. It can work in the basic function of soil breaking, soil turning, and soil raising. It is also used for stony and rooted soils. The underframe is used in trashy conditions. The extra furrow is used for clearance which is easy and quickly. 

Sai Mould Board Plough Economy

Sai Mould Board Plough Economy is highly productive in the tillage category. This implement is a 41 HP to 51 HP tractor for tillage. It is rich in cutting the soil and turns it upside down. the operational function is easy.

Sai Mould Board Plough Royal - 25

The Sai Mould Board Plough Royal is used for numerous purposes like ploughing, general purposes of land levels, strip farming in hilly areas. It takes low-cost maintenance, lesser fuel consumption, requires a lesser road to the tractor. It carries 190 Kg of weight.

Sai Mould Board Plough Yuvaraj 

Sai Mould Board Plough Yuvaraj: is used in agricultural farming. It comes with three-point linkages and can be easily attached with a tractor. It can be easily operated and spring steel cutting blades are used in the tractor implement.

Sai Mould Board Plough Classic - 35 

It can be operated easily with an automatic furrow change system. It is also used for ploughing for general purposes of level lands. The 90 mm shaft is used and weighs 350 Kg.

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Ans : Standard Tractor is 30 HP to 90 HP .

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