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Power Harrow in india

About Power Harrow

Power Harrow works to break up the soil often used for secondary tillage after ploughing and subsoiling. It can also break the compacted ground. It is used for land preparation. The Power harrow is available in different models accompanied by different levels of brands.

Tafe Power Harrow 615 - PH 

It is primary tillage equipment. It is suitable for hard clay soil conditions. This equipment category is tough, strong, and sturdy which can be helpful for barren land, feasible for cultivation before and after rains. It comes in a heavy-duty multi-speed gearbox with 540 RPM. The boron steel tines are used which are 12 mm thick and 285 mm long. The shaft is made of induction hardened alloy steel which increases its durability. It consists of a movable site plate and presents with an integrated weed cutter.

Shaktiman Power Harrow SRP - 3

It comes in a category 2 hitch from 35 HP to 115 HP. It is suitable for stony and demanding soils. It comes in a multi-speed gearbox and the rear adjustable leveling bar is presented with a spike roller, packer roller, and cage roller is fitted for stony soils.

Shaktiman Power Harrow SRP- 9

It is categorized in the tillage implementation. The body framework is built strongly which extends its durability. The sharp blades can exist for a long time and help to improve the organic structure. The hardest category is the Shaktiman rotary plough. The main function of Shaktiman Power Harrow SRP-9 is to convert barren land into cultivable land. The sturdy structure is welded with high thickness plates that help to operate under the toughest conditions. It requires less diesel consumption and can operate easily. The good quality of the gearbox helps in the long life cycle of the implement.

Lemken Power Harrow Perlite5 - 150

This implement is suitable for all soil conditions and also perfect for seedbed preparation. It provides the soil with a softer look by mixing and leveling. 

It is best suitable for sowing. The easy cultivation of the soil helps in a consistent working depth. The 40-75 HP range of tractors is suitable for Lemken Power. The surface level is left by the primary soil cultivation and resulting in better seed germination. The side shields are equipped with a special string to prevent the outer tines from creating ridges as well as for stone protectors.

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Ans : Standard Tractor is 30 HP to 90 HP .

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