Kubota Tractor Models in india

19.0 K
Kubota NEO STAR A211N 4WD
Kubota NEO STAR A211N 4WD 3.9 - 4.2 Lakh 4WD
  • 21 HP
  • 1001 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
15.0 K
Kubota A211N-OP
Kubota A211N-OP 4WD
  • 21 HP
  • 1001 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
16.8 K
Kubota NEO STAR B2441 4WD
Kubota NEO STAR B2441 4WD 4.9 - 5.5 Lakh 4WD
  • 24 HP
  • 1123 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
18.0 K
Kubota NEO STAR B2741 4WD
Kubota NEO STAR B2741 4WD 5.4 - 6 Lakh 4WD
  • 27 HP
  • 1261 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
19.3 K
Kubota L3408 4WD
Kubota L3408 4WD 5.55 - 6 Lakh 4WD
  • 34 HP
  • 1647 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
19.8 K
Kubota L4508 4WD
Kubota L4508 4WD 5.9 - 6.5 Lakh 4WD
  • 45 HP
  • 2197 CC
  • 4 Cylinder
22.0 K
Kubota MU4501
Kubota MU4501 6.5 - 6.7 Lakh 2WD
  • 45 HP
  • 2434 CC
20.0 K
Kubota MU4501 4WD
Kubota MU4501 4WD 6.5 - 6.7 Lakh 4WD
  • 45 HP
  • 2434 CC
23.9 K
Kubota MU5501
Kubota MU5501 7.5 - 8.1 Lakh 2WD
  • 55 HP
  • 2434 CC
  • 4 Cylinder

About Kubota Tractors

Kubota tractors offer 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive tractors from 21 to 55 HP range with a lightweight design and efficient engine and affordable price. Kubota tractor has 10+ models 21-55 HP categories. Kubota tractor price starts at Rs. 4.15 Lakh. The most costly Kubota tractor model is Kubota MU 5501 4WD priced at Rs. 10.12 Lakh.

The History of Kubota Tractor:

Kubota Corporation is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan, and the company was established in 1890. Kubota Tractor is one of the major players of the Indian Agricultural Machinery Industry. Kubota has manufactured best in class tractor along with a guarantee of producing quality products and economical machines. Kubota Tractor aims to provide machines with high durability, high performance, and comfortable driving space. Kubota Agricultural Machinery India has always been committed to providing machines with best in class tractor specifications and at an affordable tractor price, in order to provide high-quality machinery which supports easy and efficient farming.

Best Kubota Tractor Models in India 2020:

Kubota Tractors Price in India 2020: Kubota MU4501, Kubota MU5501, Kubota L 4508, Kubota NeoStar A211N, Kubota A211N-OP, Kubota Neostar B2441, Kubota NeoStar B2741, Kubota BX1870 Compact Tractor, Kubota B3350HSD, Kubota L5240, Kubota L4760 , Kubota L5060, Kubota MX4800DT, Kubota MX5800HST

Reasons for Choosing Kubota Tractors:

It made an unbreakable reputation in India. The main achievements that justify that Why Kubota is the best tractor company in India.

  • Kubota Tractors manufacture strong body-based tractor and durable machinery.

  • Kubota tractor price is very affordable as compared to other brands.

Kubota Tractor Dealership & Service Center:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the Kubota Tractor HP range?

A. Kubota Tractor HP range starts from 21 hp to 55 hp.

Q. What is the Kubota Tractor price range?

A. From Rs 4.15 lakh to Rs. 10.12 lakh is the Kubota Tractor price range

Q. Which are the latest Kubota tractor models in India?

A. Kubota MU 5501 is the only latest Kubota tractor model in India.

Q. Is Kubota Tractor provides good mileage in fields?

A. Yes, Kubota Tractors provides the best mileage in fields to others.

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