Tractor Price is the main question comes in farmers mind. This industry has huge potentiall in India, the market for new one is increasing steadily and India will gradually become the largest market in India. 

Many National and Global brands are manufacturing multiple models as per the requirement for various farm mechanization practices based on power, capacity, and crop. 

Overall there are approximately 320 models available in India manufactured by leading industry brands such as Mahindra, John Deere, Massy Ferguson, Swaraj, New Holland, Sonalika, Farmtrac, Powertrac, Kubota, VST, Force motors, Tafe, Eicher, Solis, Indo farm, Preet, Trackstar, ACE etc… 

All these OEMs are continuously providing technologically advanced ideas to Indian Farmers with the latest Internet Of Things (IoT) applications. KhetiGaadi is thankful to all the OEMs for introducing new one that are proactively contributing towards the growth of Farm Mechanisation in India.

Farmers can explore all new models from all brands on KhetiGaadi to understand its specifications, features, capacity, and make. 

More than 575 New products are listed on KhetiGaadi with all relevant information for farmers so that they can make the right choice of the New depending on their land size, crop, purpose, and applications. 

Farmers can also compare various New products from multiple market brands to ensure Farmers make the right decision while buying new mower machines. 

KhetiGaadi also advises Farmers and helps them to buy the right machinery considering the requirements. Farmers can also get the latest price or new demo on request to experience the agricultural machinery they are planning to buy. 

KhetiGaadi also supports Farmers with the best Finance and Insurance options for new type. Farmers can also explore nearby Dealers to buy new from the 10000 Dealers listed on KhetiGaadi.

Happy exploring KhetiGaadi, On Road price for New things, Demo for New equipment, Comparing New models, and much more…

Stay Tuned to KhetiGaadi for new machinery launches and new Agricutural updates.

Tractor Price

Tractor price is should be affordable for farmers. popular companies are launching new agriculture machines with advanced technology and easy availability to the farmers. Agriculture is practiced in nature, thus it's heavily influenced by location and climate. 

After all, crops are units solely appropriate to certain areas, however, even identical crops might have to be raised otherwise in numerous regions. This single word “agriculture” really describes a huge array of practices throughout the globe.

Keeping in mind the agricultural needs of machinery and equipment companies are targeting the needs of the customers and focusing on the production and operating system. KhetiGaadi is the right platform to know more about related information. Many national companies are manufacturing multiple models with the requirements of the farmers.

To know about the price, do an inquiry on KhetiGaadi.

Overall there are more than 500 models in brands available in India. These brands are Mahindra, John Deere, VST, Standard, Force, Swaraj, Massey Ferguson, and many more. All the brands are providing the leading applications to the farmers. 

Recently, Farmtrac company has launched a new with their wheel drives. Like Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx, Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx, Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx, John Deere 5210 Gear pro, Farmtrac champion 35.

Tractors In 2021

Recent reports says, many companies launched machines with high technological features and convenience for the farmers. These are Powertrac Alt 4800, Powertrac Alt 3000, Farmtrac 60 classic Supermaxx, Powertrac 437, etc. These are wide in the range of 37 Hp to 75 Hp. These are well designed and equipped with moderate features. All the categories are productive and operated. 

Mini Tractors On KhetiGaadi

Mini Tractors On the KhetiGaadi website will get to know the precise information regarding the latest updates, functional with other major specifications like Hp, engine, a number of cylinders, on-road price, increasing efficiency, latest technology, etc. KhetiGaadi's website provides you with the upcoming models with brand names. You can also take advantage of the best deals provided by the dealers on the prices.

Here’s the list of the brands with the new and their prices in India:

Mahindra Tractor Price

Mahindra Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. Over the last 30 years, the company has manufactured more than 30 lac mowers around the world. 

Mahindra brand is the pioneer brand industry across the world. It is highly known for producing large varieties of implements, farm mechanization machines, and several automobiles and passenger cars, XUV’s, etc. 

Mahindra products and equipment are known for their better output, efficiency, performance and low price. Mahindra has enlarged its production keeping in mind the needs of the farmers from marginal to small. 

All models are produced with high quality, greater efficiency, larger mileage, and function at various crops for farming purposes.

The agricultural machinery and equipment that are produced by the Mahindra are excellent in features, highly challenging to work even in the toughest conditions of the land, soil, and climatic conditions. 

Mahindra is the brand name that is always the first choice amongst the farmers for its productivity and greater output results. Mahindra produces various categories of products such as compact, utility machinery, and so on.

Mahindra tractors product range starts from 15 HP to 85 HP  range. 

Also, Mahindra focused on keeping changes in their products and equipment and more or a large number of tractors for the growth of the agriculture sector and high on demand by the farmers.

This year with the progressive manufacturing designs the company has launched some models with the benefits of the farmers. These are:

Tafe Tractor Price

Tafe Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. Farm Equipment Limited is the most pioneering brand in the network channel. TAFE is India's second-largest manufacturing company. 

The company gained the trust of the customers and produces good quality Agri machines in India for the benefit of the farmers. TAFE company manufactures two popular brands named; Eicher and Massey Ferguson. TAFE DI Orchard Plus is a famous model.

Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) is the second-largest brand industry in India and is very well known for manufacturing the largest variety of equipment. TAFE brand is extremely known for the highest performance, better quality, low operating cost, and larger dealerships across the country.

TAFE always produces a high-quality range of implements, and other agriculture products for the use of farming systems. TAFE has achieved more awards and makes its pioneer place in the field of tractor industry. TAFE is best known for manufacturing products with an Indian style and classic looks.

Agriculture operations are accomplished by facilitating easy mode of machines and equipment.  One such company like TAFE completes the dream of the farmers by bringing large varieties of heavy-duty implements with economical price and range.

TAFE keeps the trust of the Indian farmers because the products are built with complete features and designs and come at an affordable price range.

To enhance productivity the TAFE has launched within the range of 40 HP to 60 HP. Some of the new models with their prizes are as follows:

Sonalika Tractor Price

Sonalika Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. Sonalika is the most popular brand amongst the farmers. 

Sonalika is the leading brand and number one exporting brand industry from the country. Sonalika always produces the heavy-duty range of Implements and varieties of products for the agrarian sector. Sonalika has its grand brand implement plant in Punjab, India.

Sonalika produces large varieties of appliances, machines for the use of farmers and doing the farming in its easiest way.  Sonalika being a strong network of dealers across the country placed its value on the topmost leading brand industry. The product's range of manufacturing and exporting increases the volume of the company.  

Sonalika all models come with higher efficiency, versatility, reliability and with higher efficiency. It work smoothly on the field and prices are also economical that fix in the budget of the farmers.

It comes in a wide range of prices starting from 3 lac to 12 Lac. Sonalika company is considered to be the best manufacturing company and known for its product quality and range. 

Amongst all the most expensive range of Sonalika machines is Sonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx 4WD price 12 Lacs. Some of the most popular In the Sonalika brand are :

SOLIS Tractor Price

Solis Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. SOLIS is one of the leading exporters and part of International Tractor Ltd, group is the largest exporters of range between 20- 110 HP. Recently, SOLIS has launched new products with modern Japanese technology and produced innovative designs with suitability and reliability in India. 

SOLIS is in collaboration with Yanmar in Japan and developed all models in 4 WD technology.  SOLIS products are known to be modest and fit in the budget of the farmers. Solis brand comes in three series i.e. E series, S series, and SN series. In the market, the SOLIS price ranges from 5 Lac. Presently the company offers 27 HP to 60 HP range models in India. Some of the latest technology SOLIS with their prices are as follows :

ACE Tractor Price

ACE Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. ACE stands for Action Construction Equipment company stabilized in 1995 in Faridabad, Haryana. Previously ACE company focused on construction development manufacturing.

Action Construction Equipment Limited is known to be India's biggest crane brand industry in producing large varieties of implements, and applications. Basically, the company produces large varieties of mobile cranes, tower cranes, truck-mounted cranes, tractors, harvesters, and many more.  

ACE has enlarged the full extent of manufacturing and production units at a larger scale. All the products are manufactured with the powerful features to work at the heavy load's applications at construction and equipment at efficient and effective sales.

ACE all tractors and implements are produced with a minimum range of price and effective usages. The ACE company especially focuses on manufacturing the larger units of implements according to the needs of the farmers.

Keeping in mind the requirement of technological machinery, the company had launched its first tractor in the year 2008. The company's product demand increased by selling at reasonable prices. This brand ranges from 35 Hp - 90 HP. It also produces implements like crane, loader,s, etc. Some of the ACE models with efficient features and prices are as follows : 

John Deere Tractor Price

John Deere Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. John Deere, the famous company of the USA is the world’s second-largest manufacturing company. It is well known for producing advanced features. 

Whenever the classic design and advanced features are considered John Deere’s name comes first into the mind. The world’s best industry in making the highest powerful unique design and powerful engines and implements becomes the first choice to the farmers.

John Deere always brings the new series, green system range for the use of agriculture farming. John Deere always focused on producing the advanced featured implements.  

John Deere produces the different categories in tractors. They are Special, Super heavy-duty, and many more. John Deere's product range is cost-effective. They are also known for the Green system, powered engine, powerful system, and best output result.

John Deere are reliable and trustworthy and have become the most demandable for farmers. In terms of revenue growth, this company ranked first in number. The price of John Deere is cost-effective. Some of the new models with their prices are as follows.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Price

Massey Ferguson Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. Massey Ferguson comes with new features like the dry-type air cleaner, toolbox, mobile charging features. Massey Ferguson company has launched some new models with advanced technology and greater prizes. Massey Ferguson a renowned name in the field of the industry considered being the large farm machinery association across India. 

Some of the Massey Ferguson models are popular for their price mileage, better fuel tank efficiency, etc.

Massey Ferguson new tractors list with prizes: 

Massey Ferguson 245 Smart46 HP7.50 Lac- 7.80 Lac
Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart58 HP 8.25 Lac - 10.5 lac.
Massey Ferguson 241 DI Dynatech 42 HP7.00 Lac - 7.10 Lac

Powertrac Tractor Price

Powertrac Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. Powertrac come under the Escorts brand. It is known for mileage. Its features are essential and economical in price. Some of the powerful powertrac models are :

Kubota Tractor Price

Kubota Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. Kubota is a Japanese company. Its manufacturing started in India in the year. Kubota tractors are unique in designs and are mostly liked by Indian farmers. The company assembles the Japanese technology in the mower. Kubota is best in features and mostly it comes in the 4/4 option. Prices may vary from state to state. Some of the unique designs of Kubota models are as follows :

Kubota Neostar A211N - OP: This is a 21 HP mini tractor that comes at a minimum price of 4.35 Lac. This is good for cultivation, plantation, etc. It comes in 4WD. To know more about his specific features visit our KhetiGaadi website.

Kubota MU5501 4WD: Kubota MU 5501 is the most expensive price range from 10.36 Lac. It is a 55 HP machinery with an excellent transmission system., best hydraulic lifting capacity can load varied implements. The company provides a 5-year warranty.

Kubota B2741: Kubota B2741  is known for advanced technology, greater comfort, advanced technology, heavy hydraulic implements like plowing, harrow, puddling, etc. The price of Kubota B2741 starts from 5.39 Lac.

Eicher Tractor Price

Eicher Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. The Eicher complete of machines is one of the oldest names within the business. All Eicher mowers sport the all-new and refreshing Eicher ‘E’ image. Eicher is one of the oldest and most demanded amongst the farmers. 

It also produces small tractors. With economical prices, it is best suited for farmers. Some of the best Eicher models with their prices are as follows: 

Digitrac Tractor Price

Digitrac Tractor Price is affordable in the industry. Digitrac mower was propelled in 2019. This is the first online purchasing directly from the company. The word  Digitrac comes from Digital because it is the first online platform. The customers can get direct information through the official website of Digitrac app or can also tune with our KhetiGaadi website. 

The company provides a 5-year warranty and doorstep service is an excellent benefit for the customers. The prices are reasonable and affordable by the farmers. Some of the new models with  attractive key features and functions are as follows :

Tractor Price Related FAQ's

Que:  Which is the highest price range in John Deere?

ANS: John Deere 6120 B is the highest price range tractor in the John Deere series.

Que: What is the john deere price in India?

ANS: John Deere Price starts from Rs. 4.50 Lakh.

Que: What is the Price of John Deere 5310?

ANS: The price of the John Deere 5310 starts from Rs 7.85 Lac goes up to Rs 8.50 Lac.

Que: What is the John Deere price range?

ANS: The price range in John Deere is starting from Rs 4.70 lakh to Rs 29.20 lakh.

Que: What is the starting price of the John Deere?

ANS: John Deere Price starts from Rs. 4.70 Lakh.

Que: What is the price of the New Holland 3630?

ANS: New Holland 3630 TX Super, 50 hp product, 1700 kg, Price from Rs. 521000/unit onwards, specification and features.

Que: What is the starting price of the New Holland?

ANS: New Holland Tractor Price starts from Rs. 5.20 Lakh.

Que: What is the price of New Holland 3510 in India?

Ans: The price of New Holland 3510 in India starts from Rs 5.88 LAc.

Que: What is the price in India of the New Holland  Excel 6010 4WD?

Ans: The price of New Holland  Excel 6010 4WD starts from Rs 6.50.

Que:  Which is the highest price range in New Holland?

ANS: The most expensive is New Holland TDS 90 priced at Rs 20 Lakh.

Que: What is the price of Powertrac Euro 50?

Ans: Powertrac Euro 50, 50 hp product, 1500 kg, Price from Rs. 636000/unit onwards, specification and features.

Que: powertrac price?

Ans: powertrac price starts from  Rs. 3.30 Lakh to  Rs.11.90 Lakh.

Que: What is the cost of Powertrac 439?

Ans: Powertrac Euro 439 Price in India is reasonable Rs. 5.25-5.55 Lakh.

Que: What is the price of Powertrac 4455 BT?

Ans: Powertrac 4455 BT price range starts from Rs 5.95 Lac.

Que: powertrac tractor price?

Ans: powertrac price starts from  Rs. 3.30 Lakh to  Rs.11.90 Lakh.

Que: What is the price of Farmtrac 60?

Ans: 4.00 Lakh

Que: What is the price of Farmtrac 45?

Ans: The price of Farmtrac 45 is 5.75 Lakh - 6.20 Lakh.

Que: What is the price of Farmtrac 60 Classic Supermaxx in 2021?

Ans: Farmtrac 60 Classic Supermaxx price starts from Rs 6.65 Lac.

Que: Farmtrac 60 Price?

Ans: Farmtrac 60 Price starts from 8.30 Lac.

Que: What is the price of Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHA SHAKTI in 2021?

Ans: Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHA SHAKTI price in 2021 starts from Rs 5.75 Lac

Que: What is the price of Massey Ferguson 1035?

Ans: Massey Ferguson 1035 DI, 36 hp product, 1100 kg, Price from Rs. 175000/unit onwards, specification and features.

Que: What is the price of Massey Ferguson 6028 in 2021?

Ans: Massey Ferguson 6028 price starts from Rs 5.1 Lac.

Que: What is the price of Massey Ferguson 1035 Di

Ans: Massey Ferguson 1035 DI price starts from Rs 4.94 Lac.

Que: What is the price of Massey Ferguson 6028?

Ans: Massey Ferguson 6028 price starts from Rs 5.1 lac.

Que: What is the price of Kubota MU4501?

Ans: Kubota MU4501 price starts from Rs 6.5 Lac.

Que: What is the price of a Kubota MU5501 2WD?

Ans: The price of Kubota MU5501 2WD starts from Rs 7.5 Lac.

Que: What is the price of Kubota MU5501 2WD in INdia in 2021?

Ans: Kubota MU5501 2WD price starts from Rs 7.5 Lac.

Que: what is Kubota prices?

Ans: Kubota prices start From Rs 4.15 lakh to Rs. 10.12 lakh.

Que: what is  Kubota mini price?

Ans:   Kubota mini tractor price starts from 4.15 Lakh to 9.80 Lakh.

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