Standard Tractors Tractor Models in india

12.5 K
Standard Tractors DI 335
12.9 K
Standard Tractors DI 345
12.1 K
Standard Tractors DI 450
12.4 K
Standard Tractors DI 355
12.4 K
Standard Tractors DI 460
12.7 K
Standard Tractors DI 475

About Standard Tractors Tractors

Standard is one of the most promising tractor manufacturing brands from Punjab in the Indian tractor market. This tractor company offers good tractors by keeping in mind the farmer's routine problems. Standard provides versatile tractor solutions that will increase the efficiency and speed of their work. Standard strongly believes that Indian farmers can make India a superpower by showing high-quality farming. 

Standard is involved in the best quality manufacturing tractors to multitasking and important farming types of equipment. If you want to select both quality and speed then Standard Tractor is the only solution.

Facts About Standard Tractor Company

  • Sardar Nachhattar Singh was the founded Standard Tractor in 1990
  • Standard tractors are made under STANDARD CORPORATION INDIA LTD.
  • The standard tractor is known for the quick customer response
  • Standard focuses only on Quality tractors.

Standard Tractor Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in India

  • High-Quality products and service is the first priority
  • Quick customer support
  • Affordable price range tractor production
  • Produces good tractor designs 

Best Standard Tractor models in India

Model Name




Standard DI 345

45 HP

3 cylinder

5.80 - 6.80 Lac Price

Standard DI 335

35 HP

3 cylinder

6.00 - 6.60 Lac Price

Standard DI 460

60 HP

4 cylinder

7.20 - 7.60 Lac Price

Standard DI 355

55 HP

3 cylinder

6.60 - 7.20 Lac Price

Standard DI 450

50 HP

4 cylinder

6.10 - 6.50 Lac Price

Standard DI 475

75 HP

4 cylinder

8.60 - 9.20 Lac Price

Standard DI 490

90 HP

4 cylinder

10.90 - 11.20 Lac Price

Standard Tractor Price

Tractor's prices basically depend upon their quality and engine. Standard tractors are best for average Indian farmers. These tractors differ from 4.90 Lac to 11.20 Lac as per their features. To know more about on-road Standard tractor prices click here.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is the price range of a Standard Tractor?

Answer: Range 4.90 Lac to 11.20 Lac

Question: What is the Standard Tractor HP range?

Answer: Range 30 HP to 90 HP

Question: Which is the highest price range Standard Tractor?

Answer: Standard DI 490 will get up to 11.20 Lac.

Question: Which Standard Tractor is the most suitable tractor for agriculture?

Answer: Standard DI 355 is the most suitable tractor for agriculture

Question: Where will we get all the information about the Standard Tractor price?

Answer: At KhetiGaadi, you can get all the information about the Standard Tractors price list 

and much more information about Standard

Question: Is KhetiGaadi the right place to get the updated Standard Tractor price 2020?

Answer: Yes, here on KhetiGaadi you get updated Standard Tractor price 2020.

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