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Long ago, basic needs for a human is Food and their Health. Food and Health are directly or indirectly depends on farming and associated activities. To resolve the farming-related issue, Khetigaadi launched the KhetiGuru App, KhetiGuru App is a digital platform for farmers & plant lovers.
By the help of KhetiGuru App, you can get a quick and easy solution for a plant, crop protection problems, and techniques for increasing farming productivity.


India is one of the fastest-growing Agriculture Development Country, around 402 million farmers make this country also the second-largest fruit producer in the world. But most of the time, our nation farmers facing a crisis of farming losses just because of wrong guidance and applying wrong Farming techniques. Khetigaadi introduced KhetiGuru App, our aim is to help new and small-scale farmers to obtain and maintain agriculture farming productivity from anywhere.


    Available list of Agriculture related Pages include organic farming, different farming technology,and many more at one place which is very helpful to our Indian Farmer. Just in a single click, get Farming related updates and make your farm’s operations more efficient.


    Save time and energy just create your post about Farming productivity Issue, Farming progress guidance query, etc. KhetiGuru App helps farmers to give tips regarding their query and make your small and large farming business more efficient.


    View best free agriculture farming profiles. In this section, you can easily check their post, followers, following, post likes and Comment. And also, share agriculture farming profiles from almost any device.


    KhetiGuru app provides real-time weather and forecast based on your current location or any location in the world on your phone.


KhetiGuru App is very useful for Indian farmers and the agriculture community which keep up to date with the latest technology of agriculture. App provides the latest market techniques,weather forecasting, and latest technology videos, news related to agriculture, etc. Farmers can directly ask the question about a wide variety of quality products like seeds, crop protection,nutrition and farm implements which belongs to best agriculture brands in the country and quer your Agriculture experts by using KhetiGuru App to solve your problem instantly, also you can watch the videos related to new technology, successful farmers, machinery, etc.


Bananas highly nutritious with potassium fruit are good for numerous reasons for health purposes. People taking banana fruit daily in their diets can reduce the low risks of health problems and increase the efficiency of humans. The farmers should be aware of the best planting methods of bananas to grow in their farms, for this KhetiGuru app will help in providing detailed information about the land farming of banana fruit in the proper weather conditions with accurate rich soil conditions.



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About KhetiGuru - KhetiGuru Is A Comprehension Knowledge Based Platform for the farmingcommunity and commercial users to gather information on different types of crop productionsused for agriculture farming. It is the best eCommerce platform enabling the farmers to knowbetter farming practices especially used for different types of crop productions. KhetiGurufocused on providing the best knowledge and farming solutions, methods for the better growthof different crops like banana, sugarcane, vegetables, grapes, orchard farming, and many moreother crops. The best solution and benefits for the crop nutrients are advised by KhetiGuruexperts that enable the users to choose the right method for the growth of the crop production inyour farmland. It also enables the farmers to choose the best farm mechanization and cropprevention applications for the better plant nutrient and EMPOWER Farmers with additionalincome and decision making.

KhetiGuru is the best platform bridging the gap between the Farming System of Plant nutritionand crops on Sale of different agriculture products and advisory on crop Nutrition Managementsystem. An easy and convenient platform for the farmers to enquire about the agricultureproducts for farming and getting the best results in return. It's a profitable platform to get youranswers regarding the agriculture product information. So, why wait? Download the KhetiGuruapp and get all the benefits of crop production.

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