Indo Farm Tractor Models in india

12.1 K
Indo Farm 1026 4WD
Indo Farm 1026 4WD 4WD
  • 26 HP
  • 1318 CC
  • 3 Cylinder

About Indo Farm Tractors

Indo Farm tractors have 4 series of various latest tractors with a range from 22 HP to 110 HP and come with the option of 2WD or 4WD tractor options. Indo Farm tractors are good mid-price range tractors.

Indo Farm started operations with the creation of model 2050 DI tractors in the year 2000. Indo farm tractor price in India starts at rs. 3.90 Lakh, the costly Indo Farm tractor is Indo Farm 4190 DI 4WD priced at rs. 12.60 Lakh in 90 HP.

The History of Indo Farm Tractors:

The founder of Indo Farm is Ranbir Singh Khadwalia, in 1994. They trust the incapacity, force, and quality of the human resolve. This is the reason they built up Indo Farm that not just fulfills farmers and also helps in attaining their dreams.

Now, the company has diversified into different machines as well, but tractors are always at the heart of Indo Farm. Every tractor this organization makes is an effort to engage the farmer by providing them a powerful and productive motor at an ideal price that is easy to maintain, smooth to operate, and fuel-efficient. Indo Farm tractors utilize cream of the crop innovation and advancement accessible in India. You have a decision of dry or oil-immersed brakes, mobile charging slots, powerful engines, creating tractors that are well-suited for both farm usage and transportation.

Best Indo Farm Tractors in India 2020:

List of Indo Farm tractors available in India: Indo Farm 1026 Mini tractor, Indo Farm 1026 Tractor, Indo Farm 2030 DI tractor, Indo Farm 2035 DI tractor, Indo Farm 3048 DI tractor, Indo Farm 3055 NV tractor, Indo Farm 3055 DI tractor, Indo Farm 3065 DI tractor, Indo Farm 4175 DI , Indo Farm 4175 DI, Indo Farm 4190 DI, Indo Farm 2042, Indo Farm 3035 DI.

Reasons for Choosing Indo Farm Tractors:

It made an unbreakable reputation in India. The main achievements that justify that Why Indo Farm is the best tractor company in India.

  • It manufactures high technology products.

  • Easy availability of parts: It ensures maximum uptime due to this easy availability of Tractor parts.

  • All the products are best in quality.

Indo Farm Dealership & Service Center:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the Indo Farm tractor price range?

A. Indo Farm tractor price starting From Rs. 3.90 lakh to Rs 12.60 lakh* in India.

Q. What is the Indo Farm Tractor HP range?

A. From 26 hp to 90 hp is the Indo Farm Tractor HP range.

Q. Which is the popular Indo Farm tractor?

A. Indo Farm tractor 3048 DI is the popular tractor in Indo Farm.

Q. Which is the popular Indo Farm mini tractor?

A. Indo Farm 1026 mini tractor is the popular mini tractor in Indo Farm.

Q. Which is the highest hp model in an Indo Farm tractor?

A. Indo Farm 4190 DI is the highest hp model in an Indo farm tractor.

Q. Does Indo Farm Tractors come with sufficient fuel tanks?

A. Yes, all Indo Farm Tractors come with sufficient fuel tanks.

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