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HP Category : 35 HP
Displacement CC in : 1963 CC
No. of cylinder : 2 Cylinder
Price : 5.8 Lakh - 6.56 Lakh

Eicher 364 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 35 HP
  • 2WD
  • 1963 CC
  • 2 Cylinder

Eicher 364 is a 35-HP tractor. It is a high-performance tractor. It is good for operating applications like TMCH, Dozer, Loader, etc. The Eicher 364 is provided with additional features like a deluxe seat, bottle holder, toolbox, etc. 

Eicher 364 is also good for implements like rotavator, cultivators, ploughs, etc. It has an excellent air-cooled feature. It is also provided with a 2-year warranty. The tractor can work for longer hours with 60 liters of diesel tank capacity.

Eicher 364 price is affordable and costs Rs 5.08 lac. To know more about the tractor price contact Khetigaadi executives.

Eicher 364 Features

  • Eicher 364 is a 2-wheel-drive tractor.
  • It is best suited for multipurpose operations
  • Eicher 364 is good for handling implements.
  • Eicher 364 has a constant and sliding mesh transmission feature.
  • It can work for longer hours.

Eicher 364 Specifications

HP Category35 HP
Engine Capacity1963  CC
Engine-rated RPM2150 RPM
No. of Cylinder2
Brake TypeOil-immersed brake
Steering TypeMechanical Steering
PTO Power29.8 HP


Eicher 364 Tractor Specifications in Details

Engine and Performance

  • The engine of the Eicher 364 has the potential to produce 35 horsepower. There is enough power generated to complete a variety of agricultural tasks, from simple to complex.

  • It has an engine capacity of 1963 cc and is powered by a 2-cylinder engine. While the supplied cylinder count improves fuel economy, the power and torque produced by this engine capacity allow for efficient performance during everyday agricultural tasks.

  • As this model has an air-cooled cooling system, heat is dispersed and the proper temperature is maintained through air circulation.


  • This PTO type, known as the Standard PTO type, has a single speed of 1000 RPM. Additionally, at the highest suggested ERPM of 1616, this PTO speed is reached. Because of this, it can operate with standard PTO tools without using excessive amounts of fuel.

  • The tractor PTO may operate a variety of PTO tools, including a drill, a rotavator, and many more.


  • The partly constant mesh gearbox on this model is perfect. This makes it simple to control the model because each gear transfer happens quickly and smoothly. Combining the advantages of a sliding mesh gearbox and a continuous mesh gearbox, this gearbox is more complex and easier to operate than the latter.

  • The powerful engine of the vehicle is attached to a 10-speed gearbox that has 8 forward and 2 reversed gears.


  • This type has the capacity to lift 1600 kg. Different hydraulic tools, such as the tractor-trailer tipping type and the hydraulic reversible MB plough, are simply handled by it.

Tyre Size

  • This full-sized variant is far more affordable and easier to maintain because it just has two wheels compared to four.

  • The front tyres are 6.00 x 16 while the rear tyres measure 12.4 x 28. The wider rear tyres provide the required stability in slick conditions, allowing the operator to drive it on every kind of land and in any kind of weather.

User Reviews of Eicher 364 Tractor

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“ Bheel ”

By Dilip Meena 27 March 2024

This is Best Tractor in India

“ This is Best Tractor in India ”

By NIKHIL MAHAMUNI 30 November -0001

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