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Disc Harrow in india

About Disc Harrow

A disk harrow may be a harrow whose cutting edges are a row of concave metal discs, which can be scalloped, set at an angle. It's an agricultural implement that's won’t to till the soil where crops are to be planted. It also wants to cut up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. This implement is also used for superficial ploughing in open files working. 

Some of the essential types of disc harrow are as follows:

Poly Disc Harrow

It is perfectly balanced for the best ploughing results.

It is available in plain disc moreover as a notched disc.

The Poly harrow works in all kinds of soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning, and soil mixing.

The tractor takes minimum load while working even in the toughest soil conditions.

Bearing hubs with tapper needle bearing. which provides the best performance in fie.

Tandem Disc Harrow 

This implement is used in medium and light soil. It is available with high-quality steel discs. It is helpful in breaking the roots. This implement can be easily transportable and available with a quick hitch compatible. 

Compact Model Disc Harrow

It is easily attached, mounted and can be easily transportable. The purpose of this implement is to work in an open field and for superficial ploughing, preparation of soil for sowing, the burial of organic substances. High-quality boron steel is used. 

Trailed Harrow 

It trails behind the tractor and the heavy design and weight can effectively hack heavy clods. Optional wheels are often provided for towing on the road.

Chakli Disc Harrow 

This implement is best for breaking the soil. It is available in a high-quality steel disc. It can be also used in light and medium soil and can eliminate the weeds. It is available at a low price for a wide working width and for its high speed.

Offset disk harrow could be a tractor hydraulic operated implement which trails behind the tractor and effectively breaks up clods with deeper penetration thanks to its heavyweight and style. The organic matter is effectively buried with the heavy crop residue. The three-point linkages help easy to mount on a tractor and operate easily.

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Ans : Standard Tractor is 30 HP to 90 HP .

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