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Agricultural Machinery For Farmers

Every farmer should know about the agricultural machinery and its uses on the farm. Once he gets an idea about that then he can easily choose the best farm equipment for his land. Today we have more than 1.3 billion people in India. So to match the requirement of food for such a huge population, farmers have to face the challenges of producing a large number of crops.

To achieve the desired goal of farmers they require to increase their speed of production. Tractor implements will help them for the same. So to increase food grain production farmers should have to upgrade their tractor farming methods. These methods are adopted by proper functioning of the tools and machines. These tools and machines are designed by the company for different operations and make it easy to work.

Farm Machinery to Increase Crop Production

We can use various types of agriculture machinery to do advanced farming. Farmers can use the tractor machinery such as Baler, Hydraulic reversible plough, Seed drill, Happy seeder, Blower, Mud loader, Cultivator, Sprayer, Power tiller, Cutter etc.

Farmers will use intercrop operations, plant protection, power sources and land operations using these farming machinery. Farmers also have one challenge that they have to grow the maximum crop in limited land so again this will be achieved by using advanced farming types of equipment.

Types Of Agricultural Implements

In farming, crop cultivation needs heavy labor and different kinds of processes and this does not done by hand. In today's era tools and machinery plays a major role in the cultivation process and help to make the work easier. For this several implements and tools are acceptable by the farmers and continuously increasing the demand of these implements day-by Day. These implements are easily available in the market and can be purchased in both ways either by the private sellers or certified farm equipment suppliers. Based on the primary use and functions there are various types of agricultural implements are listed below :



Soil Cultivation Implements

Disc Harrows, Power Harrow parts, Spike, Drag,Moldboard plows,Tillers.

Planting Machines

Precision drills, broadcast seeders, seed drills, air seeders, and transplanting equipment

Harvesting Implements

Trailers, Diggers, and Pickers

Irrigation Implements

Pivot irrigation systems and Pmp units

Miscellaneous agricultural equipment

Hay-making, Shredding, and Loading


Balers are used on the farm for recycling the waste of the crop in the form of circular bales. In the old edge, farmers used human power to remove the waste from farms or If they were unable to use manpower then they simply burn the waste on the farm. This operation was easy to do but it impacts badly on land productivity.

So, to overcome the same problem popular farming companies introduced the baler to farmers who are able to remove the crop waste from the farm easily. To use this agricultural machinery you required an average HP tractor. We have also explained in detail the working of the baler on the KhetiGaadi.

There are very popular farming companies which are produced balers for our farmers. Mahindra baler, Shaktiman baler, New Holland Baler, John Deere baler, and Maschio Gaspardo baler are some of the best examples of baler producing companies in India.

If you want to check the price related to the baler or any other query about this farm machine then you can contact the KhetiGaadi executive.


Seed Drill is an implement used in farming to distribute the seeds accurately by levelling them in the land. In the old days farmers used to manually sowing the seeds in the soil. This method was very time-consuming that's why Hi-Tech agriculture companies introduced the Seed Drill machine to our farmers.

There are hand-operated single person seed drills also available in the market. But this also requires lots of time and energy to execute the operation. So it is good for farmers to use the tractor operating seed drill machine.

Agriculture companies such as John Deere Seed Drill, Sonalika Seed Drill, Dasmesh Seed Drill, Kartar Seed Drill, Sai Seed Drill are some popular brands that are providing farmers best seed drillers for their land. KhetiGaadi is also helping a farmer purchase the best seed drill for the farm. For the same, you can contact the KhetiGaadi executive.


This machinery is useful for farmers. This implement is used by mounting with a tractor. In the old day's farms requirement to burn the remaining wastage of crops but now with the help of a happy seeder, there is no need to burn it. The farmer can easily do bowing of seeds in between the two crop wastages.

This implement is used by mounting with a tractor. In the old day's farms requirement to burn the remaining wastage of crops but now with the help of a happy seeder, there is no need to burn it. The farmer can easily do bowing of seeds in between the two crop wastages.

It has a top seed or fertilizer compartment where we can store the seeds. at the bottom, you will get multiple supply pipes that help for sending seeds into the land. Inside the happy seeder one cutter is mounted in it which cuts the unwanted crop from the land.

This agricultural machinery will save water and help the environment from the crop burning gases. The best time to use a happy seeder on the farm is morning 10 to 11. There are various companies who make this farm machine for our farmers such as New Holland Happy seeder, Fieldking Happy seeder, Dasmesh Happy seeder, Dasmesh Super Seeder etc.


Agricultural bower is used for spraying the pesticides or liquid on the crops. This is very useful for orchard farming. The quality of the blower depends on the liquid droplets which come through it. It contains a fan which will help to spread liquid droplets on the crop. For using this farm, you required an orchard tractor like kubota.

you will get the blower from some of the popular companies in the market such as Maschio Gaspardo Blower. To know more about the blower you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


The trailer is attached to the main part of the tractor. It is used for carrying heavy loads. There are certain types of trailers used as an implement to accommodate the heavy loads. There is some trailer which works as Finer versions on Hydraulics that increase power and output.

Some of the tractor implements are used as a crucial purpose while others worked for luxurious purposes depend on the farming usages.It can also be used for building supplies, moving for appliances and Furnitures etc.To know more about the Trailer you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Harrow is known for tractor implements used as a work of plough.The primary use of plough is to get deeper into the soil for cultivation: whereas a Harrow can work by cutting the soil above the surface layers and helping in breaking it up. Power Harrow 615 PH is suitable to plow in hard and rough conditions of soil. To know more about the Harrow you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Laser Land Leveler is the new type of implement used for leveling of land in both the directions. Laser land levelers come at affordable prices. The laser land leveler is an advanced technology based implement to level the land.

The parts used in the laser equipment machine helps in using limited water resources,maximum utilization, saves time in water irrigation method, the operating farm is also reduced by 10%. Laser Land Leveler Pro- 5000 Model is the best and quality assurance implemented by the experts. To know more about the Laser Land Leveler you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Hole Digger is a machine used to dig holes of large sizes and depths in soil. The purpose of Hole Digger is to make pits of plantations for big trees like Coconut, Mango, Lemon, Pomegranate, Teak etc.

Hole Digger is an equipment used for making pits in all the forms with different sizes of holes by changing screws.To know more about the Hole Digger you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Trolleys are used to lift the heavy goods to the targeted places. These goods can be unload in agriculture, workshops etc. Trolleys come with different specifications according to the requirement of the customers. Trolleys are of different types and can be used for multipurpose variants. The major types of trolleys are :

Some of the primary advantages of using these trolleys are:

To know more about the Trolley implement you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Forage Mower is used for cutting the crops such as Maize, Oats, mustard, Millet etc. Forage Mowers come with essential tools to make the work easier. Fieldking Forage Mower is the best for farming. Forage Mower fits in the budget of the farmers.

To know more about the Trolley implement you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Potato Harvester is a machine used to harvest the potatoes from stems. Potato Harvester also performs mining, separation of potatoes at one time. Potato harvester is a machine used for multiple operations.The machine has several benefits like low maintenance, low loss rate, higher efficiency, easy to operate and perform well. The type of potato harvester are potato digger, groundnut digger shaker, potato spinner, Haulm Topper.

To know more about the Potato Harvester implement you can contact KhetiGaadi executives


Water Bowser or Tanker is the most beneficiary implement used in agriculture for farming activities. Water BTanker is an implement used for water irrigation purposes, fire extinguisher and other applications too. Fieldking water tankers is the most preferable and cost effective.

To know more about the Water Bowser implement you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Rice Transplanter is the best operating machine used in the field. Rice transplanter implements are used by the farmers and continuously increasing its demand. An important advantage of using a Rice transplanter is that it requires less water and labor and also a time saving process. Rice transplanter is efficient in use. The rice transplanter consisted of prime mover, engine, float,lugged wheels, pick up fork and pick up fork cleaner etc. The machine comes with automatic depth control which helps in maintaining planting depth.

To know more about the Rice Transplanter implement you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Thresher is a farm machine used for separating several crops like soybeans, wheat, peas, seed crops etc.Thresher are divided into the basic variations like :


Sprayer is a machine used in agriculture to spray insecticides, pesticides and many other chemicals in farming. Sprayer machines are of several types and used for multiple purposes. These are as follows:

To know more about the different uses of Sprayers implemented you can contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Disc Harrow is commonly used for hard, rough, waxy, rooty and peaty soils. Disc harrow is also used for primary tillage to make the land easier and also manage to work easily after plowing. The primary use of disc harrow helps in aerating the soil, destroying weeds, preparation of fine seedbed, covering seeds after broadcasting. Disc Harrow are of various types such as :

Single action disc harrow - Single action disc harrow consists of two disc gangs managed to throw the soil in opposite ways.

Double action disc harrow - Double action disc harrow consists of two or more gangs. Front gang discs operate to throw soil in a particular direction while rear gang discs function in such a manner to throw soil in the opposite direction.

Offset disc harrow - Offset disc harrow has two gangs fitted behind one another and operating in tandem.

Disc harrows can also be divided furthermore such as :

light disc harrows,

middle disc harrows and

heavy disc harrows.


John Deere Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough is highly suitable for land preparation. This implement is widely used for crops like Grains. Sugarcane, Oilseeds, Cotton, Pulses. This implement comes with adjustable soil inversion turnbuckle and some other specific features


Mulcher is an agricultural implement that is attached to the tractor. This tool is simple and used for cutting trees, palvars and bushes, gardens and paddy. This tool is suitable in maintaining soil fertility. For cutting the residues of crops Mulcher is a good implement.

Mulcher can work efficiently in cutting. It is more useful in cane harvesting.It works for high quality of cutting.

Mahindra Mulchers are more in demand for its speciality in operating three functions at a time i.e. cutting, chopping, mixing with soil. It works easier and better coverage when once attached to the tractor.

If you are thinking of purchasing this new Mulcher implement then contact KhetiGaadi executives.


Rake is an implement used for landscape farming. Rake implements are attached behind the tractors using a 3 point hitch system. For rake implement Lawn tractors are designed for varieties of attachments. Tractor rakes are divides into four types:

Hay Rakes/Transverse Rakes

Hay rakes are designed specifically by the company according to the needs of the customers. Hay rakes work to clear the middle section of the land.

Landscape Rake

Dethatching Rake/ Tractor Dethatcher Rake - This type of rake is also known as ‘vertical mower’. This type of rake works as a lawn aerator.

Mulching Sweeper Rake

Mulching Sweeper Rake is attached to the mowing deck and rear hitch of the tractor. The basic function of this rake is to enable small sticks, leaves etc. This implement is better used for composting materials.


Fertilizer Broadcaster is found in two different shapes like Conical Fertilizer Broadcaster and Square Fertilizer Broadcaster. In conical fertilizer broadcaster Shaktiman Fertilizer Broadcaster is a famous modern technology implement used for spreading the fertilizer with ease and efficiency andalso takes less time. This implementation is power consuming.

KhetiGaadi For New tractor Implement

Tractor Implements like Plough, Cultivator, Rotavator, Seed Drill, Harrow, Plough have always been benefited to the farmers and make the work easier. Hence the tractor brands also manufacture various new farm implements according to the needs of the purchaser. New Implements are designed with higher technology and better comfort.

If any farmer is looking to purchase any new implement then he should first go to the nearby authorized agricultural center else check our KhetiGaadi website that provides detailed information about the new implement, old implementations, and the price list. You can reach us by clicking onto our website KhetiGaadi or download the KhetiGaadi app.

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