Cultivator Implement Types in india

About Cultivator Implements Type

Secondary tillage is known for cultivation or cultivator. Teeth and Shanks are the other names of the cultivator. It is used before planting and for crop residues. It is powered by raw crop tractors. The main function of the field cultivator is to prepare a proper seedbed for the crop to be planted into, to bury crop residue in the soil to control weeds. It helps in ensuring the growing crop and versed with proper water and nutrients well and smooth.

Cultivator Types

Row Cultivator

As the name suggests it is used for weed control between the rows of the established crops. It is also known as sweep cultivators. 

Garden Cultivator 

This equipment is used for both primary and secondary tillage. It is used for small and homemade gardens. Some garden cultivator names are a mini garden cultivator.

Cultivator Brands

John Deere Cultivator RC 1009

The standard rigid dual-type implement is the John Deere cultivator which is used for soil residues.

John Deere Cultivator RC 1011

This tractor implement is a standard duty rigid type implement. The applications used for an operation are tillage, seedbed preparation, and pudding.

John Deere Cultivator RC 1013

It comes with 13 tynes of standard duty rigid implement used for crop residual.

John Deere Cultivator RC 1211

It comes with a heavy-duty rigid type implemented with 11 tynes. It is superior in quality. 

John Deere RC1213

It is ap[lied with applications of tilling, soil ane weed control and pudding.

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