Sonalika Tractor Models in india


About Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika Tractors manufactures tractors ranging from 20 HP-120 HP. Sonalika tractors also provide 2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive options for small to large tractors. The Sonalika tractor prices are generally more affordable than other tractor brands with very low maintenance. Sonalika tractor price starts in India at Rs 3.00 Lakh.

Sonalika Company

  • Sonalika Tractors, one of India’s leading tractor manufacturers and the No.1 Exports brand from India, has established its robust presence in the domestic as well as in over 120 countries with 10 lakh+ happy customers.
  • Sonalika manufactures the widest heavy duty tractor range in 20-120 HP and 70+ implements at its Hoshiarpur facility in Punjab that caters to the varied needs of customers across the globe.
  • Being a farmer-centric brand, the Govt. of India has chosen Sonalika as the only tractor brand to contribute to the Niti-Aayog for its inspirational project of doubling the farmer’s income in the country.

Sonalika Tractor History

The Sonalika Tractor is an Indian multinational company headquartered in Hoshiarpur (Punjab), India. The founder of Sonalika Tractor is Lakshman Das Mittal. Since 1996, Sonalika Tractor has come a long way to become the No.1 tractor brand in 4 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Myanmar) & is the 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in India. Sonalika Tractor has established the World's No.1 largest integrated tractor manufacturing plant which has a production capacity of three lakh tractors annually. 

Sonalika Tractor has registered its success globally through sheer dedication towards serving farmers and making their lives much easier. Sonalika Tractor understands the needs of the farmers and provides them tailor-made farm mechanized solutions. Sonalika Tractor is the best in customer satisfaction by being customer-focused and aligning systems and processes that develop and deliver high quality, innovative products at the best price.

All Sonalika tractor models are totally based on the latest advanced technology with farmer-friendly features. Sonalika Tractor was recently awarded as an 'Iconic Brand of India' by The Economic Times.

Sonalika Tractor Key Points

  • Sonalika has bagged the ‘Iconic Brand of the Year’ award by The Economic Times three years in a row (2017-2019), and ‘Global Innovations Leadership Award’ by Agriculture Today in 2018 & 2019. Sonalika Vice Chairman, Mr. A.S. Mittal has been felicitated with the ‘Business Leader Of The Year 2018-2019’ award by BTVi.
  • Sonalika Agro Finance Limited offers easy financing solutions to empower rural communities and support channel partners in their pursuit to reach deeper pockets of rural hinterland with mechanization solutions.
  • As a responsible corporate, Sonalika drives various CSR initiatives to empower individuals, cultivate an inclusive society, and promote sustainable development that focuses on women, children & the environment.

Sonalika Tractor Portfolio

Top Sonalika Tractors Models in India, Sonalika GT Baagban Tractor, Sonalika GT 26 Tractor, Sonalika GT 22 Tractor, Sonalika GT Baagban Super Tractor, Sonalika DI 730 II HDM Tractor, Sonalika DI 734 Tractor, Sonalika GT 20 Tractor, Sonalika DI 42 RX Tractor, Sonalika DI 740 III Tractor, Sonalika DI 47 RX Tractor, Sonalika DI 750 III Tractor, Sonalika WORLDTRAC WT 60 Tractor, Sonalika WORLDTRAC WT 75 Tractor.

  • Sonalika tractor portfolio is equipped with efficient engines that give higher power output and remain affordable with low maintenance for a better total cost of ownership and experience.
  • Sonalika is the leading brand in more than 50 HP tractor segment and is strengthening its presence in more than 40HP segment to achieve the leadership position
  • As the farm mechanization expert, Sonalika Agro Solutions offers a wide range of implements to address various stages of the crop cycle ranging from land preparation to post-harvesting operations including residue management.
  • Sonalika has also forayed into Custom Hiring Centres, a platform that offers small and marginal farmers access to advanced Agri machinery on rent, thereby aims to increase farm output in a cost-effective way.
  • The company has introduced the ‘Agro Solutions’ app for easy access to requisite machinery to farmers, thereby promoting farm mechanization in the country.

Sonalika Tractor In India

Sonalika DI 745 III - Sonalika DI 745 III comes in a 50 HP engine. It has all the features that an Indian farmer wants to purchase. The salient features of this tractor are: It comes with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It generates 1900 engine rated RPM and 3067 displacements in CC with a powerful water-cooled engine capacity. The price of this tractor is available at reasonable prices.

Sonalika 60 Max Tiger - This tractor model has all the advanced features which focus on productivity and efficiency at a low-cost budget. It comes with 4 cylinders, 60 HP, oil-immersed brakes, mechanical and optional power steering feature. This tractor is again too reasonable to purchase.

Sonalika MM +45 DI -  Sonalika Mileage Master +45 DI is a 50 HP with 1900 engine rated RPM. It consists of 3 cylinders and a wet type air cleaner function is also available. This tractor has a storage of 50 liters of fuel tank capacity. Sonalika Mileage Master+45 DI is available with a constant mesh to flatten the gearbox and oil brake with a single or dual-clutch system. This tractor has 2780 displacement in CC. Sonalika Mileage Master +45 DI has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 Kg. The price of this tractor starts at 5.02 Lac.

Sonalika Tractor Price

Tractor ModelTractor HPNo of CylinderTractor Price
Sonalika GT-20 4WD20 HP3 Cylinder3.20 - 3.35 Lac
Sonalika GT-22 4WD22 HP3 Cylinder2.65 - 2.90 Lac
Sonalika GT-26 4WD26 HP3 Cylinder3.70 - 4.20 Lac
Sonalika DI 730 II28 HP2 Cylinder5.00 - 5.20 Lac
Sonalika GT 28 Tiger28 HP3 Cylinder4.90 - 5.50 Lac
Sonalika DI 730 II HDM30 HP2 Cylinder3.95 - 4.50 Lac
Sonalika DI - 30 Baagban Super 4WD30 HP2 Cylinder4.65 - 4.75 Lac
Sonalika DI 30 BAAGBAN30 HP2 Cylinder3.50 - 4.20 Lac
Sonalika DI 73434 HP3 Cylinder4.00 - 4.90 Lac
Sonalika MILEAGE MASTER 35 DI35 HP3 Cylinder4.75 - 4.95 Lac
Sonalika DI 35 Rx39 HP3 Cylinder5.00 - 5.35 Lac
Sonalika DI 3539 HP3 Cylinder3.95 - 4.40 Lac
Sonalika MILEAGE MASTER + 39 DI39 HP3 Cylinder5.21 - 5.36 Lac
Sonalika RX 35 Sikander39 HP3 Cylinder5.15 - 5.50 Lac
Sonalika DI 35 SIKANDER39 HP3 Cylinder5.22 - 5.75 Lac
Sonalika MILEAGE MASTER + 39 DI39 HP3 Cylinder5.21 - 5.36 Lac
Sonalika DI 740 III42 HP3 Cylinder6.00 - 6.50 Lac
Sonalika DI 42 Rx42 HP3 Cylinder5.60 - 6.00 Lac
Sonalika MM+ 41 DI42 HP3 Cylinder5.30 - 5.50 Lac
Sonalika RX 42 SIKANDER42 HP3 Cylinder5.60 - 6.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 42 SIKANDER42 HP3 Cylinder5.60 - 6.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 47 Rx47 HP3 Cylinder5.36 - 5.50 Lac
Sonalika RX 745 III SIKANDER50 HP3 Cylinder6.00 - 6.50 Lac
Sonalika RX 47 SIKANDER50 HP3 Cylinder6.50 - 7.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 745 III50 HP3 Cylinder5.45 - 5.75 Lac
Sonalika DI 745 III SIKANDER50 HP3 Cylinder5.79 - 6.50 Lac
Sonalika MM + 45 DI50 HP3 Cylinder5.50 - 6.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 745 III Chhatrapati50 HP3 Cylinder5.59 - 6.00 Lac
Sonalika RX 50 SIKANDER52 HP3 Cylinder6.21 - 6.50 Lac
Sonalika MM + 50 DI52 HP3 Cylinder6.27 - 6.70 Lac
Sonalika DI 50 SIKANDER52 HP3 Cylinder6.75 - 6.90 Lac
Sonalika DI 60 Rx mm Super52 HP3 Cylinder7.55 - 8.00 Lac
Sonalika RX MM SUPER52 HP3 Cylinder6.68 - 7.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 50 RX52 HP3 Cylinder6.21 - 6.56 Lac
Sonalika 52 RX Tiger52 HP3 Cylinder6.50 - 6.80 Lac
Sonalika DI 750 III RX SIKANDER55 HP4 Cylinder6.82 - 7.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 750 III SIKANDER55 HP4 Cylinder6.82 - 7.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 750 III55 HP4 Cylinder6.10 - 6.40 Lac
Sonalika Tiger-5555 HP4 Cylinder7.45 - 7.90 Lac
Sonalika DI 60 Rx60 HP4 Cylinder7.50 - 8.00 Lac
Sonalika Worldtrac 6060 HP4 Cylinder7.90 - 8.40 Lac
Sonalika WT 6060 HP4 Cylinder6.53 - 7.00 Lac
Sonalika DI 60 SIKANDER60 HP4 Cylinder7.00 - 7.50 Lac
Sonalika RX 60 SIKANDER60 HP4 Cylinder7.53 - 7.70 Lac
Sonalika DI 6060 HP4 Cylinder5.90 - 6.40 Lac
Sonalika Tiger 6060 HP4 Cylinder7.50 - 7.70 Lac
Sonalika WORLDTRAC 75 RX 4WD75 HP4 Cylinder9.25 - 9.50 Lac
Sonalika Worldtrac 7575 HP4 Cylinder9.25 - 9.50 Lac
Sonalika Worldtrac 9090 HP4 Cylinder10.84 - 12.00 Lac

Why Sonalika Tractor?

It made an unbreakable reputation in India. The main achievements that justify that Why Sonalika is the best tractor company in India.

  • The Sonalika Tractor Model promises a high mileage which makes you save a lot of money on the fields.
  • Sonalika Tractor manufactures quality products for its customers.
  • Always focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Customer-focused.
  • It manufactures high technology products.

Sonalika Tractor's World No. 1 plant

  • The Hoshiarpur plant of Sonalika is the World’s no.1 vertical integrated tractor manufacturing plant that is designed to manufacture customized farm machinery as per the farmer’s crop-specific applications.
  • The facility is fully equipped to manufacture almost every element in-house which goes in the making of a tractor and is powered by robotics as well as automation.

Sonalika Tractor Dealership & Service Center:

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Sonalika Tractor FAQ

Question: What is the Sonalika tractor price range in India?

Answer: Sonalika tractors price starts Rs 3.00 lakh to Rs 12.60 lakh.

Question: What is the Sonalika tractor HP range available?

Answer: HP range of the Sonalika tractor is from 20 hp to 90 hp.

Question: Which are the latest Sonalika tractors models in India?

Answer: New launched Tiger Series tractors are the latest Sonalika tractors in India.

Question: Which is the popular Sonalika mini tractor in India?

Answer: Sonalika GT 20 Rx Tractor is the popular Sonalika mini tractor in India.

Question: Where do we get all the information about Sonalika tractors?

Answer: At KhetiGaadi, you can get Sonalika mini tractors models, Sonalika tractors priced in India, and many more on a single platform.

Question: Sonalika tractor features?

Answer: Sonalika tractor features: Sonalika Tractors manufactures tractors ranging from 20 HP-120 HP.

Question: Sonalika tractor price in India?

Answer: The price of this tractor starts at 5.02 Lac.

Question: Sonalika 750 hp?

Answer: Sonalika 750 has 55 HP.

Question: Sonalika 60 hp tractor price?

Answer: Sonalika 60 hp tractor price starts from Rs. 6.53 Lakh.

Question: Sonalika 745 horsepower?

Answer: 50 hp.

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