Top 10 Agricultural Machinery That Every Farmer Should Use

Top 10 Agricultural Machinery That Every Farmer Should Use

Different kinds of advanced farm machinery are utilized in various agricultural activities these days. Various levels in crop creation incorporate – Primary and secondary level tillage operation of the soil, Seeding and planting, Cultivation, Fertilizer application and appropriation, Pest control, Harvesting, Irrigation, Drainage, Transportation, Storage, Handling the deposits of prior crops and so on. Innovation in farming sector has changed and expanded creation and nature of produces. In present day times, farmers who are doing weighty deals with agricultural sector utilizing customary and old methods of agriculture are burning their health and time too. Here we listed top 10 agricultural machinery in detail, just have a look.

Best Agricultural Machinery are:

Mould Board Plough

Mould Board Plough is the most important plough for primary tillage operations. The main objective for ploughing with a Mould Board is to completely invert and pulverize the soil, uproot all weeds, trash, and crop residues and bury them under the soil so that the weed growth could be controlled and productivity of the soil increases. Hardpan of soil easily cut by mould board plough and enhance the soil aeration, which automatically enhances agricultural productivity.  Generally, Ploughs are used for primary tillage operations. They cut trash and bury it completely. So that mould board plough is also used for turning green manure crop for decaying under the soil, which adds humus to the soil. Mould Board Plough is a tractor-operated implement. 


Tractor cultivators are machines used among others to open and smooth out the surface of the ploughed – land and to mix mineral fertilizers with soil. A cultivator is any of several types of farm implement used for secondary tillage operations in the agricultural field. Tractor drawn cultivators stir and pulverize the soil, either before planting to aerate the soil and prepare a smooth, loose seedbed. Tractor cultivators help to kill weeds-controlled disturbance of the topsoil close to the crop plants kills the surrounding weeds by uprooting them, burying their leaves to disrupt their photosynthesis or a combination of both. Unlike a harrow, which disturbs the entire surface of the soil, cultivators are specially designed to move the soil layers the soil in careful patterns, sparing the crop plants but disrupting the weeds. There are several tractor cultivator types available in the Indian market. Cultivators of the toothed type are often similar in form to chisel plough, but their goals are different. Tractor cultivator tines work near the surface, usually for weed control, whereas chisel plough shanks work deep beneath the surface, breaking up hardpan. 


This farm implement carries out make the soil surface more evened out, smooth and surface acquired, empowering it to establish a damp climate for harvests and lessening utilization of composts, seeds, synthetic and fuel.

Seed Drill

A seed drill is a device that sows the seeds. It is positioning seeds in the soil and burying them to a uniform depth. This best farm implement Seed drill ensures that seeds will be distributed uniformly throughout the farm land. It buried the seeds at the proper seeding rate and depth. Seed drill is ensuring that the seeds are covered by soil. With these machines, seeds are distributed in rows at an equal distance so that crop spacing is uniformly maintained. Automatically it helps in easy operations of the tractor and other farm equipment in the field. The main seed drill advantages are, seed drill saves time and labour, it maintains uniformity in the field, it provides superior quality of work, and enhances productivity. According to the power source used, may be classified into different seed drill types. Bullock drawn seed drills and Tractor drawn seed drills are the different types of the seed drill. Now a day tractor drawn seed drills become more and more popular day by day.

Happy Seeder

Happy Seeder agricultural machinery has been developed in the last few years that can plant the wheat seed without getting jammed by the rice straw. The Happy Seeder is a tractor-mounted machine. It cuts and lifts rice straw then sows wheat into the depth of soil and then deposits the straw over the sown area as mulch.

Happy Seeder technology proves the best example itself. Both the operation cutting and lifting of paddy straw and sowing of wheat seed for rabbi seasons carried out at the time so, it saves time and money of Indian marginal farmers. This zero – tillage technology helps the Indian farmers to make their field suitable for wheat cultivation without burning the stubble in the paddy field. Automatically environmental problems could be solved with the help of a happy seeder machine. So the government also promotes this type of machinery by providing subsidy on a happy seeder machine. Some farmers will probably adopt the Happy Seeder, but without major government support, we cannot expect the use of the machine to spread rapidly, this is the main happy seeder problem Indian farmers have to face.

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller is a tractor-drawn farm implement which is mainly used for seedbed preparation for field cultivation. It is suitable for removing & mixing residual of maize, wheat, sugarcane, etc., thereby, helps to improve soil health and save fuel, cost, time & energy as well. The variants of Rotary Tiller are suitable for loose soil and thus are very much compatible with all HP category tractors. It is very useful and effective for puddling (paddy/rice field preparation with water) its less weight is the strength of the product that allows the rotary tiller to move in loose soil with low HP tractor easily. Rotary Tiller can be divided into three categories light, standard, and heavy-duty depending upon the weight and design of the materials used as per the requirement of different soil conditions across India.

Rotary Tiller use in Agriculture allows farmers to prepare the soil without using large amounts of labour. By turning the soil with the help of rotary tiller the maximum amount of nutrients is offered to the crop plants. 

Disc Plough

The disc plough is specially designed to work in all types of soil such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning, and soil mixing. Disc plough uses to open the new fields and to process the stony areas for agricultural operations. It can be used easily in rocky and rooted areas to reconstruct it. Disc Plough is especially used in hard and dry trashy land conditions and in soils where scouring is a big issue. Disc plough helps to break the hardpan of soil and make soil perfect for crop cultivation. Generally, Disc Plough is used in northern India in the primary tillage operations.

Tractor mounted Disc plough is perfectly designed for the tractor for better performance, but farmers can change alignments if it is necessary. The most important thing about tractor mounted Disc plough is there should be selected horsepower of the tractor perfectly matched with disc plough. For better disc plough operation, adjust the front and a rear-wheel track width of the tractor and provide adequate front-end ballast for better tractor stability.

Disc Harrow

The Disc harrow is one of the fundamental culturing executes that farmers can put into, to expand their creation. This culturing hardware is additionally utilized in optional culturing process as it helps in separating pieces of the soil effectively, productively and quicker to give it a rich completion with regards to set up a last seedbed. It additionally permits ranchers to control weeds around the plants once the yield is planted and developed.


A hay baler is one of the farm implements used to compress a cut and raked crop into compact bales. So that crop or residue of crop could be easy to handle, transport, and store for throughout the year. Generally, Bales are maintained to dry and preserve some the nutritional value of the plants. Different types of balers are commonly used in the agricultural sector according to their type of bale i.e. rectangular or cylindrical, of various sizes, bound with twine, strapping, netting, or wire etc.

Balers are available in different ways-

  • Round or Rectangular Balers Based on The Shape of Bale
  • Field or Stationary Balers Based on Mobility 
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic Balers Based on Feeding, Tying and Bale-Length Controlling Mechanism.

Combine Harvester

Greater in size a Combine works like a search shaper for cutting the full grown crops with sifting simultaneously. A join is one of the most updated apparatus that helps farmers by saving extended periods of the day squandering in gathering exercises.

The multi-crop combine harvester is planned so that it is viable for collecting different grain harvests like wheat, corn, grain, grain sorghum, soybeans, oats, sunflower, rice. A cutting edge multi-crop gatherer makes reaping quicker so the fields can be open for the following harvest in least timeframe, and the likelihood of creation increments inside the period.

With the utilization of the all mentioned advanced agricultural machinery these days cultivating has worked on more like a science than craftsmanship. The sole motivation behind involving the innovation and apparatus in horticulture is further developing efficiency, proficiency and making cultivating more maintainable.

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