KhetiGaadi youtube channel brings a new series of a video called tractor talk. ‘Tractor Talk’ comes under the KhetiGaadi youtube video section. This page is specially designed for our farmer’s friends to get all the solutions and answers to their questions. 

Our farmers’ friends try to connect with us on the social media platform and ask several questions about the tractors, implements, features, on-road-price, and many more about the tractor information. But still, they are confused with the tractor’s general specification.

To cope up with all the problems we have started our new page section tractor talk in which farmers’ questions are answered in a brief manner. These questions are taken from the comment section of our official social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Tractor Talk Video Page

The tractor Talk page is designed especially for our farmer’s problems to their solutions in buying new and old tractors, selling new and old tractors, farm implements, right dealer and right specifications of the tractors, and many more.

There are some videos uploaded in a tractor talk video section. If you are perplexed about buying the tractors or want to enquire about any general information we are here to help you out.

Videos are uploaded episode wise. In each video, we are here to burden your thought for purchasing a tractor. We believe in the slogan ‘Sawaal Aapka And Jawab Hamara’ catchy line to find the solution to the farmer’s problem.

Tractor Talk Questions

 Farmers’ friends reach us through different modes of media channels. We have tried to cover all the questions in these episode videos.

The questions related to which drive tractor is suitable for your farmland? 2WD or 4WD?

The questions related to tractor models information,

Implement questions that which brand implement is good in tractor attachments.

Which tractor is more powerful and comes in the highest displacements in CC.

In episode one B6 in tractors 2WD and 4WD which is more accurate for your farmland.

Which Mahindra Series is best in Mahindra tractor models?

Which tractor models are available in between 50 HP to 60 HP in John Deere, Swaraj, and New Holland?

Which tractor is suitable for heavy-duty applications?

Which mini tractor is suitable for work on an agricultural farm?

Which tractor brand model price is minimum in range?

Which tractor brand model is highest in range?

What is most important in the tractor Torque or HP?

Which tractor is most efficient in consuming less fuel efficiency in running the dozers.

Tractor Talk Playlist

These are some examples that are asked by our viewers on youtube channels. Apart from this, we have tried all the possible ways to answer the solutions in an easy language. Tractors related questions are large in numbers. That is why the page section videos are numbered in episodes. In some videos, we have answered all the technical specifications of the tractors. Also, if tractors are available a second hand then what points should be kept in mind while purchasing a used tractor.

Used tractors are available in the same condition as a new one. If, no then how long-lasting it can run, what is the fair price of the tractor available in the market and best suitable according to your need.

KhetiGaadi Tractor talk comes under the categories of videos section. This section provides you with all the general information about the tractors, tractors related queries, information about the new tractors and old tractor, tractor tires general brief descriptions, etc.

This is the right platform and one and only digital online platform where we answer the different queries related to tractors. Our motive is to provide relevant information to the farmers and help them in selecting the right tractor according to their needs. This, not only gains knowledge but also helps them in making the correct decisions.

For more queries click on the KhetiGaadi website and check our recent videos for new updates and any solutions to the tractor-related problem.