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  • 1. What Khetigaadi provides? is worlds first one-stop solution for Tractors and Implements in Agricultural Mechanization. We provide an ideal platform for buyers, sellers and manufacturers to connect with each other and fulfill their requirements. Khetigaadi is committed to being a comprehensive online Agriculture-mechanism marketplace where buyers and sellers from across India and beyond, trade securely and efficiently in the online market.

  • 2. Why buy an old tractor vs. a new one? What implements do I need with it?

    Buying an old tractor will usually mean saving 90% of the purchase price over new tractor. Old tractor lets you to find used or old machine-parts, this saving you a package, as new tractor parts are much more expensive. Along with old tractor purchase, consider the implements that could make it work better. Find Old Implements like used Cultivator, Rotary Tiller and Plough that could make the tractor more resourceful. These basic implements will allow you to perform extra actions, like hauling, digging holes, cultivation. You can work in farms and fields very smoothly and beneficially using an old tractor. A new tractor simply signifies spending a lot of money for maintenance and purchase. So, buying an old tractor is the best cost-efficient way to run the farming tasks. Additionally, used tractor parts are economical.

  • 3. Does Khetigaadi offers financing on Old Tractor and Implement?

    We offer competitive financing on old tractor and implements, commonly at low rates. If you see a farm-machine here on our website and wish to apply for financing you can now do so right here on our website by completing an online credit application. It takes just a few minutes and approval is often obtained the same business day.

  • 4. Can I afford a new Tractor or Implement?

    At Khetigaadi, we offer the absolute best bang for your money! With flexible options for your financing needs, we have cut the hassle in half. Visit our Finance Page for more information for Tractor loan and finance.

  • 5. Can Khetigaadi arrange for delivery of my Tractor or Implement purchase?

    Khetigaadi can arrange for the delivery of new/old agricultural machineries throughout India. By working closely with brokers we are able to offer competitive rates for long distance deliveries.

  • 6. Why would I want to create an account to login to the Khetigaadi website?

    You can view all the tractors and implements information on Khetigaadi website without creating an account, but for your convenience we have created a members login area that will allow you to store details of the searched tractors and implements that you found of interest so that you can return at any time in the future (on any Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet) and easily find the tractor that you have previously looked at by logging back into your account. Just login and then click on the Bookmark this Tractor/Implements button for all new and old listed products on the website.

  • 7. What is a Photo Kheecho Tractor Becho, Is it free to use on Khetigaadi?

    What is a Photo Kheecho Tractor Becho, Is it free to use on Khetigaadi? Photo Kheecho Tractor Becho is the best way to liquidate old tractor stock. For this, simply click your old tractor image you want to sell and login to khetigaadi, go to Dashboard panel, click Upload Tractor and select Old and fill up the required information and images of your tractor along with your personal contact details. Post the Ad for your old tractor and beat the deal with the best price now absolutely FREE!! Get this amazing feature to sell your old tractor in your fingertips with Khetigaadi Mobile App and liquidate old tractor stock while sitting at your home.

  • 8. How to advertise my tractor/implement for rent on Khetigaadi?

    Khetigaadi provides the ease of grace with online Tractor Buy-Sell portal to rent your tractors and implements with desired location and prices by our free Ad posting service. Login to khetigaadi, go to Dashboard panel, click Upload Tractor and select Rent and fill up the required information with tractor brand, model, rent per hour and images of your tractor along with your personal contact details

  • 9. How do I contact Khetigaadi Customer Service Area?

    You may contact Customer Service by Phone or you can write us on Email also.

  • 10. Whom should I contact for a service problem with my Tractor or Implement?

    We recommend that you contact the tractor Customer Service and Customer Care Centre in India for the particular Tractor Brand.

  • 11. Can I identify the brand of a tractor by its color?

    Many tractor brands can be identified by the color of their paint, assuming it isn’t a custom paint job. An orange tractor is most likely an Allis-Chambers or a Kubota. A green tractor is probably a John Deere. If a tractor is blue, then it is likely a New Holland. A red tractor is going to be a Farmall or IH (International Harvester). Blue tractors are most likely old Fordson tractors, made by Ford.

  • 12. What is HP in a tractor?

    The PTO strength is the measure of pull accessible for running actualizes with your tractor, similar to a shrubbery hoard. Most tractors have a Power Take Off shaft, which is the thing that associates with your actualizes to control them. ... For instance, a tractor with 45 motor hp may just have 34 PTO hp to run your actualizes.

  • 13. What is 5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Tractor?

    5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Tractor - Check the Air Filter. In the middle of driving down byways, rock ways and through the fields, your tractor kicks up tons and huge amounts of soil and residue amid a commonplace days worth of effort.Keep Fluids Topped Off. Legitimate Winter Storage and Care. Check the Tires. Keep it Clean

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