KhetiGaadi is an online digital platform introduced specially for our farmer friends keeping in mind the aim of providing relevant information of the tractors related products and other farm applications. We want to give the best of our knowledge by reaching the customers and provide them with the best services. 

We have introduced the video page content under the category of the KhetiGaadi website. The video page section will help the farmers in understanding the best tractor products models, farm implements, use of agricultural farm implements, types of machinery, etc. It will not only help them in choosing the right tractor for their farmlands but also providing them with the best of their knowledge. 

Tractor Video Page

Clicking on the video page will proceed you with the number of options related to tractor industry products. We uploaded the best videos of tractors, various tractor brand models, new tractor information videos. Apart from this, we deliver the information about the agricultural news related videos, implements related videos including cultivator, harvester, seed drill, plough, potato planter, etc. For excluding the confusion between which tractor models are best for farmlands, we bought tractor comparison videos, videos of selling an old tractor, used tractors, etc. 

In the video page section, you will also get all the detailed features of the tractors, tractors specifications, price of the tractor, on-road-price, dealers’ information. In which state and city tractor brand models are available. 

We also help our clients by providing them detailed information about the products by giving them practices to make useful for agricultural farmlands. 

Videos are uploaded in both the languages Hindi and English for the convenience of the farmers. By delivering relevant information to the farmers is helping them to choose the right product of the tractor according to their choice. 

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