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Some of the examples of PowerGuru videos are mentioned below :

Top Five 3 Cylinder Tractor

Under this video, you will get information regarding the topmost three-cylinder engine tractors available in India known for the highest performance. Some of these are

Eicher 551

which is best in performance, 

Swaraj 744 FE Potato Expert

which is suitable for the cultivation of potato, it is a 48 Hp engine tractor that has the ability of 3136 displacements in CC with 3 cylinders which helps in generating 223.2 NM torque. It offers the highest capacity sensilift hydraulics with a toggle switch which is best for potato crop cultivation. The company fitted bumper is available with the tractor. Adjustable wheel track, power steering features are offered in the tractor.

Escort Euro 50

is the highest power engine of 50 HP with 2761 displacement in CC with 3 cylinder engine produces 217 NM torque? Euro series is famous for international styling,fuel-efficient engine is the perfect mix of power and fuel efficiency. In this tractor, you will get two models to load Maxx and super Maxx models. It comes with accessories such as bumper, drawbar, hook, etc., and a 7ft rotavator can be easily operated. It is a perfect model with bundles of benefits that require less maintenance. 

New Holland 3600-2 TX Allrounder

As the name tells this a New Holland 3600-2 tractor is the highest power engine of 50 HP which produces 2931 displacement in CC with 3 cylinders and the engine produces 225 NM torque.it is available with constant mesh and synchromesh gearbox options. You can operate implements like disc plow, rotavator, cultivator, etc with the help of the highest lifting capacity. New Holland 3600-2 comes with a rotary fuel injection pump. Now if you are confused with what is the difference between inline fuel Injection Pump and Rotary Fuel Injection pump then click on the KhetiGaadi mobile application app.

John Deere 5205

is best in efficiency and good in the powerful engine of 48 Hp with 3 cylinders and produces 218 NM torque. Tractor John Deere 5205 comes with a collar shift gearbox which is manufactured by technical features. You will get top sharp lubrication, piston spray cooling jet, high engine torque, and an excellent cooling system which increases the life of the engine. It is durable and a low maintenance tractor. 

Top Five 4 Cylinder Tractors

We always care about customer satisfaction, thus we look forward to selecting the topmost tractor brand models amongst 4 cylinder tractor engines. On our PowerGuru page, you can check the details of the top five 4 cylinder tractors in detail which are available in India and known for their performance. You will also come to know in which tractor brand models 4 cylinder tractors are available and best in power engines. Escorts, Kubota, Mahindra, Digitrac, Trakstar, etc. For more information check on the video.

Trakstar 550

Trakstar is Mahindra’s third brand tractor launched in 2017 and produces a wide range of tractors from 32 HP to 50 Hp tractor models. Amongst all the models Trakstar 550 is a powerful engine of 50 hp, 4 cylinders, 2979 displacement in CC. Trakstar is known for less fuel consumption, service of the interval is maximum which reduces the maintenance of the tractor. 

Kubota MU 4501

Kubota MU 4501 is reviewed on our blog page. It is a 45 HP power engine with 4 cylinders and 2434 displacement in CC. This tractor has the best engine efficiency known for noiseless voice, an independent PTO is given in the tractor to operate implements like rotavator, thresher, and straw reaper.

Digitrac PP51i

World’s number one online tractor Digitrac PP51i is a digital tractor of 60 Horsepower engine which is maximum and produced 3680 displacements in CC. It is a multipurpose operating tractor. A balanced Power steering helps to run the tractor from one hand also. A multi-speed Reverse PTO is useful for application if stops frequently.

Mahindra Yuvo 575

under PowerGuru, one of the topmost 4 cylinder tractors in India is Mahindra Yuvo 575 is a 45 Hp engine tractor. This tractor comes with 4 wheel drive option,12 forward and 3 reverse gears. An advance direct engine is given in the tractor known for less fuel consumption.

Escorts Farmtrac 6055 Classic

Escorts Farmtrac 6055 Classic is available in a 50 HP power engine with 4 cylinders. It is best in every soil condition. Three Escorts Farmtrac models are available under Escorts Farmtrac. 

If the farmers are not aware of the Japanese technology tractor brand, which model is famous then we have found a solution for you by uploading a video of Solis tractor brand an advanced technology tractor explaining in detail its features, uses, and on-road-price of the tractor.

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