Escorts Powertrac Euro Tractors in 50-60 HP Category

Escorts Powertrac Euro Tractors in 50-60 HP Category

Indian tractor plays an important role in the Indian agricultural sector, there are so many tractor brands in Indian, but Escorts tractors are the pioneer of the Indian tractor industry.

Escorts tractor provides the perfect solution to the Indian farmers with the Farmtrac tractor series, Powertrac tractor series, and newly launched Digitrac tractor series, etc.

Escorts tractors are available at a very reasonable price to small farmers in India, so farmers get the perfect tractor at low prices and efforts.

Escort tractors provide a wide range of tractors in near all tractor HP categories. Any type of farm implement is easily operable with escorts tractors, so escorts prove a boon for the Indian small farmers.

Escorts Powertrac Tractors: Best for the Indian Farmers

Powertrac Tractors are available at more power and efficiency at a reasonable price. Powertrac Tractors are known for their low fuel consumption and perfect mileage during agricultural or commercial work.

Powertrac tractors provide great performance to the farmers. These are the industry’s most efficient tractors with power ranging between 25 HP to 60 HP.

Powertrac tractors are specially designed with consideration of the Indian atmospheric conditions and farmer situations, so the Escorts Powertrac tractor is the best solution to Indian farmers.

Escorts Powertrac Euro 50

Escorts powertrac Euro 50 is the 50 HP tractor model available with a 3-cylinder tractor engine with 2761 displacement cc and 2200 engine rated RPM.8 forward and 2 reverse gear options make this tractor suitable for work in all speed options.

The center shift/side shift location of gearbox shifting makes this tractor super convenient to the operator. Inboard reduction at rear axles available in this model provides more speed to the tractor and this works with low maintenance for a long duration, so it saves money.

Single or dual-clutch options are available in this tractor model, farmers can buy the suitable one for them according to the need. Multispeed reverse PTO options available in this tractor model make this perfect for all types of farm implement. This tractor model is available at very affordable tractor prices in the Indian market.

Escorts Powertrac Euro 55

Escorts powertrac Euro 55 is a 2WD tractor available in 55 HP category fitted with a 4-cylinder tractor engine with 3680 displacement cc and 1850 Rated RPM.

As we can see the rated rpm is low than the above tractor model, but tractor HP is high, At the time low rated RPM tractor provides maximum torque. So, this tractor model provides great maximum torque, so farmers can operate it in all types of traction work.

Epicyclic reduction at rear axles available in this tractor model help in more speed and maintenance-free work .

1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and balanced power steering make this tractor perfect in the hydraulic system, so the operator can work in heavy-duty work too.

Multi-plate oil-immersed brake makes this tractor perfect in consideration of safety. The heavy-duty adjustable CE Special front axle available in this tractor model provides more stability and efficiency to the tractor.

Escorts Powertrac Euro 60

Escorts Powertrac Euro 60 is a 2WD tractor model in the 60 HP tractor category. Euro 60 is the only certified 60HP tractor with a naturally aspirated engine in India.

This tractor model performs best in applications like basic agriculture work with Harrow, Cultivator, Plough, Rotavator, etc. to High-end commercial applications like loader dozer grader, Haulage, etc.

This tractor equipped with high end features like Heavy-duty front axle, Super filter, EPI, constant mesh GB, I-PTO, suspended Padels, etc, Heavy Hydraulics, and many more.

High Power with Diesel saving technology makes Euro 60 best for the aspirational farmers. This high-tech tractor model available at a very low tractor price in India. This is the perfect tractor for Indian farmers, who look in a tractor in the 60 HP category.


All the Escorts Powertrac Euro tractors are perfectly designed with the consideration of Indian farmer conditions.

Above mentioned tractor models are available at with affordable tractor prices and technical specifications, just download Khetigaadi mobile application and stay tuned with it.

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