Modern Machines Made Easy Farming

Modern Machines Made Easy Farming

We all are living in 21st century, we know that ,how fast the time is passing. Time is very valuable to everyone .Everyone want instant result. Agriculture plays major role in India. India is a world largest agricultural dependent country. Maximum population is from agricultural background, agriculture is very important sector.

Our farmers are the most important people in the growth of cross that feed the entire population. Modern vehicle make easy the different farming processes like soil preparation  ,sowing, manuring ,irrigation, weeding, harvesting etc.

What is modern farming?:

Farming using modern techniques, modern machines, technology for saving time and labour called modern farming.

Modern farming saves our time,save the labours/man power and money also.

Modern farm and agricultural operations will work differently primarily because they will use sophisticated technologies such as robots, sensors, cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, just to name a few.

The agricultural operations for which modern machines are used are as given below:

  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Seeding, planting and transplanting
  • Cultivation
  • Primary and secondary tillage of the soil
  • Fertilizer distribution and application
  • Pests control
  • Harvesting
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation

The modern machines use for farming are :


 It is a farm vehicle used for different field operations. It can be use for pushing or pulling different agricultural machinery.

Manually pushing or pulling is very difficult can takes time and a lot of effort to do and finish. By using different implement all practices can do by tractor.

Ploughing is the initial operation or pre-planting preparation for making soil able to sowing seeds, with the help of disk harrow the both primary and secondary tillage operation can be do for preparing the soil before sowing by attaching it to tractor.

planting can also be done by tractor using correct planting equipment that is planter.

It is also very useful for transportation.


Sprayer are mainly used for spraying fertilizers, and liquid or powder form of manure to the crop.


The fertilizer tank and the venturi is use to providing fertilizer to the crop.

Head loss of fertilizer tank is 2m and venturi is 6-8m,with the help of venturi the dilute solution of fertilizer and water we can apply.

Head loss of venturi is greater than fertilizer tank but it work on motive and suction force so it gives proper solution to plants.


With the help of drones we can do multiple processes like spraying, transportation, perishable goods and crop fumigant to control diseases and pests. It is advanced agricultural technology.

Combine/Combine Harvester:

It is use for combine harvester, or simply combine, is versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops.

The name derives from its combining four separate harvesting operations reaping, threshing, gathering and winnowing into a single process.

Bigger in a size a combines work like a comb cutter for cutting the mature crops with threshing at the same time.

A combine is a well known and the most upgraded machinery that helps farmers by saving long hours of the day by wasting in harvesting activities.

Rotavator/Rotary tiller:

Rotavator or rotary tiller is a tillage equipment that uses a series or blades, or turn up the soil.

It is very popular among farmers to make easy the preparation of seedbed in the farm. this equipment mainly use for breaking the large size of soil clods in small in lawns, farms, garden etc.


 A plough or plow is a farm tool use for loosening means to braking large clods into small parts or turning the soil before sowing or planting for making it well mix or preparing it for sowing by making smooth.

ploughs were traditionally drawn by oxen, but now in modern farming it drawn by tractors.


Leveler is a easy and rough implement which is directly fitted to the tractor.

It is use to leveling of land. It is very useful for agriculture purpose.


A reaper machine helps to ease your work and save labor cost. It helps to harvest crops when they are ripe,it easily harvests crops with less effort.

Disc harrow: 

A disc harrow is a harrow whose cutting edges are rows of concave metal disc, it is uses to till the soil where crops are to be planted.

It is also used to cut or chopped up unwanted weeds or crop waste residues.

Soil moisture sensor:

Soil moisture sensor mostly used for measuring water content in soil .After calculating soil moisture content in soil we can apply water to the crop.soil moisture sensors helps to farmer to manage the irrigation system more efficiently.

Power tiller:

It is also called as heavy tiller, it is a innovative machine use for tillage, cultivation, weed remove operation, sowing etc.

It is small implement but very useful and also user friendly. Power tillers are available in 8hp,12hp,10hp,6hp.In India small land holder farmers mostly use power tiller.


Cultivator is used for secondary tillage operation.

The Cultivator helps to loose the soil and destroy the weeds between rows and also mix potting and regular soil together, break up small grasses to prevent taking over your garden.

Cultivator maintain soil moisture, micro-organisms and nutrients in the soil.


It is a tillage tool used for breaking compact or hard soil beneath the surface.

Subsoiler provides deeper tillage than a tiller or plough.

helping eliminate standing water by letting the water drain away, giving you a better managed, better produced pasture.


Duster is a kind of sprayer machine that is used for spraying chemicals at large areas of farmland.

Mostly duster are used for spraying pesticides in the form of dust and chemicals to protect plants and crops.

knapsack duster, power operated duster, rotary duster, plunger type duster, crop duster or aerial duster are the different types of duster.


A thresher machine is a one of farm equipment used for threshes grain, that is it removes seeds from the stalk and husks.

It helps separate wheat, peas, soybeans and other small grains and seed crops from their chaff and straw, and also separate the light weight part during threshing process.

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