Traditional Farming and Modern Farming

Traditional Farming and Modern Farming

Agriculture is the best source of farming and considered to be the lifeline of the country. Traditional methods of farming were adopted by the farmers before the origin of new techniques in farm machines and agriculture.

But in recent times, agriculture scholars, farmers and the government were trying to empower the new methods and technologies in agriculture to give rise to the agrarian sector in a better way.

Farmers concentrate in modern farming by adopting various strategies as India is opened with many gates of liberalization and globalization. 

With the growth of world population the agriculture system needs to be focused to increase crop productivity and provide better food to the nation.

Moreover, modern infrastructural facilities especially in rural areas, better quality products, advanced technology machines are foreseen by the farmers that helps to build the standard of the nation and provide the best quality products to the people and also enhances the international market. 

Rapid growth of population leads to degradation of land, so is the traditional farming used by the farmers appropriate ? 

In olden days farmers used outdated methods and farming machines for the better operation of farming system but with less equipment and traditional methods it takes much time and money to complete the farming but despite there being traditional farming are still used today are also popular and help farmers to provide cultural services and ecological to mankind.

But, traditional methods can improve in protecting natural resources, help in enhancing food security, maintain biodiversity, etc. 

Now let us discuss which traditional methods come under the traditional farming in rural areas:

Traditional farming in rural areas:

  1. Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is the oldest method of farming practices in growing different kinds of crops on the same land in different seasons is the best usage of crop rotation.

While crop rotation helps in preserving soil productivity, minimize the chemical use, maximize yields, etc. Crop rotation process is done by four field system management. It is the best practice in controlling the problem of soil erosion.

  1. Inter Crops/ Mixed Crops

Intercropping or mixed cropping is done while sowing two crops at the same time. Intercropping is used for producing a greater yielding in a piece of land.

Under intercropping or mixed cropping there are several techniques used by the farmers. Row cropping and temporal cropping is one amongst them. 

  1. Agroforestry

Since early times Agro Forestry is the oldest and earliest methods used by the farmers. 

This helps in creating microclimate and protects the crops through planting and maintaining of trees. It is the perfect management system for land use that is used under the crops. This method is useful for getting multiple products like timber, food, firewood, etc. 

  1. Water Harvesting

Water Harvesting is done in the traditional method for collecting rainwater and preserving them for further agriculture usage.The sustainable production of farm and food security is increased through this method.

  1. Poly Culture

Poly Culture method is used for growing different species of plants in the same area. It is good for controlling weeds, pests, and the ability to control diseases without the usage of chemicals. 

Acceptance Of Modern Farming System By The Farmers

Now, proceeding with the next Farming system that is Modern Farming. Modern agriculture farming is the best method nowadays adopted by the farmers for the growth of the agriculture system.

Various scientific advances and methods are accepted by the farmers for the benefit of agriculture farming. Modern agriculture farming is the best practice to improve  the crop varieties, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, better irrigation systems and many more.

Let us proceed with the trending and modern farming techniques used by the farmers in agriculture. 

Monoculture: Monoculture technique is adopted when growing one kind of crop in a given land. The cultivation of land becomes easy. The reason behind is the land is tilted equally and the crops that are to be planted are of equal size. Farmers thus, focus on the Monoculture farming system. 

Intensive Tillage:  To improve the soil aeration to increase the farm production, for this excessive tilling of land is done. Intensive Tillage is done for the proper cultivation of farming systems. 

Chemical Pest Control: In modern agriculture farming there is a high risk of organisms such as insects that eat plants, diseases that fail in higher growth of plant and animals development in fact weeds also interfere with the growth of the crop.

Thus, to protect from various pests synthetic materials or sprays are provided to control the pest outbreaks in farming. Different types of chemical sprays are available in the market to take safety measures. 

Irrigation Technologies  

During  farming water is an important source for the agriculture system. To supply water to the fields at an appropriate level or row irrigation system helps in a better way. Some of the advanced machines like sprinklers, drip systems and pumps help in the proper irrigation system. 


In the future, modern technologies and methods are easily adopted by the farmers to see agriculture in a better way.The undergoing process of modern methods helps in improving the economy of the country.

While traditional methods are used with the available natural resources like water, human, land, etc. Though it takes a lot of time and labor to accomplish the farming operations. 

But, in the modern farming system planned tactics help in better production and good results.  Thus, in today’s era farmers opt for modern farming systems to get more output. 

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