How to Buy Used Tractors?- Suggestion Guide

How to Buy Used Tractors?- Suggestion Guide

Few things make Indian landowners more proud or give them more problems are their tractors. Farm life can be more productive thanks to tractors because they help with daily duties that would be difficult without them. Tractors are recognizable symbols of agricultural India. A used tractor is not an easy thing to purchase. Therefore, we are here to reduce your load. You should have a few things in mind before buying an old tractor.

It’s always a good idea to have a list of questions prepared to ask and a list of things to inspect on the tractor so you can stay focused when shopping for a used utility farm tractor, whether it’s your first tractor or your second or third.

We all know what it’s like to become addicted to tractors while in front of one; we become like children in a candy store and struggle to remember the vital details. All we want to do is ride the tractor. When purchasing anything used, it’s crucial to examine the item for signs of wear and tear. The more significant this is, the more money you spend. Particularly when purchasing a farm tractor, which has accomplished a great deal of heavy work and has been driven on a great variety of different terrains.

Follow the general recommendations in our inspection checklist and guidelines.

  1. Decide what are your requirements: 

The type of tractor you require should be taken into account first and foremost. There are four different varieties of tractors on the market:

If your business produces a lot of crops, you should use row crop tractors. The taller tyres of these tractors provide greater ground clearance. They can easily haul a variety of farm implements because of their strong features.

Decide whether you want a 2WD tractor or a 4WD tractor: These tractors are effective in towing tillage and planting equipment. They are all-purpose tractors that are mostly used for land leveling.

Utility tractors are considerably larger and have more power. These tractors assist in carrying out tasks including hay production, excavations, and livestock.

  1. Investigate the actual price of the tractor:

There are different ways for finding the proper price of a used tractor. Various online platforms are available for investigating the exact price. Online portal like KhetiGaadi can give you more options from different brands in terms of used tractors with their proper price. Else you can take suggestions from other tractor owners who have maximum experience in tractor holding.

  1. Documents and the provided information should be real:

The first thing you should verify after choosing a tractor is its documentation to see if it is correct or not. You need to be aware of the tractor’s owner’s name and history for that. Verify whether the tractor is being used for agricultural or commercial purposes; this is something that is crucial. You must verify the repair manual, warranty information, chassis number, and license plate.

  1. Check the situation of the tractor:

The state of the equipment has a significant impact on value. In good condition, tractors are typically more expensive. They typically receive better-than-average care and maintenance and have very low use hours. 

Examine the machine’s onboard electronics for obsolescence if it has any. Don’t spend extra money on a feature that is outdated or not upgradeable. Now you have to inspect the exterior of the tractor. Check the condition of the tractor its matters a lot because if you buy a Second-Hand tractor then you don’t want your tractor looks too aged.

Check the tire’s condition whether it is original or not, whether it is proper or damaged.

  1. Examine the features of the Tractor:

Make sure the entire tractor you’re purchasing has the characteristics you require or not. Used tractor may not have all the features same as the new one but make sure that the features are in good working condition or not. Otherwise, you will have to just spend important time and money if the one feature you need is missing and another feature is not properly working.

  1. Check whether the tractor is giving the required output or not:

Productivity is important because a tractor is built for field labor; therefore, if the tractor is not used for the primary task, what is the purpose of having one? In a farmer’s life, productivity is vital, so ask the previous owner if the tractor is doing well in the fields before you buy.

Fuel consumption is also a crucial aspect of any farmer’s or tractor owner’s life. Therefore, verify the tractor’s mileage before purchasing.

  1. Check the damaged parts of the tractor and whether they need repair or not:

Getting a used tractor without the damaged parts is rare. Used tractors may have damaged parts that need to be repaired. Check the repairing cost. If the tractor has many damaged parts that cannot be repairable and only be replaced by the new one, Then if the cost is affordable then go for that tractor otherwise there is no gain in investing in such a tractor.

Some key points, at last, to be considered:

  • Whether the tractor’s body is rusted or not.
  • This tractor has either genuine or replica parts. Take evidence for that.
  • Whether the tractor was routinely serviced.
  • Whether the tractor’s components are all there or not.
  • How much fuel the tractor uses

Time for decision-making:

There are a few things that should make you stay clear of any used tractor. The first is if you discover a problem with a significant component. For instance, if the engine smokes, struggles to start, or the transmission’s third gear isn’t working, those are serious issues, as opposed to minor ones like a faulty power steering pump.

Fix the tractor deal at the proper price that you would feel worthy for buying that tractor. 

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