Best Mini John Deere Tractor

Best Mini John Deere Tractor

India is a land having unity in diversity. There is various cultural diversity, but most Indians are fully dependent upon the agricultural sector for their occupation.

Most of the Indian farmers are marginal or small farmers because of less area with respect to the huge Indian population. Need for marginal farmers is also less as per their short land area.

Tractors are the key to the point in modern farming, but the mini tractor is the perfect solution to Indian marginal farmers because of its less tractor price and compact size. John Deere tractor is one of the pioneers of the Indian tractor industry.

John Deere always provides the perfect farm solution to Indian farmers. A huge range of tractors presented by John Deere is proved best to the farmers in terms of technology and power.

As a consideration of farmer’s needs in India John Deere comes with mini tractors to fulfill them.

John Deere mini tractor models are highly demanded by the farmers in India for their small fieldwork or work in orchard crops. Three John Deere mini tractors available in India are listed below with their all technical
details, just have a look.

John Deere 3028 EN 4WD

John Deere 3028 EN is the 28 HP tractor model, which is the lowest HP tractor model in all John Deere Tractors. This tractor model equipped with a 3-cylinder, inline fuel injection pump, coolant-cooled with overflow reservoir, naturally aspirated 28 HP engine, which provides 20.9 kW
power with 2800 engine rated RPM.

This 4WD tractor model helps to operation in wetland conditions in the orchard crop field. John Deere tractor is always fully equipped with new tech and modern solutions, FNR Sync Reverser / Collar Reverser is the best example of that.

The transmission system in this tractor model is available with 8 forward and 8 reverse speed options with a single clutch, which provides perfect speeds to the tractor for different field operations.

The Independent 6 Splines dual Power take-off system available in this tractor model provides the best options to operate implements to farmers.

The maximum Hydraulic lifting capacity is 910 kg available in this tractor model make this perfect for all heavy-duty works in small fields. This is a perfect tractor for the orchard field.

John Deere 3036 E 4WD

John Deere, 3036 E 4WD is a 36 HP tractor model having 3-cylinder, inline FIP, coolant-cooled with overflow reservoir, the naturally aspirated engine which provides perfect power to the tractor with 2800 engine rated RPM.

The narrow track width of this tractor helps to operations in small farmland or work small crop spacing patterns.

This narrow track width also helps orchard crops or fruit crops to turn in short distances for effective spraying or other operations.

The economic PTO option provided by John Deere in this tractor model helps to save fuel and make work more affordable to Indian small farmers. 32 L fuel tank capacity help to work without interruption in the field.

This best tractor model available at low and affordable tractor prices in India, so small farmers can also buy it easily.

John Deere 3036 EN 4WD

John Deere 3036 EN 4WD is a 36 HP tractor model equipped with a 3-cylinder engine. This tractor model can work at 2800 engine-rated RPM.

The forward neutral reverse lever available in this model helps the operator with comfortable driving. 8+ 8 Gear options help this tractor model to work at all speeds required by field operations.

This tractor model is available at a low tractor price as compared to the above model. This is a budget-friendly perfect tractor for Indian farmers.


Mini Tractors are the perfect solutions for small farmers and Orchard fields. All the above-mentioned tractor models are available at with their specifications and features.

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