Which Tractor Perfect for Indian Farmers :2WD Tractor or 4WD Tractor

Which Tractor Perfect for Indian Farmers :2WD Tractor or 4WD Tractor

The Tractor is must-have farm equipment for farmers in the agricultural sector. With the help of a tractor, farmers can operate various farm implements like rotavators, cultivators, harrows etc. However, how does a farmer decide whether a 2WD or 4WD tractor is right for him? Here we try to explain both sides of 2WD and 4WD tractors which may help to make a perfect decision in the choice of a tractor.

Both 4WD and 2WD tractors will help farmers to complete tasks like ploughing, harrowing, tilling, and planting, but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, to help you to make an informed decision, we will compare 2WD tractors with 4WD tractors at their benefits, limitations, Tractor Price, and tractor application.

2WD VS 4WD Tractor

4WD Tractor –

4WD tractors are more popular than 2WD tractors because of their high technology. Like any four-wheel-drive vehicle, these tractors have the dynamic movement of all four wheels. So 4WD tractors are versatile and perfect for different agricultural applications.

Why 4WD Tractor –

With the capacity to every one of the four wheels, it’s nothing unexpected 4WD tractors have perfect traction to the ground as compared to the 2WD tractors. Thus, in case you are hoping to utilize your tractor in something beyond fundamental agricultural applications, the 4WD will be your most ideal choice.

Applications of 4WD Tractors –

Tillage Operations

Crop Protection Operations/ Spraying

Ploughing /Mowing

Haulage Application

Loader and Dozer Applications

With the right farm implement attachments, your 4WD tractor will prove best for heavy-duty works with high traction, which is great news for your pocket as you will save money on buying multiple farm equipment.

Benefits of 4WD –

  • If a farmer needs a tractor for large-scale projects or works on uneven terrain, 4WD are best.
  • The extra traction in 4WD Tractors ensures that the horsepower is not lost.
  • A bigger engine in 4WD tractors provides superior torque.
  • Longer service intervals required for 4WD tractors do save farmers money.
  • More pulling power available in the 4WD tractor because of power available at all four tyres.
  • Reduction in slippage problem automatically reduces fuel consumption in tractor
  • Best grip on the ground because of large tyre size
  • More technically designed so more application versatility available in 4WD tractors.

Limitations of 4WD Tractor –

  • As 4WD tractors come with high technology, they are highly expensive at the initial level.
  • Maintenance will be high in the case of 4WD tractors because of complicated technical design.
  • Limited availability in India because of high cost and technology.

Famous 4WD Tractor Models –

2WD Tractor –

2WD tractors work by a fueled and impelled single axle which can be utilized to convey different ranges of farm implements. These 2WD tractors are largely utilized in dry cultivating conditions where the administrator doesn’t need to stress over excessively wet, sloppy or slanted territory.

Why 2WD Tractors –

The critical advantage to having a 2WD tractor is the low turning circle, low expensive and easy to handle. More modest 2WD tractors are the most similar to the 4WD tractors however in terms of price and operability 2WD are the better choice for small and marginal farmers.

Application of 2WD Tractors:

Seeding/ Sowing Purpose

Pasture topping/ Mulching

Fertilizer Application


In India, 2WD tractors are best because of the low turning radius sometimes they become important than power and traction for small and marginal farmers in India.

Benefits of 2WD Tractors –

  • If the farmer doesn’t need too much-pulling power or traction, then 2WD tractors are the best option at an affordable price.
  • Low initial cost and low maintenance cost as no complicated design of 2WD tractor.
  • Low turning radius so easily workable on small agricultural land.
  • Best tractors for basic agricultural work in India.

Limitations of 2WD –

  • Low pulling power due to low traction
  • Low traction due to supply of power for only two wheels.
  • 2WD tractors have short service time intervals or they require time to time servicing which is quite difficult for farmers.
  • 2WD tractors are less fuel-efficient because they have small tyre size which automatically increases unnecessary wear and tear problems while working in wet or uneven land. 
  • May 2WD tractors face more wheel slippage issues because of short size tracks.
  • Less operable for heavy-duty work because of simple design.

Famous 2WD Tractor Models

(2WD VS 4WD Tractor) If we summarize the 2WD vs 4WD Tractor distinction, it tends to be inferred that 4WD tractors are more flexible and dependable. However, 4WD tractors are too expensive for our small farmers. 2WD tractors are affordable but they have their own limitations. Farmer can choose according to their need and budget.

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