Massey Ferguson New Launch Tractors: Technical Specifications, and Features

Massey Ferguson New Launch Tractors: Technical Specifications, and Features

Hello farmers, here we are going to discuss some interesting facts related to Massey Ferguson new launch Tractor models. Basically, Massey Ferguson is a Sister company of TAFE situated in Chennai. The company offers a great variety of farm equipment to Indian farmers. Massey Ferguson tractors are high in tech and perfectly designed for Indian agricultural needs.

Massey Ferguson New Launch Tractors:

Massey Ferguson 244 DI –

Massey Ferguson presenting you the brand new two tractors in the 44 HP power range are  Massey Ferguson  244 DI PM and Massey Ferguson 244 DI PD. Massey Ferguson 244 DI PD is specially developed for paddy cultivation, while  Massey Ferguson 244 DI PM is developed for tasks like mud puddling, heavy-duty haulage applications, MB plough application, threshing and baler application.

Massey Ferguson 244 DI PM is perfect for dry land or shallow puddling.  Massey Ferguson 244 DI PD is equipped with the Ultra Planetary Plus technology which makes this tractor suitable for deepwater puddling operation.

Technical Specification of Massey Ferguson 244 DI –

  • HP Range – 44 hp (32.35 kW)
  • Engine – TIII A S325.1-F2.6
  • Air cleaner – Wet, 3-stage
  • Hydraulics – Oil-immersed Ferguson Hydraulics System
  • Transmission – 8+2 PCM Center shift
  • Rear-drive – MF 244 DI PD – Ultra Planetary Drive
    • MF 244 DI PM – Direct drive
  • Brakes- Oil Immersed Brakes (OIB)
  • Hydraulic lift capacity – 1700 kgf
  • Front tyres- 6.00 x 16
  • Rear tyres- 13.6 x 28
  • Min ground clearance -345 mm

Common Features in Two Variants of Massey Ferguson 244 DI –

Maxx OIB – Provide extra safety in roads and wetland conditions.

Powervator Clutch – Provide continue power to PTO even at the time of changing gears.

Intelli-sense Hydraulics – This hydraulic system helps to improve the productivity of the tractor.

8×2 PCM Gearbox – This efficient and convenient gear system in tractors for agricultural application.

1700 Kgf Lift Capacity – This high lifting capacity make this tractor perfect for heavy-duty applications.

Unique Features of Massey Ferguson 244 DI PM –

Dry Land or Shallow Puddling – This tractor is best suitable for dry land application, tillage application and shallow depth land preparation application.

Direct Drive – This drive makes the tractor easy to transmission and less in fuel consumption.

Unique Features of Massey Ferguson 244 DI PD –

Deep Puddling Specialist – Some crops like rice need deep puddled land. This tractor is perfect for deep puddling operations in standing water conditions. Depth of puddling is also high in this tractor.

Ultra-Planetary Drive – This type of drive reduces the chances of gear failure while working.

Massey Ferguson 7235 DI –

Massey Ferguson 7235 DI come with high technology, advanced modern features, best in power, best fuel efficiency, perfect hydraulic system, low maintenance, maximum safety and operator comfort at an affordable price in India.

This is the perfect tractor for agricultural operations and haulage work. This tractor is crafted with TAFE’s proven engineering expertise of over 60 years.The tractor engine is the fundamental factor that is needed for phenomenal execution.

Furthermore, Massey Ferguson 7235 DI tractor is completely stacked with an amazing engine to deal with all the agribusiness activities. It accompanies a 35 HP powered 3-cylinder engine for great performance. Hence, Massey Ferguson 7235 DI engine limit gives effective mileage on the field.

Additionally, because of its strong motor, the Massey Ferguson 7235 DI tractor model can withstand ominous cultivating conditions like climate, environment and soil.

Accordingly, this tractor model gives the best mileage, high eco-friendliness, and security. Alongside this, Massey Ferguson 7235 DI tractor accompanies an oil bath air cleaner which helps to provide clean air to the engine for high performance. This highlight the practical strength and great execution life of this tractor.

Technical Specifications of Massey Ferguson 7235 DI –

  • HP Range – 35 hp (25.73 kW)
  • Cooling system- Water-cooled
  • Hydraulics- ADDC
  • Transmission- 8+2 Side shift
  • Hydraulic lift capacity- 1200 kgf
  • Front tyres – 6.00 x 16
  • Rear tyres- 12.4 x 28
  • Wheelbase-   1920 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance – 400 mm

Alongside the highlights referenced over, this tractor model accompanies productive extras like Tool, Toplink, Canopy, Hook, Bumper, Drawbar, chain stabilizer, versatile charger, water bottle holder, transport lock valve (TLV), 7-pin trailer attachment

Best Features of Massey Ferguson 7235 DI –

Portal Bull Gear System – This gear system is generally used in military vehicles; this proves that how perfect the gear system Massey Ferguson Provide in this tractor for any land condition.

Maxx OIB – Provide perfect safety to operators at any agricultural operation or haulage.

Diaphragm Clutch – Easily operable for women farmers as not required too much pressure to operate.

Higher Ground Clearance – Perfect tractor for row crops.

Longer Wheelbase – Best for haulage operations as not lifted from the front side.

Power Steering – Hassle-free driving 

Flat Platform – Comfortable space for the operator, which helps to enhance the productivity of the operator.

8×2 Side Shift Gearbox – Easy Shift gear speed options for any work.

This Massey Ferguson 7235 DI is made with trend-setting innovation and stacked with imaginative highlights. This tractor is an ideal combo of performance, power and perfection.

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