Popular Sonalika Implements In India

Popular Sonalika Implements In India

There are different kinds of implements brands in India that produce large varieties of tractors for the use of agriculture farming and to make the work easier for further agriculture operations. Sonalika is the topmost Tractor and Farm implement brand that produces the widest range of implements and products.

Sonalika is the fastest growing tractor and farm implement brand of India that focused on producing large varieties of products for Indian farmers and commercial users.

Sonalika brand company not only produces the farm implement but also manufacturers other Agri Inputs and products for the customers of agrarian sectors.

 Sonalika Group is a profound farm brand especially in the category of farm inputs like Rotavator and Cultivators. Sonalika boosts farm efficiency in order to reach the maximum number of consumers. The products and implements are manufactured with HI-Tech advanced features to make the work faster and easier for the farmers. 

Sonalika Implements Why Is It Famous For

  • Sonalika implements are based on quality products,
  • Sonalika implements are produced with the HI-Tech feature.
  • Sonalika manufacturers products like Rotary Tillers, Cultivators, Plough, etc.
  • Sonalika group has its best network dealing all over the place.
  • Sonalika rotavators and cultivators are high in demand by consumers. 

Best Category Of Sonalika Implements 

Sonalika Group industry produces the widest range of implements with its best in operation. There are different kinds of products and a range that come under the Sonalika implements such as:


Rotavator is one of the topmost implements that is known amongst farmers and commercial users. Soanlika rotavators are made with the latest design and graphics. It is strongly fabricated with a square pipe frame welded with side angles.

For enough stability, the shotgun approach with ‘L’ Type Power Coated Blades is fitted with it.

Rotavator is specially coated with a bosh quality powder coat to make it look attractive and work longer life. Rotavators are equipped with a cat three-point linkage system. Sonalika rotavator works simultaneously for ploughing, disking, and leveling to make the soil fertile and better for crop seeding. 

Sonalika Rotavator Popular Products Implements

Sonalika produces a wide range of implements products for the comfort of the farmers. There are some important products that are best in practice such as the Rotavator Mini Series range of implements, Mini Hybrid Series, Regular Series, Challenger Series, etc.

Let us know in briefs about the Sonalika products implement features:

Sonalika Mini-Series Chain Drive –  Sonalika Mini-Series Chain Drive implement is good enough to work in all types of ploughing at all levels of applications.

It is an intercrop rotavator that is suitable for horticulture applications operations. The Gear type and chain type rotavator are available. 

Single Speed Series Rotavator- A single-speed series rotavator is unique in design and works strongly for the crops like Potato, Paddy, and Wheat.  This implements works simultaneously at a time for disking, ploughing, and leveling. 


Sonalika cultivators are also mostly in demand by the farmers. Sonalika cultivators are a perfect solution for cultivation. It completes the whole process of cultivation by providing an objective to complete the mix of soil and straw with the incorporation of crop residues and organic fertilizers into the soil.

Sonalika cultivators are mostly in demand by farmers and other commercial users. It is secondary tillage mostly used for field preparation.

The cultivator implement is the best in quality and works even in tough conditions of the soil. Through the complete process of field preparation, the stronger toolbars and attachments help in rigidly confronts at high speed.

Sonalika Cultivator Popular Product Implements 

Sonalika Heavy Duty Cultivator Implement – Sonalika Heavy Duty Cultivator Implement is the most efficient implementation that is used for the preparation of the field with the tractor attachment of 35 HP of tractor range. 

Sonalika Medium Duty Cultivator Implement – Sonalika Medium duty cultivators are the primary function of seedbed preparation. This cultivator is also available in 9-11 tynes. It is best in operation. 


Sonalika Ploughs are designed with advanced technology features. Sonalika produces three different kinds of ploughs named Disc Plough, MB Plough, Reversible Plough.

Popular Sonalika Plough Products 

Sonalika Disc Plough- Sonalika Disc Plough is made with a heavy-duty tubular framework with mounted large steel discs. Sonalika Disc plough works effectively even in tough conditions where MB Plough does not work properly.

Disc Plough is more comfortable in deep ploughing. This plow is also efficient in working with loose soil conditions without clogging. It works effectively and efficiently at all faring operations.

Sonalika Mould Board Plough- Sonalika Mould Board Plough is an efficient product made with premium raw material equipped with the latest technology, suitable for land preparation.

It can also easily work in heavy-duty crop residue or in fact in the toughest soil conditions. Sonalika Mould Boars is available in 2,3 or 4 Mould boards.


Sonalika produced the best quality of Harrow products in three different ranges Compact Harrow, Power Harrow, Disc Harrow. 

Popular Harrow Products Implements

Sonalika Disc Harrow (6 6) – Sonalika Disc Harrow is efficient in working with a 15-120 HP range of tractors. It is also good at preparing the field and also superior in working prior to harrow with the field of tall grass and big shrubs. 

Sonalika Power HarrowSonalika Power Harrow is a tillage category of implement is efficient in usage. Sonalika power harrow is a farm implement taht is efficient in attachment from 15 HP to 120 HP range of tractors. 

Straw Reaper 

Sonalika also produces the farm implement straw reaper that is efficient in performance. Sonalika Straw Reaper SL 56 is the perfect implement model that consume less fuel and carry minimum load to tractor. It can be worked easily when required for the operation. It works efficiently and effectively. 

Sonalika Potato Planter 

Sonalika Potato Planter is efficient for sowing of seeds from plant to plant and at a proper row. It works efficiently for the operation of sowing of seeds and planting at proper interval of  rows and columns. It is specially designed for the sowing of potato. 


Sonalika implements are great in demand amongst the farmers. Though the company produces the large varieties of implements at larger scale.

Amongst all the products range Sonalika rotavator, Harrow, cultivators are highest on demand. The prices are aslo affordable and can be easily purchased by the consumers. 

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