How Integrated Farming System Help in Doubling Farmer Income

How Integrated Farming System Help in Doubling Farmer Income

Hello, farmers today we are talking about Integrated Farming System, which helps in doubling the farmer’s income. Integrated Farming System (IFS) is a sub arrangement of a general land use framework like a town or a watershed that incorporates crop creation, raising domesticated animals, fishery, poultry, beekeeping, and so on.

Integrated Farming System likewise characterized as organically coordinated cultivating framework which incorporates normal assets and guideline components into cultivating exercises to accomplish most extreme substitution of off-farm inputs, gets high agriculture profit and food security.

Integrated Farming System is a blend of numerous frameworks, it is helpful to increase farmer income.

Objectives of Integrated Farming System – 

  • Recycling of farm and animal wastes in an effective way
  • Nutrient losses minimization
  • Maximize nutrient use efficiency
  • Efficient cropping systems
  • The perfect combination of farm enterprises
  • Get maximum agriculture profit with minimum expenditure

Benefits of Integrated Farming System – 

Efficiency – Integration of agriculture product and allied sector assists with expanding financial yield per unit region per unit time. Escalation of editing and partnered ventures in existence measurement found to build the efficiency. 

Sustainability– Huge amount of inorganic manures, pesticides, herbicides are needed to meet the food prerequisite.

Abundant utilization of such material causes soil degradation and pollution. The usefulness of soil gets decreased at the appropriate time of time. An integrated farming system gives a chance to support cultivation practices through natural supplementation. 

Food Balance– IFS interface shifted the nature of undertakings to give healthy food through nutrients, proteins, carbs, fat, minerals, and so forth from a similar region. This addresses the lack of healthy sustenance issue of poor people groups. 

Natural Safety – Abundant utilization of inorganic composts, pesticides, herbicides makes the soil, water, and climate polluted. Also, buildups of certain harvests, squander material likewise contaminate the climate after deterioration.

Notwithstanding, in IFS squander material, results of one composite are viably reused utilizing for other parts and side-effect of that segment as natural compost to improve the soil. The use of bioagents likewise limits the use of pesticides. 

Reusing of Waste– By-result of the crop cultivation can be adequately reused for the arrangement of manure. A portion of the result can be utilized as feed. This diminishes the expense of the creation of one venture at the expense of other. Consequently, the overall gain of the agriculture sector is expanded. 

Saving Energy– Energy emergencies can be served to some degree by using natural waste to create biogas which can be utilized for cooking, lighting, and so forth 

Innovation – Big farmers are completely mindful of the new advances in light of utilizing further developed assortments, bundles of practices. Yet, little and peripheral farmers can’t take due to lack of money. In IFS connecting agriculture with dairy, mushroom, sericulture, gardening there is a progression of cash consistently. 

Cash Round the Year– In regular cultivating income is normal once toward the end of the cropping season. Notwithstanding, IFS gives a stream of cash round the year via eggs, milk, palatable mushroom, nectar, etc. 

Accessibility of Fodder – IFS uses all aspects of the land. Developing fodder trees on boundaries won’t just give grub yet, in addition, enhance the soil by fixing air nitrogen. 

Work Around the Year – Crop-domesticated animals reconciliation increment work necessity as the year progressed, different exercises like mushroom development, sericulture, apiculture additionally needs work. Consequently, IFS gives work to poor people throughout the year. 

Agri-businesses – Linking different segments in IFS, the creation certainly expanded to the business level. Surplus creation prompts the advancement of Agri based side industry. 

Increment Input Productivity – IFS gives a better extension to utilize accessible sources more productively. This prompts increment advantage cost proportion. 

Way of Life – IFS prompts produce milk, eggs, organic products, nectar, consumable mushroom furthermore, create bioenergy for farmers family and business reason. There is a standard stream of cash that helps to enhance the way of living. 

Types of Agri Allied Enterprises – 

  • Sheep and Goat farming
  • Dairy Farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Duck farming
  • Turkey rearing
  • Piggery
  • Rabbit farming
  • Beekeeping
  • Pigeon rearing
  • Aquaculture
  • Sericulture
  • Mushroom cultivation

Interrelationship Among Different Agri Allied Sectors –  

Crop – Livestock Connection – Crop-domesticated animal communication happens in two primary frameworks. The first connection is crop is food for animals and second is that animal waste manure is a nutrient supplement for crops. 

Crop – Aquaculture Connection – A huge amount of salt and fertilizer is added to the fish lake consistently on a normal 25 kg lake residue produce 1kg of green fodder. Rice is observed to be expanded by 10% because of the synergistic impact of fish on rice. Weeds and creepy crawlies are likewise constrained by fish. 

Biogas-Livestock – Fertilizer Connection – Cattles uses the fodder delivered through the sediment of the crop.

Cow dung or animal waste is used to produce biogas through microorganisms and by produce slurry used as manure in farmlands. Download KhetiGuru Mobile Application for more updates in the agriculture and Agri allied sector. 

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