Popular Agriculture Lemken Implements

Popular Agriculture Lemken Implements

Agriculture work is not possible without machinery, tools, and equipment. Various implements are manufactured by the leading implements manufacturing companies in source with professionals and researchers designed with good quality of products and raw materials and thus gives better quality of products to the farmers for ease and comfort. 

One of the leading manufacturing companies named LEMEKEN that traditionally innovates farm implements and machines by the experts and specialists and is based out of European country and exports implements to more than 40 countries in India. 

The company produces more than reversible Plough and cultivators in European countries. In India, Lemken brand implement has set up its plant in Nagpur, Maharashtra in the year 2010. The plant is incorporated with manufacturing a large number of agricultural inputs especially cultivators, reversible plough, etc. These machines are equipped with advanced technology based in the European style with the classic design and fastest in working operations.


Lemken implements are good at various features and designed with excellent specifications to make the work easy for an operation. Let us know about the certain features of the Lemekn brand implement that why it is so famous.

  • Lemken is best at efficiency and effectiveness in work.
  • Lemken products are the best in quality.
  • Lemken products provide the facility of two services free and one year warranty in every implementation.
  • Lemken is good for prompt services and excellent in quality. 
  • Lemken implements are provided with tools in each product.
  • Lemken’s best products in sales are- Reversible Plough and Cultivators.
  • Lemken’s other products for sales in demand are Power Harrow, Sub Soiler, Mulcher, Shredder, etc.
  • Lemken implements are easily attached with 35 HP of tractor ranges.
  • Lemekn company is the best exporter of implements in several parts of India.
  • Lemken products ranges are economical and affordable for Indian Farmers.

Different Types Of Agriculture Lemken Products 

Lemken produces different kinds of agriculture products in different categories for various purposes of agriculture operations. These categories are as follows:

Lemken Plough

Lemken produces a higher range of plough implements that are used for the initial cultivation of soil preparation further used for sowing seed or planting. It has been a major advanced machine used by farmers for agriculture farming. Lemekn products are good as a prerequisite for high yields. 

Ploughing is the primary function suitable in crops for aerating the soil and provides nutrients to the surface and loosening of the soil.

Lemekn produces one or three furrow ploughs for the different soil conditions and is suitable for tractors ranges from 35 HP of power engine tractors.

Lemken Cultivator

Lemken cultivators are produced with an easy solution for the stubble cultivation process during the farming system. Lemken cultivators are suitable for all types of soil.

Lemken cultivators are specially designed for three-rows tines suitable to work on the fields. It can easily be attached to the tractors for better soil penetration.

Lemken SubSoiler

Lemken subsoiler provides the best solution for the compaction in the soil. With large tines in design, it is good for operating in trash conditions. It is also perfect for all kinds of fields and different for operations. 

Lemken Power Harrow

Lemken Power Harroes are specially designed for better tillage systems in agriculture farming.

Lemken power harrows are designed for the perfect seedbed preparations and are good for both conventional and conservational tillage good for all kinds of soil operations. Lemken Power Harrow is cultivated densely with the soil and is good for consistently working. 

Lemken Mulcher/ Shreeder

Lemken shredder or mulcher is good for operating a crop residue management system. Lemken mulchers are the safest machines to operate in the field for the easy functioning of different crops systems. 

Best Lemken Products

Lemken Cultivator Achat 70-3/9

Lemken Cultivator named Achat 70-3/9 product range is good for stubble cultivation. Lemken implement is suitable for all kinds of soil, especially medium or light soil conditions. It guarantees free maintenance service and is good to prevent the implement from damage.

Lemken Power Harrow Perlite 5 – 175

Lemken Power Harrow Perlite 5 -175 model is superior in its performance and good at seedbed preparation and germination.

Lemken power harrow perlite 5-175 model is suitable for sowing purposes also and it can be attached with the 45-50 HP range of tractors. It is equipped with heavy-duty range of tines and features.

Lemken Opal 090-Hydraulic Reversible Plough 

 Lemken’s all-time favorite implement manufactured by the company is Hydraulic Reversible Plough liked by the farmers.

One of the famous models is Lemken Opal 090-Hydraulic Reversible Plough. Lemken Opal 090-Hydraulic Reversible Plough is made with a heavy metallic body efficient for easy agriculture operation.

Lemken Subsoiler Melior

Lemken Subsoiler Melior is the perfect implement model that is good for soil compaction. It is designed with a heavy-duty frame, long-life wear parts, adjustable tools, and works for longer operations.

This implements requires less maintenance and works for a longer duration. 


If you are searching for the perfect implement brand for your farmland then Lemken is the best implement brand for your field. Lemken produces a greater variety of products and implements to make agriculture work faster and easier for the farmers.

Lemken focused on producing excellent agriculture products that are equipped with advanced technologies and take comfort in operations. These implements are easily attached with the 35-50 HP range of tractors. 

These products are an advanced technological feature implements highly on demand by the farmers for the use of agriculture farming operations. Thus, if you are also looking for Lemken Agri inputs just go for the Lemken brand an easy to purchase and provides all facilities and services to Lemken brand machines. 

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