Names Of Farm Equipment Every Farmer commonly Needs

Names Of Farm Equipment Every Farmer commonly Needs

From backhoes to wagons, learn about some farm equipment and agricultural machinery that might be worthwhile investments for your farm.

Take a look at these farm-equipment types and gauge whether you need them to make your farm a more efficient and let’s be the honest more fun place to work.

1. Tractor:  

There never was a more broad category of ag machinery than this one. If only choosing a tractor were as simple as choosing a color though many farmers with brand allegiance will tell you it is!

2. Combine or Harvester: 

Grain farmers will find they need a combine (aka harvester) for their crop. Even with just an acre of grain crop, a combine is the most efficient means of getting it out of the field.


There are three general types of hay balers: round balers, square balers, and large square balers.

  • Round balers pick up hay from the field and roll it into round balls, then wrap it with netting or twine.
  •  Square balers are available in various sizes. The right square baler for your farm will depend on how much acreage you’re baling.
  • Large square balers are designed for large farms.

4. Rakes: 

Rakes are necessary pieces of farm equipment if you’re making hay. Wheel rakes, parallel-bar rakes, rotary rakes and belt rakes are pulled behind a tractor, and each has their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the quality of the hay-cutting job, the moisture content of the hay and the equipment-storage area available to you.

5. Transplanter: 

Long considered a tool of the large-scale farmer, there are now handheld transplanters in addition to the tractor-pulled transplanters that are making small-scale farmers lives easier.

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