Modern Harvesting Machines in India – Price, Specifications, and Features

Modern Harvesting Machines in India – Price, Specifications, and Features

Harvesting Machines mostly used in Agriculture and Agriculture is improving and so the scale and quality of agricultural production.

Nowadays, modern farming technology is widely used to increase production by improving several types of modern agricultural production processes. More awareness is created among farmers resulting in the use of smart farming techniques.

Modern technology involves the use of hybrid seeds, and pesticides and fertilizers, advanced agricultural equipment such as tractors, harvesters, plows, sprayers, and planters.

Mechanization of agriculture has not only reduced human efforts but is increasing the total agricultural yields.

Among several agricultural operations, Harvesting is a crucial task, it involves the gathering of ripened agricultural produce.

With the use of traditional harvesting methods, the quantity of waste was increasing, however, with the use of mechanical harvesting, the waste quantity is reduced. There are 5 main types of harvesting machines available in the market those are:

  • Crop Harvesting Machine

With the useof these crop harvesting machines, forage crops cultivated in paddy fields or upland are harvested. This machine comprises reaping and baler part.

Grain Harvesting Machine

With this machine, grains like the edible brans, cereal crop, and fruit seeds are harvested.

Root crop Harvesting Machine

These are used to harvest root crops. The best example of this type of harvesting machine is  Modern sugar beet harvester.


Threshers are used to separate the grain from stalks.

Vegetable Harvesting Machine

Vegetable farmers use this type of harvesting machine widely. The best example of vegetable harvesting machine is tomato
harvesting machine

There are a number of options available as lots of harvesting machine manufacturers and harvesting machine sellers are available in the market. Some leading names in the list of modern harvesting machines manufacturers are prominent. Some of the Modern harvesting machines in India are mentioned below:

1. PREET 849 Harvester:

Preet 849 combine harvester is designed to harvest all kinds of grains like wheat, soybean, paddy, mustard, and sunflower, etc. It is one of India’s leading combine harvesters which comes with latest feature and colour.

Features of PREET 849:

  • Tilt and Power Steering
  • Wide Straw Walker
  • Diesel tank with extra capacity
  • None risk of grain breakage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Attractive and unique machine

Specifications of PREET 849:

  • Brand – PREET
  • Model – PREET 849
  • Harvesting – Multicrop
  • Fuel Capacity – 365 Ltr
  • No. of Blades – 57
  • Cylinders – 6
  • Straw Walkers – 5
  • Best Price – INR 17.25 Lakhs

2. Dasmesh 9100:

This superior harvesting machine is built to perform in tough geographical conditions. Dasmesh Combine Harvester 9100 is another name for the combination of performance, style, and strength.

Features of Dasmesh 9100:

  • Straw Walker
  • 101 HP Ashok Leyland Engine
  • Multicrop Harvesting
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • AC Cabin
  • Hydraulic Auger System

Specifications of Dasmesh 9100:

  • Brand – Dasmesh
  • Model – Dasmesh 9100
  • Harvesting – Multicrop
  • Fuel Capacity – 360 Ltr
  • Straw Walkers – 5
  • Best Price – INR 19.50 Lakhs

3. Kartar 4000:

Ideal for those, who are looking for high speed and improved performance in farming, This Kartar 4000 harvester is available in all sizes and colours. This harvester helps in almost all types of farming operations such as threshing, reaping and winnowing.

Features of Kartar 4000:

  • High Speed
  • Energy Saving
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Water cooling system

Specifications of Kartar 4000:

  • Brand – Kartar
  • Model – Kartar 4000
  • Harvesting – Multigrain
  • Fuel Capacity – 380 Ltr
  • No. of Blades – 5
  • Cylinders – 6
  • Straw Walkers – 5
  • Best Price – INR 18 Lakhs

4. John Deere W50 & W70:

W50 Combine Harvester comes with a powerful engine. Its compact cutter bar allows it to move easily on the small farms and in the narrow lanes.

Features of John Deere W50:

  • Tilt Steering
  • Adjustable Seat
  • It has an adjustable floating
    type feeder house.
  • It has a self-cleaning radiator
  • 6 Bat reel handle

Specifications of John Deere W50:

  • Brand – John Deere
  • Model – W50
  • Harvesting – Multicrop
  • Fuel Capacity – 240 Ltr
  • Cylinders – 4
  • Best Price – INR 19.75 Lakhs

W70 Combine Harvester has an adjustable cutter bar and is ideal to use in all types of cops.

Features of John DeereW70:

  • 6 bat reels
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable floating drum
  • Adjuster Cutter

Specifications of John Deere W70:

  • Brand – John DeereModel –  W70
  • Harvesting – Multicrop
  • Fuel Capacity – 240 Ltr
  • Cylinders – 4
  • Best Price – INR 19.75 Lakhs

5. Tafe Cruzer 7504 DLX SP:

Tafe Cruzer 750 DLX SP combine harvester is ideal to use in paddy maize farms.

Features of Tafe Cruzer 7504 DLX SP:

  • Cutter Bar
  • Water cooling system
  • Power steering
  • Straw walkers
  • High Speed

Specifications of Tafe Cruzer 7504 DLX SP:

  • Brand- Tafe
  • Model – Cruzer 750 DLX
  • Cylinders – 4
  • Best Price – INR 17.5 Lakhs

For agricultural production harvesting is the best process in farming. Harvesting is done in various ways by using farm technologies and machines. Harvesting is done in a modern way by using several harvesting processes that reduces time and saves energy.

So, for this several kinds of harvesting machines are available in the market for inducing harvesting methods. Some of the popular harvesting brands are Preet, Dasmesh, Kartar,`John Deere, Tafe, etc.

These all the above-mentioned modern harvesting machines result in improved and fast operations thereby reducing the human efforts and operational costs.

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned herewith is research-based. Kindly, check with the dealer once.

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