Guidelines To Strong and Safe use of Tractors on farms

Guidelines To Strong and Safe use of Tractors on farms

The purpose of these guidelines is to help reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities by providing practical guidance on how to manage various tractor hazards.

Tractors are useful pieces of equipment on a farm. Make sure your kids understand that tractors are not played equipment. Rural Mutual has been protecting farms across the state for over 80 years. We have compiled the following tractor safety tips for you because we want to keep Wisconsin strong and safe.  While you are reading, do not forget to take action and control of your farm’s safety.

Always follow these Key Points:
1. Always wear a seat belt if the tractor has a Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS)
2. Do not carry passengers on tractors that do not have instructor seats, ROPS, and safety belts
3. Ensure PTO shafts and connections are guarded and keep clear when it is engaged
4. Never jump on or off a moving tractor
5. Don’t turn down a slope – this is very dangerous.
6. All new agricultural tractors bought after 31 August 2001 must have seatbelts. Always keep seatbelts and anchor points in good condition.
7. When parking the tractor – even for a short time – lower the front and rear hydraulics to the ground. Make it part of your routine.
8. Keep the speed down when carrying a load.
9. Avoid sudden stops when carrying a load – the tractor could overbalance.
10. Lower the bucket or attachment to the ground when parking.
11. No one should stand near the rear of the baler when ejecting the bale.
12. Connecting implements incorrectly or above the tractor’s centre of gravity can cause a tractor to roll over backwards.
13. Always connect implements to the tractor the way the manufacturer designed them. This connects the load well below the tractor’s centre of gravity.
14. Don’t work the cultivator if the blade bolts are missing.
15. Make sure there is no interference when you lift, back or turn the cultivator.

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