Popular Dasmesh Agriculture Implements

Popular Dasmesh Agriculture Implements

Implements come from various brands. Farmers always try to purchase those kinds of implements and machines for the usage of the agriculture farming system. Harvesting is the process in agriculture where farmers look for comfortable machines and implements that make the work easy for the farmers in operation.

Hence, it is suitable for everyone to know that Dasmesh is the perfect brand for harvesting implements and machines. Dasmesh brand comes under the company name Dasmesh Group Of Companies. The company main headquartered in Punjab. 

Dasmesh manufacturers the latest design and features of agriculture products as per the needs of the farmers or market. The company is the prominent leader in producing several agri-inputs products like Track Harvester Combine, Self harvester Combine, Rotavator, Maize Harvester Combine, and many more agriculture products and other spare parts related to agriculture and other automobiles products.  

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Features of Dasmesh Implements Brands

  • Dasmesh Implement brand is based in India.
  • Dasmesh harvesters are best in crops like paddy, soybean, wheat, etc.
  • Dasmesh implements are best in quality.
  • Dasmesh brand has a large number of dealers network. 
  • Dasmesh Implements products are tested by the engineers after production and then ready for sale in the market.
  • The products are certified and ISO marked.

Categories Of Dasmesh Products

Dasmesh brand produces several categories of agriculture products and spare parts tools or equipment according to the requirement of the customer’s or farmers. Some of them with the brief description are as follows:

  1. Combine Harvesters 

Dasmesh Combine Harvesters are specially designed for operations in harvesting purposes. Dasmesh Combine Harvesters are manufactured with new graphics, the latest design, easy to operate, advanced features, suitable for crops like paddy, wheat, soybean, etc. Combine harvesters are designed for harvesting in agriculture. 

  1.  Rotary Tillers/ Rotavator

Dasmesh’s most popular agriculture implement is Rotary Tiller or Rotavator. Rotavators are produced with high-quality features and supplied to all parts of India at a larger scale.  Rotary Tillers or Rotavator are more efficient, low maintenance, and effective in price.                                                                                                                                                              

  1. Dasmesh Straw Reaper

Dasmesh brand also produces straw reaper machine that is manufactured with the latest design and technical machine to make the work easy for farming. Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper is the superb implement model.

Popular Dasmesh Implements In India

As we came to know there are several categories of products and implements designed by the Dasmesh company. Some of the popular Dasmesh implements models are:

Dasmesh Combine Harvester 726 (Straw Walker)– Dasmesh Combine Harvester 726 model is the best track combine harvester that is suitable for the Paddy crop that comes with advanced technology and new graphics design. 

It can easily work with wet or muddy fields. It is equipped with 76 HP of a powerful engine, 4 cylinders, single frame chassis that generates 2200 RPM. Dasmesh Combine Harvester 726 implement can be easily attached with the Tractor range of 21-30 HP. 

Dasmesh Combine Harvester 913 – The next most popular Combine Harvester model is 913 that is ideal for harvesting crops like Soyabean, Paddy, and Wheat. Dasmesh Combine Harvester 913 is suitable to work with tractors range of 51-60 HP. It requires low maintenance and can be easily dismantled. 

Dasmesh 7100 Combine Harvester– Dasmesh 7100 Combine Harvester is a self-propelled mini combine harvester machine inclined with a heavy-duty Gearbox. It is suitable for multiple harvesting crops like soybean, paddy, wheat, etc.

Dasmesh 7100 Combine Harvester is equipped with 101 HP of a powerful engine, 4 cylinders, generates 2200 RPM, and comes with a power steering feature.

Dasmesh Rotary Tiller 6 Feet– Dasmesh Rotary Tiller is the best model for easy functioning at the grade components. It can be attached with a 51-60 HP range of tractors. It comes with a new design and the latest functions. 

Dasmesh Straw Reaper 517 – Dasmesh Straw Reaper 517 is known to be the best operating machine that is used for reaping. It is designed with new graphics and is suitable to work with a 21-30 HP range of tractors.

Dasmesh Straw Reaper 517 model is suitable to make straw from wheat stubbles after the harvesting procedure. It is fixed with a heavy-duty gearbox, frame made with heavy-duty pipes, it works smoothly with the help of gears. The best thing that company avails about its spares that is easily available everywhere. 

Dasmesh Seed Drill 6 Feet–  Dasmesh Seed Drill 6 Feet is made with the latest design and advance features. It is fabricated with high components. It is an excellent performing roto seed drill machine that is suitable for different crops like pea, mustard, wheat, maize, etc. It requires less maintenance, is longer functional, is simple, and is easy to operate.

The seed Drill machine firstly prepares the field and then acknowledges it with further operations. This machine works smoothly and performs superior in every field operation like jowar, maize, cotton, sugarcane, banana, etc. Dasmesh Seed Drill 6 Feet machine is suitable for tractor ranges 51-60 HP. 

Dasmesh Happy Seeder 610 – Dasmesh Happy Seeder 610 model is suitable to plant a wheat seed without hampering paddy or rice straw. It is an advanced technology machine made of new graphic design, that helps in sowing the wheat even in moisture land.

It helps in improving the soil efficiency and condition. It is equipped with a heavy-duty gearbox for various loadless operations. Happy Seeder 610 by Dasmesh is easy to work with 41-50 HP of tractor range. All the spares are easily available in all the parts of India. 

Dasmesh Combine Harvester 9100 – Dasmesh Combine Harvester 9100 is the perfect harvester machine that comes with a high-speed gearbox, suitable for harvesting crops like soybean, paddy, wheat. This machine is easily performed in the toughest conditions of soil and land. It is equipped with high-quality raw materials that perform excellently on the field. 

Dasmesh 631 Round Straw Baler – A certified Round blazer by Dasmesh is presented for multiple farming operations. It is easily attached with the tractors from 41-75 HP. It is a corrosion resistance made with high-quality steel and performs excellently in all works. 


Dasmesh implement brand fro India attracts the customers to purchase these implements and products as it performs excellently on the farming operations and fixes in the budget of the customers. Also, the company assures in providing the best spare parts of all Dasmesh products and implements at an affordable price all over India. 

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