MITRA Sprayers Helps In Reducing The Pesticides Use In Orchards

MITRA Sprayers Helps In Reducing The Pesticides Use In Orchards

MITRA is one of the best farm companies in producing the best spraying machines to make an easy solution for the farmers while spraying several pesticides to the various farm categories including horticulture, sericulture, vineyards, fruits, etc. 

MITRA sprayers are produced by the best researchers by developing an automated spraying system on ultrasonic sensors that helps in reducing pesticide consumption in orchards.

The advanced technology of ultrasonic sound signals is easily sent and received by the sprayer that is mounted on a Tractor. The ultimate function of MITRA sprayers works effectively in the open space of orchard farming. 

Interesting and frequent methods adopted by the orchard producers are continuous spraying and manual spraying. But, using both of them has different clauses which is a serious issue.

In older times, manual spraying through hands is hazardous to one’s health while in operating procedures, there is a continuous spread of pesticides while in return the chemicals that are sprayed are wasted in abundance.

On the other side, the sensor-based sprayer or continuous sprayer works effectively on spraying the pesticides on plants. 

MITRA produces a wide variety of pesticide spraying machines with the latest technology set up in its plant in India.

In orchard farming spraying pesticides at different plants, canopies are seriously concerned when spraying into the rows when intended into the targeted fruits and leaves but not reach to the targeted field in such situation MITRA sprayers help at a larger scale.

There are different orchard sprayers produced by the MITRA with an aim of reducing the environment and conserving the tress.

MITRA Sprayer Airotec Turbo 600

MITRA Sprayer Airotec Turbo 600  is a powerful tractor-mounted spraying machine suitable to protect the crop. It is inclined with a strong compact size tank. Airotec Turbo 600 is easily retrofitted with a low Power range of tractors including 20 HP.

It is attached with the effective function of a manually operated sprayer that gives the record of the accurate spread of chemicals into the rows. It can be best operated in low vineyards. The company provides Sprayer Airotec Turbo 600 with one year of warranty. 

MITRA Sprayer Airotec Super Turbo 1000

MITRA Sprayer Airotec Super Turbo 1000 is the perfect sprayer model. It can work easily with 24 HP and above the range of tractors. MITRA Sprayer Airotec Super Turbo 1000 is available with four variants. The company provides doorstep service.

It comes with one year warranty. This is the best spraying machine that works uniformly by giving the best crop protection. The multipurpose application is good for spraying and dipping in all vineyards and orchards. 

MITRA Sprayer Cropmaster 400 

MITRA Sprayer Cropmaster 400 is a tractor-mounted boom spraying machine that is ideal for crops like Soyabean, Tur, Cotton, Sugarcane, Cereals, and Pulses. It is the best operating machine, good for all types of ground crops.

The Boom sprayer Cropmaster 400 is available in 200 and 400 variants. The company provides Cropmaster 400 in one year of warranty with a free service option.

The crops are protected with a simple chemical spray through a vulnerable spray machine. It is a tractor-mounted machine that can be easily attached to a 21-30 HP range of tractors. 

Mitra Sprayer V4 616 Orangemaster Bullet

Mitra Sprayer V4 616 Orangemaster Bullet is a tractor-mounted spray machine is specially designed for orange crop protection. It works with high efficiency in the field. It is a multipurpose application machine that comes with free service and one year warranty.  

MITRA Sprayer Grapemaster ECO+

MITRA Sprayer Grapemaster ECO+ is a tractor-mounted operating sprayer ideal for the protection of crops like grapes.

The machine can be easily attached with a 21-30 HP range of tractors. It is a high-performance spray machine that is good for all crops. It is provided with one year of warranty. 


In short, the perfect strategy should be made for better crop protection while using the accurate spray. To spread chemicals to various crops MITRA develops several spraying machines, boom sprayers for the protection of the crops.

All the products are available with one year of warranty with specialized features. All the machines are easy to operate and perform excellently on the field. 

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