Mechanizing Indian Farmers with Custom Hiring Centers

Mechanizing Indian Farmers with Custom Hiring Centers

The average agricultural operational landholding size in India is about 1.16 ha means about 80 percent of the agricultural land cultivated by small and marginal farmers in our country. Indian farmers cannot invest in costly farm equipment.

So, they depend on renting farm implements to carry out agricultural operations in their fields. For high production from agriculture, there is a need to complete all operations on time.

Labour shortage at peak operation time is a serious problem generally faced by Indian farmers nowadays. There are several options now available to increase the efficiency and timeliness of agricultural operations even on small farms by using farm equipment. Here we are going to discuss the custom hiring centers for farm machinery in detail, just have a look.

How to Establish Custom Hiring Centers at Village Level –   

Farm Mechanization gets practicality and exactness to agricultural operations. Custom Hiring Centers for farm equipment were set up in 100 NICRA towns which could effectively engage Indian farmers to hold over the lack of work and further develop proficiency of rural tasks.

An advisory group of farmers selected by the gram Sabha deals with the custom Hiring Centre. The rates for recruiting the machines/carries out are chosen by the Village Climate Risk Management Committee (VCRMC).

This advisory group additionally utilizes the income produced from renting charges for maintenance of farm machinery and the remaining goes into the fund.

Impact of Custom Hiring Centers on Village Life Through Farm Mechanization-

Custom Hiring Centers for farm equipment help Indian farmers to get to carry out a few agricultural practices and innovations on time. 

Delay at the beginning of rain combined with deficiency precipitation in July is antagonistically influencing relocating of paddy.

Showing of direct cultivating of rice with drum seeder came about inconvenient planting, save almost 25 liters of diesel and 35-man days for relocating and saving of 3 hours for each ha in this way lessening the cost of development and expanding grain yield by 17%. 

Utilization of seed cum fertilizer drill on time helps in the protection of crop and helps to enhance the chance of crop diversity.

The wide bed furrow planting technique in soybean with planter kept away from harm to the harvest because of overabundance precipitation in Kharif season and acknowledged about 40% yield advantage than flatbed planting. 

To ideal planting of wheat, asset protection and to improve usefulness was taken up. Wheat was planted straightforwardly after collect of rice utilizing zero till seed drill or happy seeder, saved work, and expanded crop yield.

Management of Custom Hiring Centre For Farm Equipment –  

An innovative high-tech institutional setup at the town level should be established for the operation management of the custom hiring center for farm equipment. Town Climate Risk Management Committee (VCRMC) was established including 12-20 locals with designated individuals as President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

A ledger is opened for the sake of VCRMC and is worked by any two signatories. The board fixes the charges for renting for various carries out and recruiting rates are to be shown unmistakably.

Farmer contributory offer towards inputs like seeds, compost, animals, and so on, is additionally saved in the ledger. The income and use subtleties should be imparted to the overall body intermittently.

Advantages of Custom Hiring Centers –

  • Help small and marginal farmers to access costly farm equipment on time.
  • Help to work in on time and help to enhance agricultural productivity
  • Help to tackle all climate-resilient practices because of the availability of appropriate machines at reasonable hiring charges to farmers
  • Reduces high dependency on labour 
  • Help to increase in cropping intensity 
  • Help in crop residue recycling and prevents burning of crop stubble
  • Help to provides work opportunities to skilled labour and small artisans
  • Help to attract young farmers through farm mechanization

Which Farm Machinery Custom Hiring Centers Offers to Farmers – 

Tractors – Provide to operate all types of farm implements

Drip and Sprinkler Set – Water-saving devices especially drip and sprinkler sets are very popular in areas predominant with horticulture crops.

Seed Cum Fertilizer Drills– This implement helped in the introduction of intercropping patterns and helped to improve fertilizer efficiency. This has helped in the proper distribution of seed and fertilizer in the field on time.

Power Weeders – These implements help farmers in timely weed control so that water and nutrient use efficiency get improve

Threshers – Different types of crop threshers available in custom hiring centers enabled farmers in timely threshing operations at a lower cost. So that it helps to avoid crop damage in weather abbreviations.

Zero till Drill – Zero till drills help farmers to save time, water, fuel by easy operations.

Different Types of Plough – Plough help in pulverizing soil and keep soil quality maintain

Different Types of Sprayers – To protect plants from pests and diseases

In short custom hiring centers for farm mechanization help farmers in hassle-free farm operations with the best farm equipment.

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