Top 5 Seed Cum Fertilizers Drill in India

Top 5 Seed Cum Fertilizers Drill in India

The amount in which monsoon is important for the farms to grow, pre-monsoon season gains the same weight in terms of importance. As it is important for all the farmers to start seeding before monsoon starts.

For medium to large scale farms, it becomes difficult to seed manually, hence for a perfect and effortless seeding, highly efficient seed planting Tractor implements have been designed. These multi-purpose seed cum fertilizer drills are used to perform agricultural operations like seed sowing, fertilization using a single machine.

These fertilizer drills are mainly used to maintain application seed drill distance, to enhance production and improve germination. Farmers can easily get these farming implements at the online marketplaces for agricultural machines and implements where they can compare products made at different agricultural implements manufacturers  

Here is a list of various agriculture machine brands providing leading tractor models and implements at affordable prices.

1. John deere SD 1013:

The John Deere seed cum fertilizer drill SD 1013 is specially designed for John Deere 5000 tractor series.

  • It has seed and fertilizer rate adjustment mechanism allowing this implement to be suitable for different seed rates and sizes.
  • The transparent tubes make the tubes easy for inspection.
  • Uniform row to row spacing can be maintained with the help of an adjustable marker.
  • The spiked ground wheel makes it suitable for a variety of crop requirements.
  • The metering system is made corrosion free with the use of aluminium and nylon parts.

Specifications of John Deere SD 1013:

  1. Model: SD 1013
  2. No. of Tines: 13
  3. Suitable Tractor Models: 5050 D, 5050 E, 5055 E, 5055 E 4WD, 5060 E
  4. Seed / Fertilizer Capacity: 120 / 115 Kg
  5. Overall Width: 2600 mm
  6. Operating Width: 2375 mm
  7. Depth of Operation: 40 to 60 mm

2. Khedut Seed Drill 13:

Khedut Seed Drill cum fertilizer (multi-crop) is a highly efficient seed planting tool used for sowing various kinds of seeds. The use of inclined plate seeding mechanism helps in improving the high-speed seeding.

Specifications of Khedut Seed Drill 13:

  • Model: KASCFDI 13
  • Frame: 60x60x5 mm tubular frame
  • Seed Box: MS Galvanize
  • Seed & Fertilizer Box Capacity: 70 Kg
  • Working Width: 2000mm
  • Weight: 390 Kg
  • Tractor Power: 35 – 55 HP

3. Landforce seed cum SDD13:

Landforce Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill is used for activities like fertilization and seeding process. This drill implement can be retrofitted to a tractor of 35 HP and above. This implement drills seeds and fertilizer together but releases them separately in a single drive. 

  • This drill saves fuel and time.
  • It helps in good germination.
  • Allows proper distribution of seeds and fertilizers.
  • Improves soil health.

Specifications of Landforce Seed Cum SDD13:

    1. Model: SDD13
    2. Overall Width: 105”
    3. Height: 47”
    4. Weight: 365 Kg
    5. No. of tines: 13
    6. No. of Row Maker: 2

4.Mahindra Seed Drill SDCT11:

For sowing different types of seeds, Mahindra Tractor Seed Drill is used by many farmers. It effectively sows seeds at equal spaces and proper depth allowing to avoid wastage. With this implement farmers can:

  • Maintain row to row distance as per crop requirement.
  • Result in better yield of crops.
  • Less seed wastage due to uniform seeds quantity in a row.
  • Seed rate is adjustable depending upon the size of the seeds and seed manufacturer.

Specifications of Mahindra Seed Drill SDCT11:

    1. Model: SD-CT-11
    2. Row to Row Spacing: Standard & Adjustable.
    3. Seed Quantity: Jack Mounting.
    4. Fertilizer Quantity: Jack Mounting.
    5. Seed Dropping: Vertical Rotating Distance with Cells on its Periphery.
    6. Type of Seeds: Groundnut, Garlic, Wheat, Sesamum, Kidney Bean, Pigeon Pea
    7. Seed & Fertilizer Capacity: 100 Kg

5.Vishwakarma seed Drill – VSD 13:

This implement is developed for tough geographical conditions. It consists of Aluminium Type Fluted Roller as Seed Metering Device.

Specifications of Vishavkarma Seed Drill – VSD 13:

  1. Model: VSD 13
  2. Weight: 350 Kg
  3. No. of Tines: 13
  4. Row Spacing: 75’
  5. Seed Metering Device: Aluminium Type Fluted Roller
  6. Fertilizer Metering Device: Cell Type.
  7. Hitch Type: Category – II

All these above mentioned seed cum fertilizers are of the leading agri-machines manufacturing brands along with their features and specifications.

Disclaimer: All the above mentioned information is research based, kindly confirm with the seller before buying.

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