Tractor with Cage Wheel for Puddling Operation in Rice Cultivation

Tractor with Cage Wheel for Puddling Operation in Rice Cultivation

Puddling is a significant activity of wetland rice development which works with transplanting, weed control, and lessens permeation loss of water and supplements. Nonetheless, other than these benefits, the puddling makes soil state of being impeding to post rice crops.

The puddling index of rice soils expanded essentially over farmers’ practice when puddling was finished by mechanical puddling implements. 

Puddling Prompts

  • Increasing water-holding limit because of expansion in microporosity of the soil. 
  • Makes manual transplanting simpler by decreasing the shear strength of the soil. 
  • Reduction in air-filled pore volume by supplanting water. 
  • Increase in moisture content of the soil. 
  • Better weed control because of the absence of oxygen and shift in weed greenery. 
  • Improves soil fruitfulness and efficiency of the soil. 
  • The best return is for the most part announced from wetland rice development. 

In this way, extraordinary conspicuousness has been on improvement of the appropriate arrangement of practices and apparatus for wetland rice development. Paddy crop requires a lot of water and consequently, to diminish water system necessity, puddling is to be finished in rice soils prior to planting/transplanting.

Advantages of Puddling for Rice Cultivation  

  • Reduced draft necessities for tillage operations 
  • Easy transplanting 
  • Increase in supplement accessibility 
  • Reduces soil penetrability 
  • Preserves amphibian, anaerobic conditions 
  • Controls weeds, improves water preservation

Disadvantages of Puddling for Rice Cultivation

  • Excessive water use 
  • Low traffic capacity 
  • The difficulty of recovering soil structure for the dryland crop following wetland rice 
  • Puddling makes the soil chemically unique in relation to other soils 
  • A puddled soil framework is portrayed by the presence of decreased soil layer
  • Destroys soil aggregates
  • Breakage of soil capillary pores 
  • Energy consuming operations

Tractor with Cage Wheel Application for Puddling

A Tractor with a cage wheel and harrow was required for puddling activity. At least three tasks are needed for an acceptable puddle for transplanting.

It takes almost seven to eight hours to set one up hectare of land. The 35 HP tractor with a rotavator when utilized for puddling soil with 5 to 10 cm profundity of standing water on a superficial level, required fewer working hours and has higher turnover as contrasted and disc harrow.

The profundity of puddle and circulation of soil total acquired with rotavator is in not at all second rate compared to that got with the paddy-disc harrow. It has been additionally seen that essentially little leveling out is needed after the puddling activity.

Use of Cage Wheels for Puddling in Rice Cultivation   

The cage wheel is widely utilized in the development of paddy and wheat. It is utilized to blend the dark soil appropriately while setting up the land for crop manor.

The tractor with cage wheels is comprised of substantial steel point bars. They are perfect for fixing on a wide range of tractors (35-50 Hp tractors in India) because of their flexible plan.

The enclosure wheels are additionally utilized for separating large stones into little pieces. Tractor cage wheels can be ordered into two classes depending on the technique for connection one is a Fixed tractor cage wheel or half cage wheel, and another is a Detachable tractor cage wheel or full cage wheel.

Half and full cage wheels Generally unique assembling organizations produce various sizes of traditional wheels. They are made with no plan and have no standard measurements. 

Rice is a principal crop in India. Arrangement of wetland for rice estate is a significant stage. To mulch the soil appropriately and blend something very similar in wet conditions, Full Cage Wheel is utilized. Particularly in the are the place where profound water puddling is done, full cage wheels are utilized. It gives a great foothold in wet soil and blends soil optimally. 

Highlights of Cage Wheels

  • Sizes available for all ranges of HP of the tractor. 
  • Designed ideally to get the best mulching of wet soil. 
  • Sturdy and solid. 
  • Easy to mount on tractor back axles. 
  • Generally made up of Strong Mild steel 
  • Width of wheels appropriate as indicated by all scope of tractor 
  • The perfect design of cage wheels assists with using the most extreme draft in wetland conditions. 
  • Better Specific Fuel Consumption makes it more affordable to utilize. 
  • Tractor with heavy-duty rear axle perfect for cage wheel operations. 

Perfect Tractors for Puddling in India

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