All About Mahindra JIVO Series Tractors in India

All About Mahindra JIVO Series Tractors in India

According to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook Database Indian economy is secured 5th rank all over the world. In the Indian economy, agriculture contributed 17 -18 % to GDP and employed more than 50 % of Indian workforce. In our India there are so many marginal farmers.

As per times demand for Indian agriculture, farm mechanization is a basic need for it. The tractor plays a key role in Indian agriculture. So as per our marginal farmers, the tractor should be in the budget, cost-effective, light-weighted to reduce soil compaction issues and suitable for any kind of farm operations.

In India there are so many Tractor manufacturers like – Mahindra Tractor, Escorts Tractor, Sonalika Tractor, Tafe Tractor, Solis Tractor, Swaraj Tractor, etc. but the market leader since the last 30 years is Mahindra.

Mahindra Provides Tractors in nearly all the categories to Indian agriculture. After the huge successes of the Mahindra Yuvo Tractor Series, Mahindra Comes with the most stylish, compact, and effective Mahindra JIVO Tractor Series

Why are Mahindra JIVO Tractors suitable for Indian agriculture?

Mahindra JIVO Tractors are Compact in nature, but they have great PTO HP as compared to other higher HP tractors. So, all types of tillage operations would be possible with these tractors.

Larger size Rotavators, plough, Harrows, cultivators easily operable with JIVO Tractors. Their Compact nature helps in orchid crops or low crop spacing farms.

Due to being lightweight, this tractor reduces soil compaction issues which generate because of heavy machinery. They are the best tractors in the Lower Hp range Category.

These Tractors are cost-effective because they give enough benefits to compare to their Price. 

Detail about Mahindra JIVO Tractor Series- 

This Series Designed Especially for the Indian farmer. This series presents with great profit because of low cost, high mileage, and Great Power.

These tractor series are available in Below 40 HP category tractors. There are four models in the Mahindra JIVO tractor series. Here we are going to discuss all these models in detail…

This 2WD new tractor specially designed for farmers, who want to buy a tractor in the below 20 HP category. This 20 HP tractor has 18.4 PTO HP, which makes it very powerful and capable to do all types of ploughing, pulling and haulage operations effectively.

A 2 Cylinder Mahindra engine and 1366 displacement cc gives more value addition to this Tractor model. The Best part of This tractor is high lifting capacity and high Torque, which help to work in the heavy-duty load.

All other specifications of this Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 2WD model listed below…

Engine typeMahindra DI 
Engine rated RPM2300
Engine HP20
Displacement CC in1336
No. of cylinder2
Max Torque – Nm7.41 kg m
Air Cleaner / FilterDry 
Transmission typeSliding mesh
No. of gears Forward8
No. of gears Reverse4
Speed Forward – kmphmin 2.08, max. 25 kmph 
Brakes typeOil immersed brakes 
Max PTO (HP)18.4
PTO RPM @ engine, rpmTwo (605, 705) rpm
Steering typePower steering (Optional) 
Fuel tank capacity22 lit. 
Lifting Capacity Max.750kgs
Turning Radius of Brakes2.3m 
Drive (2WD/4WD)2WD
Front Tyre5.2×14
Rear Tyre8.3×24
Hydraulic typePC & DC

This is the lowest HP 4WD tractor in this JIVO series. As per the above tractor, this model also has 20 HP engine power and 18.4 PTO HP. This 4WD feature makes this model use power to all the wheels, which increases the productivity of that tractor and also enhances driving comfort.

Best in mileage and low maintenance costs make this tractor more cost-effective. With a sliding mesh gearbox, 8+4 gears and oil-immersed brakes makes this model strong in transmission.

For more Specifications of this Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD tractor model you can check it at

This is 24 HP Orchid Tractor with 22 PTO HP. Narrow Track width and short turning radius make it operable in Orchid crops. Due to high in PTO HP, this model is highly efficient in spraying with high-end mist sprayers also.

Automatic depth and draft control make this tractor suitable for any kind of Cultivator, Plough, etc. This is extremely useful in intercultural operations. For better traction force this 4WD feature is helpful to our farmers.

This tractor brings the best performance with power steering and high lifting capacity. To know more about this model just check KhetiGaadi.

This is one of the great models in the JIVO series. Specially designed for working in the clay soil of paddy fields. This Tractor is equipped with Position – Auto control technology, which provides great efficiency while Puddling in paddy fields.

With that technology, puddling depth would be adjusted without adjustment in the PC lever. So that this model also is known as the ‘Master of Puddling’. This model comes with 36 engine HP and 30 PTO HP. The lightweight build of this model results in less soil compaction and easily operable in wet and sticky soil. To know more about this model just check our site khetigaadi .com.          

Conclusion: All the above models are the best gift for Indian farmers from Mahindra Tractor. Khetigaadi also plays an important role in the Indian farm Mechanization. KhetiGaadi provides all detailed information about the above model, so do check it. KhetiGuru is another platform that contributes more value addition to Indian agriculture. 

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