Let’s Know in Detail About Tractor Systems

Let’s Know in Detail About Tractor Systems

As we know that farm mechanization frees millions of agricultural workers for other industries. Reduction in the labor force in the agriculture sector is the main motivation point in farm mechanization. Mechanization in agriculture has several objectives like increasing productivity, improvement in the quality of field operations, and on-time tillage operations. The modern tractor industry plays an important role to achieve these objectives. Evolution in tractors has come with a change in agricultural technology and land under agriculture cultivation. There are so many types in tractors, but today’s modern agricultural new tractors are one complex vehicle used to power all types of farm implements. So, to know in detail about tractor technology we must study about various types of systems involved in that complex vehicle – Tractor.

  • Engine – 

The most important part of any vehicle is the engine. There are so many types and size engines that have been used in tractors. In our India Tractor manufactures like John Deere Tractor, Mahindra Tractor, Swaraj Tractor, Sonalika Tractor, Escorts Tractor have their own engines. Most tractors have four-stroke engines although some of them have two-stroke diesel engines. Automobile engines are generally unsuitable for the tractors. Tractor engines are specially designed for a high load factor that is near about 80-90 % brake horsepower. Tractor engines are generally designed with 1-4 cylinders, but a single-cylinder engine is generally used in Power Tillers nowadays. Swaraj 717 Tractor, Eicher 242 Tractor are the examples of the Single cylinder engine tractors. To know more about Mini Tractors just check at khetigaadi.com. These modern tractor engines have a smaller Stroke to bore ratio, which is held in higher engine speed, more compact size, and reduction in vibrations, which makes our tractors comfortable and efficient.

  • Lubrication System – 

The main objective of this lubrication system is a reduction in friction, wear, and power loss. As modern machines like tractors are designed to maintain higher loads and speeds, this lubrication technology has been made. Tractor engines are equipped with an internal pressurized system of lubrication. Lubrication in tractors takes place with special type oil called universal tractor oil. This lubricant is used for the most lubricated parts in tractors like engine, transmission, hydraulic system, brake system. This oil is varying in quality and specifications according to tractor manufacturers.

  • Transmission System –

The main purpose of that Transmission system is to transmit power from the engine to wheels, PTO, Hydraulic Pump, and other auxiliaries. There are many Transmission types in the tractor, few of them like sliding mesh, constant mesh, Synchronized or synchromesh, power shift, etc. The first three systems of transmission are called manual transmission systems because gears are engaged with manual efforts only. The most important thing about John Deere tractors is they are equipped with a Collar shift gearbox in their transmission system, which makes it excellent in performance. The most Famous tractors in Escorts tractorsDigitrac PP 51i Tractor and Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx equipped with a constant mesh Transmission system. Whole detailed specifications of all Tractors available at the new tractor page at khetigaadi.com.

  • Hydraulic System – 

The best hydraulic system in the tractor enhances the performance of the tractor. The hydraulic system is the key factor in high duty tractor operations. The hydraulic control system used in tractors is classified into three systems – Nudging System, Automatic Position Control System, Automatic Draft Control System. With the help of above listed hydraulic systems agriculture implements like Rotavator, Cultivator, Seed Drill, Plough could be used with automatic control. Farmers can raise and lower their mounted implements according to the need with a hydraulic system. The hydraulic lifting capacity of the tractor is directly proportional to the performance result of the tractor. Hydrostatic Power Steering is another great benefit of the hydraulic system. Our Modern Tractor industry gives importance to the operator’s comfort, that’s why power steering is the best part of new tractors as compared to Old Tractors.

  • Ergonomic Design of Tractor – 

Modern Tractors are designed with consideration of human factors. The ergonomic design of the tractor allows the operator to work in a complex situation with efficiency and safety. Ease in location and arrangement of controls, riding comfort and visibility enhance the performance of the operator. 


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