New Farming Technologies of 2024: Benefits and More

New Farming Technologies of 2024: Benefits and More

With the growing global population and increasing hunger every single day, the farming industry is under a lot of pressure these days. This pressure describes itself as a need to produce more yields every year, way more than in previous years. The amount of agricultural produce should be increased to meet hunger needs satisfactorily until 2050. For this, the adoption of new farming technologies is a must. But to do that, all other socio-economic factors and natural hazards, as well as their effects, should be taken into consideration. With a lot of research, scientists have come up with a number of the latest farming technologies. Let’s have a look at them. The future of agriculture is defined in terms of the involvement of Robotics, Auto-machineries, Drones, and many more farming innovations. Below mentioned are some of the latest farming technologies of 2023: 1)Farm-based Biofactories: Research says, that by 2028 synthetic biology will have immense potential in terms of producing different kinds of food including meat and drinks at lower costs than available presently.  These factories do this by manipulating genes, which results in the creation of new properties and new flavors. The bioproduction industry is expected to reach $100B by the year 2020. 2) Indoor Commercial Farming using LED Grow Lights: This farming technique uses a light recipe and allows any season-farming by using LED grow lights customized as per their specific crop requirement. This innovation allows farmers to harvest 25 times a year. And this all can be done using 85% less energy. As a result, customers will get fresh vegetables throughout the year and the farmers will enjoy an increase in crop production with lower operational costs. Also, consumers will get vegetables without the harmful effects of harmful pesticides, preservatives, and fertilizers. 3)  Management Systems: For every task to be performed, proper management is necessary. The same is true with farming. Farming involves a blend of processes and applications and maintaining and monitoring all of these functions in one instance is not an easy job. For this purpose, farm management systems have been developed which allow farmers to monitor crop conditions, schedule planting, and harvesting, and prioritize daily and long-term tasks. This all is done by gathering all the farming information in one app and can be done in a single interface. 4) Autonomous Farming Vehicles – The autonomous farming vehicles can be used for a number of farming operations. These vehicles can be used for fruit picking, and vegetable picking by replacing human pickers and trays, they can be used for transporting robots, they can also be used for measuring crop growth rates. Nowadays, many farming vehicles such as tractors come with a number of tractor implements or tools such as seeders, cultivators, scrappers, and threshers allowing ease in farming activities. These vehicles are truly farmer’s friends and will be used enormously in the future. Advantages of Modern Technology in Agriculture- Farming and agricultural technology include the use of environmentally sound farming methods, which have been explained above in this article. This technology allows the use of various types of equipment with combined efforts of biotechnology. Using these modern technologies in agriculture will benefit in the following ways:
  • Forecasting –

    With the invention of management systems and precision technology, farmers can easily know the future conditions and requirements of the weather, supply, soil conditions, etc, and more. Which will ultimately lead to precautionary efforts and then the reduction in harm caused by uninvited disasters.
  • Accelerating Farming Production –

    With the invention of more technically advanced machinery, robots, and drones, farmers have increased their annual production with comparatively fewer efforts.
  • Reduction in Cost of Production –

    The reduced number of risks, working manpower and forecasting, and the latest technology tractors have led to lower operational and production costs.
  • Crops higher in nutrition

    Technology has introduced so many advanced types of machinery and tools, some of which allow farmers to know the required quantity of fertilizer, soil fertility, and weather forecast which leads to the production of more nutritious crops.
  • Lowers the Hunger Risk –

    As explained above, technology is enabling fast and quality products in the farming industry. Which will surely help to reduce the hunger risk in the coming future.
Farming equipment and technology have together gifted all farmers a gift of ease in operations at a lower cost. For e.g. previously, sowing seeds on farms was a very hectic laborious manual process but now with a blend of technology along with farming technologies seeding machines and precision seeders have come along with tractors. GPS-enabled tractors are being used nowadays to control machine navigation throughout the farm. Similarly, harvesters can be combined with IOT and sensors to know the crop conditions. These all are the required and mandatory technological changes in agriculture to see hunger-free and satisfactory living on the earth.  Visit our page for more information about Tractor, Agricultural implements, Tractor Price, Tractor Videos, and Tractor Games. Visit the Khetiguru mobile application for the latest farming-related updates.


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