CNH, Top European tractor maker targets mainstream market in India

CNH, Top European tractor maker targets mainstream market in India


Case New Holland, or CNH, a leading tractor manufacturer from Europe, is aiming to compete in India’s mainstream market against local top players Mahindra & Mahindra, TAFE, Escorts, etc. According to its plans, CNH is trying to double its market share in the tractor industry segment while starting to make a different range of tractors in the 25-40 HP category.

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CNH, managing director, Raunak Verma, stated that, “By not participating in the core of the market, we are not doing justice to the organization and shareholders. We are making a strategic shift to have a tailored portfolio for the 25-50 horsepower range. We are not looking at a commoditized product, we will come out with an application-specific product.”

He also said that, for over two decades of presence in the country with a sales of over Rs 6,500, CNH is already in profit. Talking about the investment for India it will be self funded.


In addition to playing a wider worldwide role, CNH is seeking into the larger farm market business.

In the 45 and 49.5 range of segments the company had strengthened its offers. Also, CNH will be ready to present the complete range of products of sub-30 Horsepower in its category in the country.

CNH is expecting to double its tractor manufacturing capacity upto 1 lakh units, while expanding its portfolio. In the month of April the capacity was increased to 65 thousand units, on the other hand, CNH plans to increase 75 thousand units by the end of 2023 by raising upto 1 lakh units per year, India, will serve both the exports and domestic market.

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