High Yielding Wheat Varieties for Rabi Season

High Yielding Wheat Varieties for Rabi Season

Wheat the most staple grain crop of human beginning has been in food propensities for the all-inclusive communities for hundreds of years. We consume through it for our everyday necessities of supplements and satisfy our need to improve our energy level. We can’t imagine our food without this significant food crop.

It has been ages that we have been consuming it and seen many changes which need to prompt its improvement and upgrade production and quality. Various investigates are being gone on worldwide to improve the development of wheat. 

We have been going through a ton of wheat assortments on the market, and there are still significantly more to go through. There are various crossover types accessible available that has developed from wild varieties.

Here we present the absolute latest high-yielding wheat varieties that have been presented after broad testing and preliminaries and have shown to be worked on in an assortment of ways. 

Wheat Varieties for Rabi Season 

Puja Tejas- 

One of the assortments of wheat has a significant degree of imperviousness to rust. It is a high yielding durum wheat assortment with a normal yield of >5.7t/ha and likely yield of 7.6t/ha, was delivered for ideal planted inundated states of Central Zone.

This variety of wheat is recommended by the Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops Central Sub-Committee. It is a double purpose assortment appropriate for making chapatti, pasta and other customary food items alongside high protein content (12%), B-Carotene (5.7 ppm)., high generally adequacy (7.5) and fundamental micronutrients like iron and zinc. 


This assortment is known for having the qualities Lr24+Sr2 and Yr15 for giving a serious level of protection from leaf, stem, and yellow rusts. It was let out of Tamil Nadu state. The assortment gave a normal yield of 4.08 t/ha appropriate for the short winter states of Tamil Nadu. 


This assortment is known for having a decent chapatti score (7.6) and bread-production characteristics. It is additionally known for its micronutrient substance like iron (38.4ppm) and zinc (34.5ppm). It has a blend of imperviousness to rust qualities (Yr A+, Lr23, Sr8a+Sr8b) to battle rust microbes.

It’s a high-yielding wheat assortment, with a normal grain yield of 3.6t/ha under rainfed and 5.2 t/ha under inundated states of the Northern Hills Zone. It was delivered and advised by, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops Sub-Committee on Crop Standards. 

Pusa Ujala- 

The assortment is popular for its capacity of protection from dark and earthy coloured rusts and furthermore has a decent degree of protection from banner filth, Karnal hit, leaf curse, and foot decay illnesses.

It has astounding chapatti-production quality, great sedimentation esteem (- 55 ml), high protein (- 13%), and a high measure of micronutrients like iron (43 ppm) and zinc ( 35 ppm).

It is a high yielding bread wheat assortment, HI 1605 with a normal yield of >3.0 t/ha and expected yield up of 4.4 t/ha under ideal planted, limited water system states of Peninsular Zone.

It was delivered by the Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards. The assortment is medium organized, tolerant, and develops in 105 to 110 days.

HD 3171- 

The assortment is for the most part known for its protection from yellow, brown and dark rusts both under normal and fake epiphytotic conditions during three years of testing.

The obstruction base in HD 3171 for yellow rust is hypothesized based on the It’s unknown opposition quality, and for earthy coloured rust, it depends on the lethargic rusting quality, Lr 13 alongside Lr 10.

It is a high-yielding wheat assortment with a normal yield of 2.81 t/ha, was delivered for business development under rainfed states of North Eastern Plains Zone by Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standard. 

Pusa Malawi-

The assortment gives a normal yield of 5.42 t/ha with the greatest hereditary capability of 6.8t/ha. A durum wheat assortment was delivered and told for the convenient planted inundated state of Central Zone containing Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Kota, and Udaipur divisions of Rajasthan and Jhansi division of Uttar Pradesh.

This is a semi-bantam assortment (90 cm) having a high tilling limit, 120 days development length with a serious level of protection from leaf and stem rusts. The assortment has golden-hued, shiny intense grains (48.3g/1000-bits) and unrivalled quality characteristics for end-use in semolina-based ventures. 

Wheat and rice are two important food crops in India. Wheat is the most consumed food crop after rice in India. Above mentioned varieties of wheat are high yielding varieties of wheat.

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