First Hybrid Technology Tractor in India: Solis Hybrid 5015

First Hybrid Technology Tractor in India: Solis Hybrid 5015

Indian tractor industry plays a vital role in the farm mechanization sector. Currently, we can see new tractor brands like SDF and Solis in the Indian tractor industry with farmer’s all-time favorites John Deere, New Holland, and Mahindra. Solis is the new tractor brand in the Indian market, but they try to provide the best high-tech tractors for Indian farmers.

Solis Yanmar Tractor

In 1912 the Company Yanmar was established in Japan. The mission of this Yanmar is to reduce labor dependency and bring smart farm mechanization techniques to the agricultural sector.

In 1937 Yanmar tractor was launched its first tractor in the market. Now Yanmar is a famous equipment manufacturer with over 20,000 employees all over the world.

The best Things about Yanmar tractors are their compact size and powerful and compact engines. In 2005 Yanmar and ITL tractor’s partnership started.

Now they joint for the development and manufacturing of tractors at Hoshiarpur in Punjab. In July 2019 Solis Yanmar tractors in the high HP range were launched in India.

After that Solis tractors become popular with Indian farmers in a very short period. 

Modern E Series of Solis Tractor  

The Solis E series tractors provide high technology-driven, powerful, and performance-driven agriculture tractors in India. These Solis E Series tractors are equipped with Japanese Technology.

These tractors give more productivity, more comfort, and fuel efficiency while working in the agricultural field. High ground clearance provided in these tractors helps to work in row crops without damage.

Solis E Series tractors are best suited for puddling and heavy-duty agricultural field operations. These E series tractors are applicable to all types of farm implements like cultivators, rotavators, and harvesters. 

Salient Features of Solis E series Tractors   

  • Powerful E3 Engine
  • East Shift Speed Plus Gearbox
  • Next-Gen Hydraulic System
  • High Hydraulic Lifting Capacity
  • Adjustable Deluxe Sitting Arrangement 
  • Turn plus Technology
  • High Ground Clearance 

Hybrid Technology in Solis Tractor

This Hybrid technology brings by Solis in tractors first time in India. Solis has raised the innovation bar and delivers a tractor with the performance of 3 tractors.

In This Hybrid technology, Solis launched one tractor with 50 HP power. But the best thing about this 50 HP tractor is its power can be extended up to 60 HP and this tractor work with only 45 HP tractor fuel efficiency.

So, we can say that the farmer gets the benefits of 3 tractors in one tractor. 

This Solis Hybrid tractor is equipped with advanced features such as E-Powerboost.

E – Powerboost technique that will help the farmer to get the power when he needs it the most. This technique helps to keep perfect fuel efficiency.

This new Solis Hybrid technology tractor is powered by a diesel engine, and that engine is coupled with an electric motor.

E3 engine in this tractor gives an extra fuel-saving feature to this tractor. When the tractor requires extra power then the electric motor will provide extra power up to 10 HP extra.

To run this electric motor Lithium Battery placed at the back of the seat.

The best thing about this battery is this battery can automatically charge while driving a tractor and if required framers can charge this with an external source.

The smart screen on the battery gives status updates to the operator. 

This hybrid technology provides a Power booster switch on the dashboard of the tractor along with a hand-operated lever. 

So, the driver can adjust power when it’s required. This electric motor in the tractor help for faster acceleration.

Solis Hybrid 5015 Tractor  

This tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder E3 engine of 50 HP power. Basically, this type of engine help to save fuel while working.

And this is the reason behind that this 50 HP tractor work with only 45 HP tractor fuel efficiency.

The dry air filter in this tractor helps to provide clean air to the engine for high performance. 

Dual and single clutch options available in this tractor and 10+5 gear system make this tractor perfect in transmission.

A dual-clutch helps to shift gears easily without affecting torque delivery flow.

Multi-disc oil-immersed brakes help to reduce accident chances while driving in wetland conditions and the Solis Hydro-static brakes help to minimize friction and heat losses.

Electric motors are available in this tractor help to extend power up to 60 HP.

This motor is powered by a high voltage Lithium Battery which is come with an automatic charging auto cut-off system.

This battery can charge with a 16-amp charger at home if required.

High PTO power in this Solis tractor help in the smooth operation of any farm implement. 55 lit fuel tank capacity of this tractor help in working without interruption.

Additional features like a smart power booster switch, a handy lever for additional supply of electric power, smart LED screen on battery, stylish look, power steering, and LED guide lights are making this tractor perfect for farmers in India. 

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