Farm Mechanization: Key to Enhance Rice Production

Farm Mechanization: Key to Enhance Rice Production

Hello farmers, as we all know farm mechanization contributes to a sustainable increase in productivity and cropping intensity in the agriculture sector.

There are different mechanization techniques for different crops. Farm mechanization for different field operations starting from field preparation, sowing/transplanting, intercultural operations, harvesting, threshing, and post-harvesting operations is necessary nowadays.

Here you will get some best information related to rice crop farm mechanization, just have a look.

Tillage Operation in Rice Field –  

The animal-drawn plough or country plough is yet utilized for primary tillage operation for rice in some states of India.

But now tractor-operated MB plough and cultivators are the two most ordinarily utilized implements for primary tillage for rice. MB plough is utilized for essential tillage activity and cultivator is utilized for auxiliary tillage tasks.

Tractor-drawn disc harrows are famous for dry optional tillage activity. Presently rotavator is acquiring importance because of its high capacity.

Saving of 60-70 percent in functional time and 55-65 percent in fuel utilization with a single rotavator contrasted with the traditional technique for seedbed preparation.  

Puddling in Rice Cultivation – 

Puddling activity is performed to decrease profound permeation of water, smother weeds by disintegrating them, and work with relocating paddy seedlings by making the soil milder.

In puddling animal-drawn cono-puddlers, disc harrow-cum puddler, power tiller, tractor operator paddy disc harrow, rotavator, and cage wheel with cultivator implements used. Pudding is so needed operation for rice cultivation.  

Land Levelling in Rice Field –  

In India, rice farmer uses traditional leveler or laser land leveler for definite field leveling. Conventional land leveler incorporates animal-drawn leveler or another mechanical leveler.

The perfectness of these carries out is low, which brings about the lopsided appropriation of water. Laser land leveler is a choice to accomplish the more elevated level of exactness in land evening out.

This gives uniform land for seed planting or relocating with a uniform dispersion of irrigated water. 

Sowing or Planting Operation in Rice Field – 

Rice is developed either by direct cultivating for example broadcasting, boring in dry soil, planting in wet soil, or by relocating/transplanting.

According to control accessibility (Power) like manual, animal, power tiller, and tractor there are a lot of rice planting implements created and the majority of them are for dry direct planting of rice including one, two, and three-line manual seed drill, three-column animal-drawn seed drill, seeder, power tiller, and tractor-drawn seed drill. For wet direct planting of rice, manually worked drum seeders are well known.

For relocating of rice manual worked transplanter and power operated transplanters are monetarily accessible. In India, Kubota transplanters are famous for their high technology and precision in work. 

Weeding in Rice Field – 

The weeds are more aggressive with crops during the underlying phases of their development. Controlling weeds during this time is fundamental for the most extreme harvest yields.

Manual evacuating of the weeds with hands in crouching and twisting stances is the normal practice for wetland rice.

For weeding in rice hand scraper, finger weeder, conoweeder, animal-drawn weeder, power tiller, and self-propelled weeders are industrially accessible and utilized by the farmers in India. 

Fertilizer Application in Rice Field-

Compost application mostly manual broadcasting of manure is preferred by farmers. However, now a day’s plant protection equipment like sprayers is used to apply fertilizers in rice fields.

Timely utilization of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides in the rice fields, guaranty better yields from a harvest. Various ranges of dusters and sprayers have been created for the utilization of pesticides.

Tractor-drawn seed cum fertilizer drill and transplanter are the advance and time savers implement for fertilizer application in the rice field. 

Harvesting of Rice Crop – 

For rice harvesting, numerous farm equipment has been developed like harvester, combine harvester. But in eastern India manual reaping utilizing sickle is an overwhelming technique for paddy harvesting due to small-sized rice fields.

It takes around 170-200 hours to gather one hectare of paddy. So different types of combine harvesters, reapers, windrowers, and tractor-operated straw combines are highly beneficial for paddy harvesting within time.

Post-Harvest Straw Management for Rice- 

Environment concerning the issue of burning paddy stubble tends to increase machinery need for proper stubble management.

Management of paddy straw with machines can save time, keep up with soil wellbeing and eliminate the need for various activities to be done to consolidate the paddy straw.

Straw chopper, happy seeder, and straw reaper are innovative farm implements available in the Indian market.

These machines should be tried and in various parts of the country to save the environment.

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