How to Choose the best GPS Guidance Systems for Tractors?

How to Choose the best GPS Guidance Systems for Tractors?

GPS Guidance Systems for Tractors

There is absolutely no doubt that GPS guidance systems for tractors are a must-have for modern farmers who want to work professionally and more efficiently.  Purchasing a tractor GPS system can require a significant investment of time and therefore it is very important to choose the antenna carefully for it to provide you with the expected results.

A large number of smart GPS receivers are currently available on the market and it is challenging to assess their quality.

Tips to Choose best GPS antenna for your farm :

Tip 1. Take a look at the GPS technical specifications: When choosing a smart GPS antenna you should carefully examine the following important characteristics that affect the accuracy and stability of the GPS signal.

Tip 2. Choose the right level of accuracy:  If you are considering to purchase a farm GPS system, you will confront with the notion of accuracy. There is a clear relationship between the precision of the GPS receiver and how expensive it is. What level of accuracy is sufficient for you? For professional work, there are basically two choices.

Tip 3. Is it easy to install?  configure them. This increases the cost of the system and its maintenance in the future. You should choose the antenna that you can connect and configure by yourself and spend no more than 15-20 minutes on it. Bluetooth module is a key factor that allows to setup the antenna over the air. That makes it easy to connect the antenna to any smartphone or tablet, reduces the time needed to reset the antenna between tractors and it also reduces the number of wires in the tractor cabin.

Tip 4. How often receiver defines your position:  Position update rate can be:

  • 1 Hz. With 1Hz you can navigate with the speed less than 3 km/h, at a higher speed the system lag behind and it will be too late to navigate.
  • 5 Hz is optimal update rate for manual guidance with a sensitive light bar. With such update rate, every movement of your steering wheel will be visible on a light bar of your navigation system.
  • 10 Hz. This option is important for those who want to use an automatic steering system.

Tip 5. What should be the price:  According to our community, the price of reliable GPS system should be no more than 1500 euro. This investment will pay back in one or two seasons for a farm with 50 and more hectares.

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