Types Of Dusters In Agriculture

Types Of Dusters In Agriculture

In agriculture, there are different kinds of farm agriculture and machinery that are very powerful and useful for many purposes. From harvesting to cultivation and from spraying to ploughing all have different kinds of uses and functions that work differently and appropriately. 

Talking about the most effective equipment ‘Duster’ that plays a vital role in various forms. 

Duster is a kind of sprayer machine that is used for spraying chemicals at larger areas of farmland. These are generally appropriate for spraying pesticides in the form of dust and chemicals to protect the plants and crops. 

Here, we are going to discuss the Types of Dusters and their various uses and importance in agricultural farming

There are different kinds of Dusters produced by various farm and equipment brands. Let us go for some uniquely designed Dusters used for various forms in agriculture. 

Types of dusters:

Knapsack Type Duster:

Knapsack Type Dusters are widely suitable for small areas. It is carried at the back of the shoulder. Knapsack Duster is designed with container carrying powder that is easy to handle and operated. This is also very easy and accurate and can be moved from one place to another. 

Power Operated Duster:

Powder operated Duster is also widely suitable for spraying chemicals at the powder form in larger areas. Powder Operated Duster is available with several features like a hopper, delivery spout, and a fan. Due to the function of the fan, the air of the dust regulates and flows in a vertically or horizontally form.  

Rotary Duster:

Rotary Dusters are also available in different forms for the use of the agrarian sector.  Rotary Hand Dusters are used to spray chemicals in powder form. Rotary hand-operated duster comes with different features like handle, gearbox, a fan, hopper, delivery hose, and a deflector plate. To apply powdery chemicals on sorghum, vegetables and different types of crops vegetation rotary duster is widely useful. 

Plunger Type Duster:

Plunger Type Duster is available with a small piston form. In such kinds of Dusters, small hand pump dusters are easily available and are widely used in areas of small vegetable gardens.  

Crop Duster or Ariel Duster:

As the name identifies, ariel duster is widely used for spraying chemicals or dusting through aircraft at larger areas. It is used in those areas when the application of pesticides is effective in larger areas to avoid the need for wheeled vehicles that can damage crops.

Popular  Implement Dusters Brand 

Mitra Storm Duster:

Mitra is the popular implement brand that produces a large variety of products and implements for the agriculture sector. Mitra Storm Duster is an effective piece of equipment that is designed with strong features and specifications. Mitra Storm is the tractor-mounted duster. It is a machine that is suitable for powder dusting. It is used for orchard farming including pomegranate and grapes. 

Cima Duster: 

Cima is the perfect implement brand that produces a large variety of implements and products for the use of agriculture. The CIMA company produces three kinds of Dusters that are widely used for various other forms of agriculture.  These three kinds of CIMA dusters are: 3 Point Mounted Dusters, Trailed Dusters, Spray Heads For Dusters.    

Amongst all the 3 points Mounted Duster is well known for spraying on crops at larger coverage. S520 and S530 are compact and reliable compact Duster models. It performs at a larger scale with low operating costs and less maintenance.   

Aspee Jonathan Turblow 2020 TRB35: Aspee Turblow 2020 TRB35: This kind of machine is ideal for canopy crops like capsicum, tomatoes, chilies, etc. Also, it covers useful Orchard plants like coffee, tea, etc. This duster is designed with powerful features like a sturdy outer metal frame, resting comfortably on the operator’s back.  


Dusters play a vital role in the farming sector. Thus, it is very useful equipment, a reliable implement that is suitable to work in different farmlands and crops for spraying in different small scale and larger scale fields. Dusters are available with powerful features for preventing crops at different paths. Though different types of agriculture machines play a vital role in different sectors. To prevent crops from damaging, Dusters are widely used and appropriate for pesticides and spraying chemicals. 

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