Top Swaraj FE Series Tractors in India 2022

Top Swaraj FE Series Tractors in India 2022

New, powerful tractors are introduced by Mahindra-owned Swaraj: The first time moving towards the 60–75 HP range

Mahindra claims that the development of this new tractor series, which also receives a new engine and transmission, took them roughly 3 years. According to Swaraj Tractors, farmers created, built, and operate their tractors, enabling them to use a variety of applications ranging from post-harvest work to the preparation of new land.  

The first ever powerful tractor series from Swaraj Tractors, a member of the Mahindra Group, has been introduced: the “Swaraj FE Series”. The new line of tractors was created domestically by the business at its research and development center in Mohali. According to Swaraj Tractors, farmers created, built, and operate their tractors, enabling them to use a variety of applications ranging from post-harvest work to the preparation of new land. There are 2WD and 4WD versions of the Swaraj FE series available.

About Swaraj Tractors:

Incorporated in 1974, Swaraj Tractors was purchased by the Mahindra Group in 2007. Swaraj used to sell around 30,000 tractors a year before this acquisition, but now the firm is about to end this year with sales of over 110,000 units. 

Swaraj Tractors was Mahindra & Mahindra’s most profitable acquisition, according to Dr. Pawan Goenka, the company’s managing director. “Swaraj FE series is boosting the brand and help to develop a much better tractor portfolio that will serve a wide range of farming applications and geographical areas,” the company claims.

The top list of Swaraj FE series tractors is listed below:

  1. Swaraj 744 FE:

Swaraj 744 FE Engine: The 3-cylinder, 3136 CC engine of this tractor has water cooling. 48 HP and 2000 RPM are produced by the engine.

The single or dual (optional) clutch transmission in this model is of a high caliber. Additionally, it features 8 forward and 2 backward gears, allowing for speeds of 3.1 – 29.2 kmph and 4.3 – 14.3 kmph, respectively, in the forward and reverse directions.

The model has dry disc brakes as standard equipment and oil-immersed brakes as an option. The front and rear tyre sizes are 6.00 x 16″ / 7.50 x 16″ and 13.6 x 28″ / 14.9 X 28″, respectively. Less slipping occurs when doing duties thanks to this set of brakes and tyres. In India, this model costs between 7 Lakh – 7.4 Lakh.

  1. Swaraj 855 FE

The tractor Swaraj 855 FE has 52 HP. It is offered with three cylinders. It also has a water-cooled cooling system and a three-step oil bath air cleaning function. A dual brake system with a dry disc and an oil-immersed brake system is advantageous in the 855 FE model.

The Swaraj 855 FE has a MAX PTO of 52 HP and 540 PTO RPM. According to the needs of the farmers, it combines two steering systems: mechanical and optional power steering. The hydraulic capacity is 1500 kg, and the linkage system has three points.

With an overall length of 3420 mm and an overall width of 1715 mm, this tractor weighs a total of 2020 kg. The price for tractors begins at 7.1 Lakh – 7.4 Lakh.

  1. Swaraj 735 FE

The ideal tractor for farmers who want to increase farm productivity is the Swaraj 735 FE comes with a 35 HP engine. In case the buyer needs it, there is also the option of forcing the guide. Swaraj 735 FE Tractor also has unique advantages for farmers.

This model’s clutch is a single dry disc, dual-clutch friction plate clutch. power steering is an option for buyers.

The Swaraj 735 FE offers a comfortable driver’s seat, an effective braking system, and low fuel consumption.

All of the large loads and attachments are easily handled by the tractor model.

Single dry disc friction plate gearboxes with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears are used in its production. This tractor costs in the range of 5.85 Lakh – 6.5 Lakh

  1. Swaraj 963 FE 4WD 

It has three cylinders and a 60 HP Engine. The Swaraj 963 FE 4WD engine capacity offers effective field mileage. Swaraj 963 FE 4WD has Top Quality features. The double clutch is standard on the Swaraj 963 FE 4WD. Its gearboxes are 12 Forward and 2 Reverse. Additionally, the Swaraj 963 FE 4WD has a fantastic forward speed range of 0.90 to 31.70 kmph. Built with an oil-immersed type disc brake is the Swaraj 963 FE 4WD. Smooth power steering with differential cylinder steering is the Swaraj 963 FE 4WD steering type. For long days on fields, it has a huge fuel tank capacity of liters. Additionally, the Swaraj 963 FE 4WD can lift 2200 kg with ease.

This tractor costs in the range of 9.9 Lakh – 10.7 Lakh

  1. Swaraj 960 FE:

The 3-cylinder, 3480 CC engine in the 60 horsepower Swaraj 960 FE tractor produces 2000 ERPM. All difficult farming tasks are easily completed by the tractor’s strong engine. The interior systems of the Swaraj tractor model are kept cool and clean by a three-stage, water-cooled oil bath. Given that both characteristics lengthen the operating system of the tractor, this combination is ideal for all buyers. It provides excellent fuel economy, good mileage, good appearance, low fuel usage, and a smooth ride. The 51 PTO power provides maximum power to handle all of the big farm equipment.

The Swaraj tractor model contains a variety of high-quality features that enhance its functionality. It improves farming yield with its unequaled performance, high backup torque, effective braking system, and many other characteristics. One of the robust and powerful tractor types in the 55 hp range is the Swaraj 960 FE. It has a continuous mesh single clutch with a dual-clutch option for easy and smooth operation. The tough gearbox of the tractor has 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, with forwarding speeds ranging from 2.7 to 33.5 kmph and reverse speeds from 3.3 to 12.9 kmph. It boasts effective oil-immersed brakes that offer excellent grip and safeguard the operator from disasters. This tractor costs in the range of 8 Lakh – 8.6 Lakh.

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