Smart Farming – A Way to Increase Efficient Farming and Use of Smart Farming Equipments

Smart Farming – A Way to Increase Efficient Farming and Use of Smart Farming Equipments

Farming Equipments ,Smart Farming , Efficient Farming : We are living in a country, known for its main occupation ‘Agriculture’ and is on number two in the world for highest agricultural output. India stands among the Top 5 countries for producing 80% of the products on the farm also, when it comes to exporting the agricultural goods, India stands on the 7th rank. Despite this big picture and numbers, it is sad to see that an average farmer earns approximately INR 7000 per month. Not only the income part but if we see the future human hunger needs, the agricultural production should be increased like anything. To do this, following only traditional farming methods is not going to help us, hence we should consider using smart farming techniques.  Smart farming involves performing agricultural operations using innovative farming techniques which include the use of smart farming equipment, smart tractors, also can be called precision farming. In a country like India, farmers should make use of smart agricultural equipments and tractors where there are a number of agricultural machinery manufacturers. But, this is not the case for two important reasons:
  1. Most Indian Farmers are not aware of the latest farming technologies in India.
  2. They don’t have enough money to buy those machines.
Hence, as a solution, they can take benefits from various subsidies for farmers in India like tractor subsidy, KISAAN YOJANA, etc. Let’s see what kind of smart farming machines and equipments are available in the market to improve agricultural efficiency.

Ways to Improve Agricultural Efficiency:

The previous days of hard work, making use of an ox or another animal to till and plow the land are gone! Now, its the era of using Mechanised farm tools. To improve agricultural efficiency, we need to keep in sync with the modifications happening in the technology.  The efficiency can be brought by using modern agricultural implements and tractors. Let’s see which machines and equipments  we can use:

1. Tractors:

The most commonly used agricultural implement, Tractor is a machine which is designed to help the farmers in performing various heavy and difficult farming operations with ease. They come in different sizes and engine powers. Farmers can select these based on their type of need. Tractors can also be equipped with different kinds of tractor implements.  

2. Backhoe:

Backhoe is ideal if you are into digging your land, they also come in the form of hydraulic implement which can be attached to the tractor. Not only digging but backhoes are also used for transplanting, removing large sized rocks, and landscaping.

3. Cultivator:

A cultivator generally works in two patterns, aerating the soil before seeding and removing the weeds after the crop has grown. This also can be attached or used as a tractor implement.

4. Seed Drills:

Seeding can be a tough and hectic job when done manually, hence seed drills were invented for rescue. Generally, they come in two forms one being No-till seed drill and other being the traditional seed drill. No-till seed drill doesn’t need the farmer to do the tilling they cut off the residue crop with their colter blade whereas traditional seed drills need tilling before placing the seeds in the farm.

5. Broadcast Seeder:

These are basically used to spray the seeds in the farm. Broadcast seeders come in different sizes depending on the type of the farm. If it’s a small farm then a lawn seeder can be used and if its a large farm then a large industrial sized seeder can be used which attached as a tractor attachment.

6. Sprinklers:

Proper irrigation helps the crops to grow better. However, watering the farms is not that easy job especially when it comes to large farms. Hence, the invention of automatic watering systems in farms found very useful. Sprinklers can be used in farms depending on the need, there are four types of sprinklers Hand Move Sprinklers, Solid Set Sprinklers, Mechanical Move Sprinklers, and Hose Reel Sprinklers.

7. Combine Harvester:

The combine harvester is a very useful machine used to harvest the crops.  This machine performs all types of harvesting operations such as threshing, reaping, and winnowing. This equipment can be used to harvest crops like wheat, barley, oat, corn, etc. 

8. Rotary Tiller or Rotavator:

This equipment is used to work the soil by using rotating blades. Rotary tillers can be used as tractor attachment or independent farming implement.  These advancements in tractor and agricultural machines are allowing to use the smart farming in India. These smart farming technologies will help farmers to earn more and reduce the hard-working farmer’s efforts and yield more.  Visit our page for more information about Tractor, Agricultural implements, Tractor Price, Tractor Videos, and Tractor Games.


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