Powertrac Tractor Price

Powertrac Tractor Price

Powertrac, one of the most leading and manufacturing companies under the Escorts Group (Escorts Agri Machinery). The brand names tractors like Powertrac, Farmtrac, Steeltrac, and Digitrac come under the Escorts group.

Powertrac tractors come under a wide range of maximum efficiency of the power range from 25 HP to 60 HP. The Powetrac Tractor brand company is based out of India from Haryana.

The tractor prices of Powertrac models come at economical prices. The prices vary from region to region. started manufacturing tractors Tractor Escorts group provides a vast range of tractor models at an economical price.

Powertrac tractor minimum price range starts from 3.30 Lac and the maximum price range goes up to Rs 12 Lac. The tractors work highest in operation and perform better on the field.

Tractors are manufactured according to the needs of the farmers. The prices of the Powerctor are affordable and easy to purchase. The company also provides dealers in nearby areas.

KhetiGaadi provides you with all the tractor information and features according to your needs.

Here, we have displayed the new tractor prices of Powertrac tractors in India. The detailed information with prices and specific features are described below.

Powertrac Tractor Price 2021

Powertrac 445 PLUS

Powertrac 445 Plus is one of the reliable models of the Powertrac brand. It is known for the best mileage, with an engine capacity of 47 HP. It is specially designed for Indian farmers. Some of the common specifications of the Powertrac 445 Plus run smoothly with a single clutch feature.

With the Multi oil-immersed brakes features the tractor can stop quickly which helps in low slippage. Tractor 445 Plus can have higher efficiency of the fuel capacity of 50 liters which helps the tractor to run for longer hours.

Powertrac 445 Plus comes with a large bundle of features and important specifications that farmers look to see in the tractors.

The price of Powertrac 445 Plus is affordable and easy to purchase. The price range in the year 2021 seems to be constant with the previous years’ that ranges between 6.20 lac to 6.50 lac.

The On-road-price of the tractor varies from region to region. For any more enquiries contact KhetiGaadi executives.

Powertrac 439 Plus

Powertrac 439 Plus is the most popular tractor amongst the powertrac tractor models. It is known for greater performance, longer working duration, used for both commercial and agricultural purposes.

Tractor 439 Plus is ready to use for implements like rotavators, cultivators, etc.

This tractor is best in lifting hydraulic capacity of 1500 Kg, the highest fuel efficiency of 50 liters, and oil-immersed brakes for low slippage and quick stoppage.

There are many other useful features available in the tractor which are specially fitted to make the tractor runs at a great speed. The detailed information is given on our khetiGaadi website.

Powertrac 439 Plus price is affordable and made for Indian farmers. The latest powertrac tractor price 439 Plus is recorded between the range of 5.30 Lac to 5.60 Lac.

The on-road price varies from region to region. It is highly affordable and easy to purchase. For any further inquiries contact KhetiGaadi executives or click on our official website of KhetiGaadi.

Powertrac Euro 45 Plus

Euro 45 Plus tractor by Powwertrac is one of the most reliable and the Powertrac Euro 45 Plus is the highest efficiency tractor with an excellent mileage of 47 HP generating with 2000 engine rated RPM.

Powertrac Euro 45 Plus is a 4 wheel drive tractor. This tractor is good for an application like Ploughing and tilling, Land leveling, Crop harvesting, threshing, Seeding, Planting, and Cultivation.

This tractor is useful to operate various farm applications in a single unit. Tractor Euro 45 Plus is affordable and easy to purchase.

Powertrac tractor price starts from 6.80 Lac to 7.25 Lac. The on-road price of the tractor varies from region to region. For any more inquiries contact to KhetiGaadi executives.

Powertrac Euro 55

Powertrac Euro 55 as the model name defines that it is a high-performance tractor with a 55 HP power engine. This tractor comes with maximum features that are more advantageous to the farmers. The mileage of the tractor is excellent.

Powertrac Euro 55 is smooth in functioning. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor. An oil-immersed brake is good for low slippage and high grip. The maximum lifting hydraulics capacity of 1800 Kg is easy to operate various farm implements.

Powertrac Euro 55 comes at an economical price. Though the price updated for 2021 starts between 7.20 lac to 7.60 Lac. The on-road price of Powertrac Euro 2021 varies from region to region. For any more inquiries contact KhetiGaadi executives.

Powertrac 429 N

Powertrac 429 N is a popular tractor in the mini tractor category. This tractor is small in mileage but greater in performance. This tractor is more in demand by the farmers because of its excellent features.

These features include the highest fuel tank capacity of 50 liters, 25 HP power engine, can work for longer hours. It is unique in design. Powertrac 429 N is the best quality product and can operate for multipurpose crop production.

The price of Powertrac 429 N starts from 3.30 Lac. To know more about Powertrac 429 N contact KhetiGaadi executives. The on-road price of Powertrac 429 N varies from region to region.

Powertrac 434

Another most popular tractor in the category of Powertrac tractor models is Powertrac 434. It comes with a 34 HP power engine.

This minimum tractor mileage is greater in performance and is used for multipurpose implements like rotavator, cultivator, plough, reverse plough, etc.

Its hydraulic lifting capacity is 1500 kg which is good for pulling operations. Tractor Powertrac 434 is good at different fields of operation. Powertrac 434 has rear-size tires.

The other best features include 50 liters of fuel tank efficiency which can work for longer hours. it is also provided with 5 years of warranty.

Powertrac 434 is easy to maintain and costs at a low price. The price is affordable and purchasable by the Indian farmers.

The updated price in 2021 starts from 4.95 lac and extends up to 5.25 Lac. For any more inquiries contact KhetiGaadi executives.

Powertrac 434 RDX

Powertrac 434 RDX tractor is a 35 HP tractor that is strong to carry heavy implements with having 1600 Kg of lifting capacity. This tractor is known for greater efficiency, more mileage, and many more.

Powertrac 434 RDX tractor has a perfect transmission feature. This tractor is known for greater efficiency, more production, and greater output.

At the KhetiGaadi website, you can get all the detailed information about Powertrac tractors with their features, specifications, latest price of the tractor, etc.

Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4WD

Powertrac Euro 60 Next is a 4 wheel drive tractor With smart features and looks this tractor works efficiently and effectively. Powertrac Euro 60 Next tractor is the highest-powered engine tractor with 60 HP of powered range.

Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4WD tractor is good at loading 2000 Kg of lifting hydraulic capacity. It is provided with 5 years of warranty. The tractor is also easy to maintain and easy to operate in different fields.

Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4WD tractor is provided with advanced features and specifications to work for commercial and agricultural purposes.

For any further queries contact to KhetiGaadi‘s official website, where you can check the further details of the powertrac tractor prices in India, which tractor is more popular, which mini tractor is useful for small farmers and many more details.

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