Electric Mobility in India With Respect to Farm Mechanization

Electric Mobility in India With Respect to Farm Mechanization

As every coin has two sides positive and negative, Covid – 19 Pandemic has put some positive impacts on the globe. The sudden drop in air pollution, clear skies, emission level fell drastically provides fresh air to residents in big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi for the first time in decades.

Especially the Delhi air pollution problem every winter becomes the annual environmental crisis in India.

Government of India promoting farm mechanization (Especially the use of Happy Seeder) to stop stubble burning in Haryana and Punjab which is the main reason for air pollution in Delhi.

In the Pandemic due to low mobility, our capital city witnessed a drastic change in PM10 and PM2.5 levels.

According to Mobility Consumer Index Report, 2020 on emission levels monthly per capita carbon emission levels fell across the globe due to fall in all types of travels (Work travel, Social, and Household Travel) in lockdown.

Towards Low Carbon

The world trying to arrange a low carbon emission in transports and the automobile industry also take efforts to bring new models of Zero-emission vehicles into the market. The market of Electric vehicles raised over $500 billion in this fiscal year.

National E – Mobility Mission Plan

  • Launched in 2013
  • To achieve national fuel security
  • Promotion of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Target to sell 7 million Electric Vehicles by 2020
  • Aim to cut Carbon Dioxide emission by 3 Percent
  • Government will provide incentives to Electric Vehicle Industry
  • Recommendation provided by Government of India for adaption of Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Powered Government fleets and public Transportation
  • Subsidy for Electric Vehicles

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • High Technology
  • Efficiency in work
  • Zero Carbon Emission
  • Save Time
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low level of Pollution
  • Ease of living
  • Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Status of Electric Vehicles in India

  • High Initial cost is the major concern with respect to the growth of Electric Vehicles in India
  • Component of the Battery pack decides the cost of an Electric Vehicle which is near about 40 percent of the total cost of an Electric vehicle
  • Selling Electric Vehicles is thin due to high battery cost in India
  • High Technology and greater economic scale may help to reduce the price of battery in India in the upcoming days
  • Electric Vehicle fleets leasing trend in India is likely to make the way for the secondary financing market.
  • Electric Vehicle Battery needs to replace in 7-10 years.
  • The best thing about the electric battery is there is an opportunity to repurpose and recycle
  • Battery has the potential to be repurposed for tasks like power backup, storage, and grid stabilization.

Electric Vehicle Charging station in India

  • Many Infrastructure operators available in India but a standard model is not yet developed
  • Many states offering special tariffs for retailing electricity for Electric Vehicles Charging
  • Need to develop the proper network as like petroleum industry in India

Systematic Adoption of Electric Vehicles assist with

  • Urban Planning
  • Transportation
  • Power Sector

Electric Tractors

As we know that these days the price of diesel is touching the sky due to India’s dependency on imports to fulfill the need for crude oil. Many small and marginal farmers are facing problems due to these high rates of diesel, as they depend upon the tractors for their fieldwork.

This is one of the major problems which farmers are facing in India with uncertainty in the weather. To overcome these problems Electric tractors will play a crucial role and farmers can buy them at a very low cost and drive them without diesel and without any carbon emissions.

Benefits of Electric Tractors

  • Low Operating Cost
    • Low Initial Cost
    • Zero Emission
    • Environment Friendly
    • Time Saver
    • Highly Efficient
    • Low maintenance

Sonalika Electric Tractor

New launched Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor offered by Sonalika on farmer’s day 2020. This is one of the revolutionary steps taken by Sonalika with respect to the Indian agricultural sector. As we all know sonalika is the popular tractor brand among the Indian framers, may this new electric tractor will be the farmer’s first choice in the upcoming days.

Excellent Features of Sonalika Tiger Electric

  • Low On Road Price of Tractor
    • Equipped with Etrac Motor which provides optimum performance
    • High Power density
    • High Peak Torque
    • Quick Pick up at all load conditions
    • IP67-compliant 25.5kW natural cooling battery help to run at a low cost
    • Hassle-free charging with regular 3 pins 15-amp socket at home
    • Zero noise while working
    • Zero Emission while farming
    • Promote Made in India initiative taken by Government of India
    • Great in battery backup
    • High-Efficiency rate

As the Indian tractor industry plays a crucial role in the agricultural sector, it tries to offer perfect solutions to Indian farmers. Electric vehicles are the need of the day and the Indian tractor industry also takes efforts to do contribute toward zero carbon emission.

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